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2021 in Review: My Investing Journey Forges Ahead
Event Description
As 2021 comes to an end, moomoo invites you to write your own review of the 2021 trading journey, reflecting on the year that was and lookin Show More
As 2021 comes to an end, moomoo invites you to write your own review of the 2021 trading journey, reflecting on the year that was and looking to 2022. You may ask yourself the following questions:
1. How did your trades perform?
2. What have you learned from trading?
3. What cool things have you done?
Adding P/L, Transaction, Order, Trading Marking, Positions Details etc. is encouraged.
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    Hi, Mooers.
    It's time to wrap up the discussion on 
    2021 in Review: My Investing Journey Forges Ahead!
    Are you wondering what happened to your fellow mooers this year? Have you made any significant decisions that could change your life? What are the turning points of your investing journey? How do you learn from them? Please follow us to witness our dear mooers' growth and take a look at their new year resolutions.
    1. Growing up with moomoo
    @Mars Mooohas sha...
    Mooer Investing Treasure Hunts 2021
    Mooer Investing Treasure Hunts 2021
    Mooer Investing Treasure Hunts 2021
    Dear mooers,
    We are coming to the end of a very unusual year full of uncertainty. Whether good or bad, we all witnessed the history.
    Before you want to see what you can expect in 2022, let's have a little break and take a guess of the closing price of the S&P 500.
    A happy ending or a tragedy? Go big or go home? Place your bet NOW!
    Win Reward:
    Place your bet on the closing price of the $S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$ (i.e.4800.11) on Friday...
    2021 Curtain Call: Betting the closing price of S&P 500 to win!
    2021 is another year of violent volatility in the stocks markets globally just like 2020. All of us should therefore brace ourselves for a lot more in 2022 if this trend persists. China-theme Stocks are still relatively weak but I expect them to perform better in 2022 alongside US Stocks I wanted to provide some helpful technical charts, but the best chart by far(at least to me) is a chart of psychology, persuasion and perspective combined into one here:
    Happy New Year 2022!
    $Alibaba(BABA.US)$  $Futu Holdings Limited(FUTU.US)$  $Futu Holdings Limited(FUTU.US)$  $UP Fintech(TIGR.US)$  $Apple(AAPL.US)$  $NIO Inc(NIO.US)$  $Qualcomm(QCOM.US)$  $United Microelectronics(UMC.US)$  $Sea(SE.US)$  $Lucid(LCID.US)$  $Sono Group(SEV.US)$  $Rivian Automotive(RIVN.US)$  $JPMorgan(JPM.US)$  $Applied Materials(AMAT.US)$  $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$  $Axon Enterprise(AXON.US)$  $Unity Software(U.US)$  $Grab Holdings(GRAB.US)$  $WeWork(WE.US)$  $Phunware(PHUN.US)$  $Digital World Acquisition Corp(DWAC.US)$  $Tuya Inc(TUYA.US)$  $Hippo Holdings(HIPO.US)$  $GOLDMAN SACHS FUTURE TECH LEADERS EQUITY ETF(GTEK.US)$  $Airbnb(ABNB.US)$  $DocuSign(DOCU.US)$  $MongoDB(MDB.US)$  $Pfizer(PFE.US)$  $Lam Research(LRCX.US)$  $Tencent ADR(TCEHY.US)$  $Bilibili(BILI.US)$  $Snowflake(SNOW.US)$  $Micron Technology(MU.US)$  $Baidu(BIDU.US)$  $STELLANTIS(STLA.US)$  $General Motors(GM.US)$  $Ford Motor(F.US)$  $Robinhood(HOOD.US)$  $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$  $Silver Trust Ishares(SLV.US)$  $ASML Holding(ASML.US)$  $Twitter(TWTR.US)$  $The Wendy's Co(WEN.US)$  $Bank of America(BAC.US)$  $Novavax(NVAX.US)$  $Virgin Galactic(SPCE.US)$  $BlackBerry(BB.US)$  $IBM Corp(IBM.US)$  $General Electric(GE.US)$ $Nokia Oyj(NOK.US)$  $UiPath(PATH.US)$  $Roblox(RBLX.US)$  $XPeng(XPEV.US)$  $DiDi Global(DIDI.US)$  $Kratos Defense & Security Solutions(KTOS.US)$  $Activision Blizzard(ATVI.US)$  $ContextLogic(WISH.US)$  $SoFi Technologies(SOFI.US)$  $Etsy Inc(ETSY.US)$  $Snap Inc(SNAP.US)$  $Block(SQ.US)$  $Shopify(SHOP.US)$  $Cloudflare(NET.US)$  $Palantir Technologies(PLTR.US)$  $Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing(TSM.US)$  $Pinduoduo(PDD.US)$  $$  $Coinbase(COIN.US)$  $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$  $Walt Disney(DIS.US)$  $Boeing(BA.US)$  $Netflix(NFLX.US)$  $Roku Inc(ROKU.US)$  $Uber Technologies(UBER.US)$  $Alphabet-A(GOOGL.US)$  $Meta Platforms(FB.US)$ 
    So, you tell me what is the right way?!
    🌟 My Personal Review of 2021 Stocks Markets and Loves of 💕
    In 2021, moomoo became the place where investors could share their opinions and communicate freely with each other. The frequent interactions between the enthusiastic mooers have positively impacted the community. Mooers are moving in the same direction: making profits and improving themselves. It would take a long time and great effort for our dear mooers to achieve these goals. Why don't we take a look at ten of the year's valuable market insights and investing tips?
    Spoiler: There's a chance to get points if you read till the end.
    *The selected articles are listed randomly.
    ONE: Is investing in Trump's new merger a good idea?
    @HuatLadywrote about his concerns on the merger of Trump's company and a SPAC called the Digital World Acquisition Corp. We have to admit that he has a point!
    "Forgive me for predicting that most likely his company's stock will not be viable for long term investment goal."
    View more: Will Donald be able to deal his Trump Card?
    TWO: What do you think of meme stocks?
    @Machiavellis3rdEyeused vivid language to call for rational investing and remind mooers to watch out for media manipulations. Do you agree with him?
    "You ARE ALL MY ALLIES, regardless of your investment choices, politics, religions, colors, sex, or anything else! I say we start learning and adapting to their constantly evolving illegal games (media manipulation, PFOF, CB's) together. Then we will all figure out how to take that cheese - without getting TRAPPED."
    View more: When will we get off this bus to CRAZYTOWN?
    THREE: What can we learn from the big picture?
    @WYCKOFFPROanalyzed the trend of the Russell 2020 with technical tools. Has the market proved his assumptions?
    "The breakout of the Russell 2000 gives the first confirmation of the scenario of possible rotation from big cap stocks to small cap stocks."
    View more: A Bargain you can't Ignore — This Laggard Breaks All Time High Last Week
    FOUR: Will the strong momentum of recovery stocks fade?
    On Nov 5, Pfizer introduced a new COVID-19 antiviral pill that is expected to treat 89% of acutely hospitalized patients and thus reduce the risk of death. @HuatEveranticipated that Pfizer's share price would continue to climb once the FDA approved the new antiviral pill. What do you think?
    "They hold the promise of cutting down the risk of severe Covid 19 ailments, hospitalisation stays and even deaths, and if being taken at the early onsets of infection. "
    View more: A Breakthrough in Covid 19 Antiviral Pills
    FIVE: EV stocks skyrocketing: Good buy or goodbye?
    @Deviltonconducted an in-depth analysis on one of the most popular stocks, $Rivian, and pointed out that patience is a virtue in trading.
    "Human are always impatient, we will always have FOMO if we sit and wait till Friday, scared that it stops falling and starts to rise again. Yet buying all tomo may not allow you to buy at the best price." View more here.
    SIX: How do you decide when to buy/sell?
    @HopeAlwayssaid that there is no best way to determine when to buy and when to sell the stocks of indexes. The timings depend on investing goals, philosophies, and personal preferences.
    "The three main risks are company, valuation and earnings risks. Once we are able to find a stock that that signals low risk based on these three conditions, it is time to buy. Whenever a negative change happens to any of the three conditions,  it is time to sell."
    View more: Buying and Selling Stocks
    SEVEN: How do you know when to stop loss / take profit?
    @Powerhousehas three underlying principles in stopping losses and taking profits. All investors should stay informed and closely observe trends to set price targets.
    "For micro, there is a need to determine your present financial risk appetite figuratively. On the macro level, situations may have changed. Determining when is the most precise time to stop loss or take profit of a stock and milk the most out of it is extremely difficult."
    View more: Stop the pain, take the happiness
    EIGHT: What urges you to press the "trade" button?
    @Panda2102has done macro research to sort out a list of companies and ranks them from different dimensions.
    "The mission statement, the moat, the network effect, the switching cost, low cost advantage, optionality, the ratio for PE, PEG, Cash, Debt, Free Cash flow and the ownership of the company."
    View more: Best time to press the trade button
    NINE: How to build a portfolio with a windfall of $1 million?
    @Mars Mooothinks that the Squid Game Multi-Portfolio comprises four parts: player 456, player 218, player 067, and a liquid one.
    "The first portfolio is aimed at potential sectors for diversification and profits. The second is designed to high risk lead high returns. The next one intent on helping on thr way. While the last one shows that cash is king."
    View more: The Squid Game Multi-Portfolios Portfolio
    TEN: How to profit from short-selling?
    @Mcsnacks H Tupackshared that short-selling is highly popular on Wall Street and often carried out by aggressive hedge funds.
    "Hedge funds acting through collaborating market makers can create huge numbers of counterfeit shares that can overwhelm buying demand. They have turned it into a casino and everyone knows the house always wins in that scenario."
    View more: The only way for short selling to be profitable is by cheating
    This recap takes a deep dive into the market insights and investing tips that inspire us to become better investors. Did you find anything interesting or helpful?
    Please Leave your comments below and @ the mooer whose opinions impress you the most, and explain why they are attractive. The 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th...(multiples of 10) mooers will be rewarded with 88 points each!
    Duration: Now- Dec 28, 2021 11:59 PM SGT
    moomoo annual ceremony is happening right now! Check it out here:  2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moon!
    2021 in Review: Market Insights and Investing Tips of the Year
    2021 is a year of volatility. It has witnessed the rise of meme stocks, starting with $GameStop(GME.US)$ and WallStreeBets early in January and up to the moon $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ in June. After the 2020 pandemic, S&P 500 rallied 100% within 354 trading days*. In times of chip shortage, investors are also watching the tech stocks closely. Not to mention dramas like what caused by Elon Musk and Donald Trump on $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ and $Digital World Acquisition Corp(DWAC.US)$ . What a year!
    *Source: CNBC Maekets News
    Review Your 2021 to Win Free Stocks
    As 2021 comes to an end, moomoo invites you to write your own review of 2021 trading journey, reflecting on the year that was and looking ahead to 2022. Join the topic discussion "2021 in Review: My Investing Journey Forges Ahead" and get rewards now! 
    Event Duration: Now to December 31st, 11:59pm ET
    1. Top 40 posts will get FREE stock with a price range from $5 to $30.
    2. 9 Growing Stars of the Year* will get FREE stock with a price range from $20 to $50.
    3. All relevant posts with no less than 20 words will be rewarded with 88 points.
    *Participants before December 22nd stand a chance to become Growing Stars of the Year, which is a title given by moomoo community to reward your effort made in 2021. A badge will be given to Growing Stars on the profile page to acknowledge your progress and achievement. The Growing Star will be rewarded with one random moomoo merchandise and one free stock with a price range from $20 to $50. 
    *Note: One can only get one out of the three rewards mentioned above.
    The above rewards will be issued in 15 working days after the event ends.
    Selection criteria:
    (applied to both Top 40 posts and Growing Stars)
    1. Content quality: a comprehensive review of 2021.
    2. Good typesetting with order histories, stock's trend or other helpful charts.
    3. User interaction with the post.
    4. Relevant tickers added.
    How to join?
    Click here and join the discussion under the topic, and you stand a chance to win the free stocks! Easy peasy!
    Don't know what to write? Ask yourself the following three questions!
    ONE: How did your trades perform?
    As we approach the end of 2021, it's time to look back on whether you make money over 2021! Where did you put your money in? Did your stocks bring you good returns? What are your highlights this year in trading? 
    Reviewing your trading performance is a way to acknowledge successes and drawbacks to improve your trading skills. Let's check out what moomoo features you could adopt to assist the writing of your reviews here.
    TWO: What have you learned from trading? 
    Perhaps you made a profit, learned a new trading skill, developed good trading psychology, broke bad habits, and gained more confidence.
    Even if 2021 might not be the best year in trading, time must have rewarded you with something greater than money, and that is AWESOME! What lesson did you learn, and what progress did you make? Write down the trading knowledge you've learned over the year now!
    THREE: What cool thins have you done? 
    2020 might be the worst year for many people as COVID-19 took away so many innocent lives. Is 2021 getting better with you? What are your stories this year? Did you meet any good fellows during your trading journey? 
    We are all ears for your remarkable stories! Please remember, mooers will always be by your side no matter what happens.
    Final Words: 2022 Will Be Everything You Want It To Be
    Moving forward, it isn't just about learning from what didn't' work in 2021, but also about learning, acknowledging, and genuinely appreciating what did work in the past. You should allow yourself to be happy and truly soak it all in if you want to thrive.
    Happy (almost) 2022, and remember, this year—it's going to be what you want it to be.
    Join discussion and get rewards now! Click here: "2021 in Review: My Investing Journey Forges Ahead"
    *Write Your Original Ideas: Plagiarism or cheating is not acceptable in any activities on moomoo. Please "Report" the suspicious posts if you find any. Once confirmed, the user committed shall be disqualified from the activities.
    moomoo annual ceremony is happening right now! Check it out here:  2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moon!
    Write 2021 Review to Win Free Stocks
    My 2021 investment journey has been rock and roll so far. Here are some of the few stocks that I bought (and/or sold to book profit). Most of them have rewarded me decently.
    $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$   $Tesla(TSLA.US)$   $BlackBerry(BB.US)$   $Apple(AAPL.US)$   $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$   $Applied Materials(AMAT.US)$   $Ford Motor(F.US)$   $Alibaba(BABA.US)$   $Cisco(CSCO.US)$   $Tata Motors(TTM.US)$   $Fiverr International(FVRR.US)$   $Microsoft(MSFT.US)$   $American Airlines(AAL.US)$   $Rivian Automotive(RIVN.US)$   $Nokia Oyj(NOK.US)$   $Thermo Fisher Scientific(TMO.US)$   $Qualcomm(QCOM.US)$   $Intel(INTC.US)$ 
    There are lots of ups and downs but it was good, as at every point of time, I have actually learnt something.
    Stock market is like an ocean of knowledge. I get to learn something new at each and every step I take. It teaches me how to stay disciplined with my own money!
    So far, I have enjoyed investing in this volatile market and I think this is the best time for anyone to enter the market and make some smart investments which can definitely pay off in the future. Remember, only invest what you can afford to lose!
    I think my best investment by far is my education which has lead me to where I am today. It made me capable enough that I not only earn for myself but can help others too.
    The majority of my investment is in the real estate followed by stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrency and investing in watches.
    Real estate is the other success story for me where I think I gained the best, while the rest of my investments also did reasonably well in 2021.
    I believe in a well-diversified portfolio as it will expose me to much more opportunities for returns, while safeguarding against adverse market cycles.
    I always believe in spending wisely than just investing for accumulating wealth. Whatever I earn, I try my best to utilise very wisely.
    Summation of my stock market journey:
    Markets are forever.
    There should be no compulsion to trade every day.
    Taking care of losses is essential.
    Patience pays.
    Wealth is a two-way road and one should learn to make it one way. Wealthy are those who learned the concept of keeping invested in liquid assets.
    I have seen many people entering the stock markets looking for profits. Some will get quick profits in initial days and once they start losing money, they leave the markets. My suggestion would be, do not leave the markets. Stock markets are the biggest Teachers.
    If trading is not your cup of tea, go for investing. Investments in stock markets give you returns which no one can ever provide. Thus, please exercise patience and stay long in the markets.
    The bargain hunter in me automatically makes me a value investor. Eg, I will abruptly transit to buying something on sale, from buying something I had originally planned to get, when I feel they are on a super sale.
    Always understand the difference between price and value. When you pay too high for a good business, you turn a great business into a poor investment. This turns your greatest advantage into greatest disadvantage. No matter how good the stock is, always buy at a bargain.
    Syuee sending blessings, this Christmas and every day. Here is my simple made-from-scratch Christmas Special Fruitcake.
    All I want for Christmas… is a Santa Claus Rally!
    I am really excited to see what 2022 may bring to us Mooers!
    Here’s to a season of blessings beyond this Christmas and New Year!
    What are your 2022 New Year’s Resolutions? Please comment below to share with us!
    $Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$  $S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$  $Nasdaq Composite Index(.IXIC.US)$
    Whisk You a MOO-ry 2021 Christmas and MOO-vellous Happy New Year !
    Welcome to the shining moments of the moomoo community. It's time to collect the unforgettable fragments of 2021. In a year of volatility, WallStreetBets stocks are resilient, with $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ regaining its momentum. Trump Concept stocks are on the rise, with $Phunware(PHUN.US)$ leading the way. The pandemic-induced booming of vaccine stocks provides mooers with unique opportunities to make money.
    This post presents some essential trading orders and calls for our dear mooers to compete. It starts with an outstanding one that yielded up to 69900%. We found some mooers highly concentrated. They only invested in one stock but grasped the entry and exit points well and recorded the moves using the trading marking feature of moomoo. Besides, there is a frequent trader who trades 156 times a quarter. It seems that our dear mooers have acquired diverse trading skills and experienced some ups and downs in 2021. Let's review and compete now!
    1. The highest rate of return reaching 69900.00%
    @值得拥有伱  Average Cost down to 0.0019
    Challenging $Camber Energy(CEI.US)$ , my power +69900.00%. The success lies in the accurate grasping of buying and selling points.
    If you have a higher rate of return, please leave your comment to compete with others.
    2. The highest daily return: $220966.73
    @burger1010  Make that money work!
    The gain of $220966.73 belongs to a college kid who works at a grocery store and earns the minimum wage. Two weeks ago, what I had was 10K. However, the profits soared because options were wild.
    If you have a higher daily return, please leave your comment to compete with others.
    3. The worst losses running to 98.43%
    @skytrade  What would you do if you were me?
    Despite that the Trump Concept stock, $PHUN is hot, my losses are down to a record low of 98.43%. I am confused and helpless.
    If you have a lower loss rate, please leave your comment to compete with others.
    4. An unexpected loss of $22909 by investing in $AMC  
    @bentbb  This is a reminder to all mooers
    For one hour, the decline of $AMC made me cry. Please keep in mind that you must band together and hold whatever position you're in. We are only as strong as our weakest link.
    If you've lost more money in a single stock, please leave your comment to compete with others.
    5. Focusing on one stock at a time
    @Machiavellis3rdEye  When will we get off the bus to the crazy town?
    Stop being distracted. I conducted high-frequency trading on $Progenity(PROG.US)$ , hoping to earn huge profits from this stock and become richer!
    If you've traded more frequently of a specific stock than this mooer, please leave your comment to compete with others.
    6. The most diverse high-frequency trading
    @Austin Anderson  What a blast it has been
    In one quarter, I trade 156 times for 58 objects. Please learn from our mistakes and don't get emotionally involved!
    If you've traded more frequently a quarter than this mooer, please leave your comment to compete with others.
    7. Building a diverse but profitable portfolio
    @10664788  Be satisfied with the winning percentage.
    Eight out of eleven stocks in my portfolio are making profits! $New Gold, $Globalstar, and $NIO Inc(NIO.US)$ are all my lucky stocks.
    If the proportion of stocks earning profits in your portfolio is higher than this mooer, please leave your comment to compete with others.
    After seeing the stunning orders above, would you like to share your orders and achievements with us?
    How's your P/L in 2021?
    How frequently did you trade?
    How did you build your portfolio?
    I bet you've had "better" results!
    If you want to challenge the orders above, leave your P/L in the comments. Let's see what you've got. You could be the KING of trading in 2021!
    moomoo annual ceremony is happening right now! Check it out here:  2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moon!
    Orders of the Year 2021: With Yields Up to 69900%
    Orders of the Year 2021: With Yields Up to 69900%
    Orders of the Year 2021: With Yields Up to 69900%
    2021 is awesome because I started my investment journey... I selected Moo Moo as my desired investment platform due to several reasons, 1) Moo Moo offers user friendly interface, 2) lots of news, short quick articles and videos to level up my investment knowledge, 3) low charge fees for trading, and 4) offers free stocks! The journey so far using Moo Moo has been exceptionally pleasant.
    For my investment portfolio, I diversify on several fronts.
    I actively invest in Bank stocks including $OCBC Bank(O39.SG)$, $DBS(D05.SG)$, $UOB(U11.SG)$, which provide for great gains and dividends.
    For Reits, I would recommend $CapLand IntCom T(C38U.SG)$, $Ascendas Reit(A17U.SG)$, $Suntec Reit(T82U.SG)$ and $Keppel DC Reit(AJBU.SG)$. Good source of high dividends.
    Other SG stocks include $ST Engineering(S63.SG)$ and $SGX(S68.SG)$ are worth considering.
    For US stocks, $Apple(AAPL.US)$ is definitely a good stock to invest in. I would expect the stock to rise further with the excitement over the release of the Apple Car in the near future. In the upcoming hype of the electric cars, stocks such as $NIO Inc(NIO.US)$, $Lucid(LCID.US)$ would probably gain traction over time. I previously bought NIO with the believe that the stock would soar in time.
    For the HK market, $BABA-SW(09988.HK)$ and $ICBC(01398.HK)$ are my targets. Alibaba is currently very much undervalued, thus expecting it to increase soon after recovery from its nosedive for a period.
    All of the above stocks, I am adopting the long term investment mentality to gradually increase the volume for high dividend returns.
    Patience and diligence is what I learnt through the process as I spent many days observing the stock trends to determine when would be the best time to enter the market.
    With uncertainty over news of the Omicron variant, stocks seem to be bearish during this time, I see it as an opportunity to buy more during the dip. So far, I am happy with the performance of all my investment, laying the foundation for growth as the economy gradually recovers.
    One cool thing I did was to sell the Twitter stock and use whatever funds to buy a biotech stock, $Longeveron(LGVN.US)$. This was the only one off instance that I traded based on luck with the strike lottery mindset. As in times of covid, biotech stocks tend to be rocketing high dynamically within a day. I made a decent profit out of it when the stock shot up. This was quite an experience.
    Hope for all to invest well and into a Great 2022 ahead!
    Against the backdrop of the global covid-19 pandemic, 2021 has brought new challenges and opportunities to this year's trading. We responded with laughter and tears. This post compiles six stories that present a vivid picture of mooers' investing experiences. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy the stories!
    Spoiler: There's a chance to get a bonus if you read till the end.
    "Never forget why you started, so your mission can be completed."
    Every incredible adventure started with a baby step. When we look back to the very beginning of our trading journey, we ask ourselves why we got started in the first place? Realistically speaking, money is what we all are after, but what made us brave enough to take the first step? Here is one of the most satisfying answers.
    "She Has Inspired Me" said by @HuatLady. His trading journey started with his 21 birthday gift – a $100 saving bank account book from his parents.
    "I was touched because that was her virtuous desire for me to be independent, and to make effective decisions, not only for the trading field but throughout my life for a better Future."
    Making profits is not the ultimate goal of investing. What you can learn in the process will get you further in life.
    "The only way to overcome bad luck is working hard."
    Novices deserve a bit of "beginner's luck." "Did I have beginner's luck when I first started trading?" @cowabangawas quite confident at first because of the money he made in the market. After that, there're setbacks, and there's luck again.
    "As I trade along, the results are certainly compelling! I dare say I have one of the finest beginner's luck out there for my first few wins at the market provided trading returns in folds. It was truly an amazing experience given the confidence it spurs in you. But like what the market veterans would say 'the market giveth, the market taketh'..."
    The truth is that luck is the combination of skills and opportunities. Many things that look like luck at first blush are part of a cycle. 
    After investing for some time, many mooers might feel anxious and regretful. Some of us can't stop thinking about what we should've done when we were younger and what could've been achieved if we'd chosen differently. @aoimizushared his advice with the younger ones at "I hate finance ... but I'm here"
    "I support young people who want to begin their investment journey early. As mentioned in a previous post (Gen Z and debt), I'd put aside my part-time job earnings as the capital for investments. I'd be more proactive in scanning the news and be updated on the overall environment. I'd become more curious about the companies that make the products I use, and study them more closely."
    @小虎发大财wrote something about his words to himself if he can travel back in time at his post "I started my investment journey in 2017."
    "I entered the market without any knowledge and purely by rumors, ended up suffering a loss.From there onwards, i started reading and watching video on youtube to educate myself, even till now hungry for knowledge. If I can return back time, i will tell myself to start off investment way earlier."
    Regrets are common in trade because they occur both when you make a move or do absolutely nothing. How to deal with "regrets" when you want to start with "if only"? @Powerhouseresponded with "Really? Then you are not playing big enough!!"
    "Investment is like this. You lost some here; you better wake up your idea to earn more somewhere else...Play within your means. That is how I consoled myself. Lose, never mind, just don't lose your mind and spirit. Miss the boat, try the other boat beside it!"
    "The minute you appreciate what you have, joyfulness overcomes suffering."
    2021 may not be the best in your life, but it couldn't be worse than 2020. Could it? We survived 2020, so when we start to appreciate what we have, 2021 could be a year full of joyfulness.
    Do you agree with @Syueeat her post "Birds of a Feather, Flock Together!"?
    "I believe in following the practice of gratitude, giving and sharing with the less fortunate. Not everyone is as lucky to have a roof over their heads, clothes to cover their bodies and food to fill their stomachs...Happiness keeps you sweet. Trials keep you strong. Sorrows keep you human. Failure keeps you humble. Success keeps you glowing. FAMILY keeps you GOING."
    Moo community is committed to accompanying you throughout your trading journey and offering as much support as we can.
    2021 might be the start of the trading journey for many mooers. We've seen many mooers saying that moomoo is what gets them started in trading. That is AWESOME!
    @aoimizusaid in one of his posts, "There is a sense of camaraderie in the moomoo community, making me feel that this is not a lonely journey and I can always ask for help". This is exactly what moomoo wants to bring to all of you! We will always be there for you. Wish you all a very happy 2022 ahead!
    What's the most inspiring investing story you've heard this year? Comment under this post and tell us the story now! We will select the 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th...(multiples of 10) comments to give away 88 points each!
    Duration: Now- Dec 28, 2021 11:59 PM SGT
    moomoo annual ceremony is happening right now! Check it out here:  2021 in Review: Grow Together to the Moon!
    2021 in Review: Stories of the Year
    2021 in Review: Stories of the Year
    2021 in Review: Stories of the Year
    Hi, mooers.
    Welcome to the 2021 Growing Stars of the Year award ceremony. We are thrilled to announce the 9 shining stars of the Moo community for you!
    When we look back, we can see our mooers' glittering badges, fruitful transactions, and active interactions in 2021. We truly appreciate their hard work on building wealth and reviewing their investment during the investing journey. Today, our awards go to the 9 outstanding mooers who made sign...
    Review 2021 investing journey with growing stars!
    Review 2021 investing journey with growing stars!
    Review 2021 investing journey with growing stars!