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Monthly Journal: Traders' Insights Wanted!
Views 16K · Contents 94
Moo Picks in July
[avatar]Popular on moomoo
Money never sleeps: Gain insights into market sentiment with short sale data
Views 1.3M · Contents 11
Gain insights into market sentiment with short sale data
[avatar]Meta Moo
Do you think there is a "best day" to trade?
Views 303K · Contents 11
42% of people saved money for headwinds: What would you do?
Views 253K · Contents 23
Americans' savings is dwindling
[avatar]Mooney Navigator
Rebounded 12% in a month: comeback or bear trap?
Views 374K · Contents 141
Hedging inflation: ETF strategies for chasing market swings
[avatar]moomoo Learn
Biden signs bill to boost US chips: a boon or a bane?
Views 195K · Contents 37
AMD Q2 2022 Investment Note
[avatar]Moo Earnings
The Big Tech is rushing for earnings report: Boon or Bane?
Views 2.2M · Contents 333
What is your favorite finance-related film?
Views 70K · Contents 64
Highest insider buying since 2020: silver lining or false signal?
Views 81K · Contents 136
Insiders binge on their own stocks amid recession risks
[avatar]Analysts Notebook
Apple dropped below Buffett's dip: Boon or bane?
Views 67K · Contents 124
Apple Dropped - Buy the Dip
Do Good. For your portfolio and our planet: SG's 1st low-carbon ETF
Views 105K · Contents 415
[avatar]moomoo SG
Share low-carbon lifestyles and explore investing ideas
Views 83K · Contents 366
Share low-carbon lifestyles and explore investing ideas
[avatar]moomoo SG
Musk terminated the acquisition of Twitter: happy ending or zero sum?
Views 254K · Contents 409
Tesla Q1 2022 Earnings Preview: Betting the % change in closing price to win!
[avatar]Moo Earnings
US income gap quadrupled over 40 Y: Should Biden tax the rich?
Views 727 · Contents 3
Billionaire Minimum Income Tax: How much does America's 10 richest people owe under the new rule?
[avatar]Chatterbox Moo
GME's chairman added position: Money speaks more than words?
Views 21K · Contents 39
I am still BEARISH, $Invesco QQQ Trust(QQQ.US)$ here is why. Today had to go up, the put to call ratio was overly tilted towards puts. Below is the days option stats for QQQ, (someone asked if I could show this) the red underlined are considered bearish the green are bullish. There are technical reasons but I'll explain it like this- those low delta (0-40) will generally expire worthless, so think of them as pushing the price away (everytime someone buys a OTM option it has a negative effect on...
Surging 50% back to life: Are Chinese stocks still uninvestable?
Views 290K · Contents 398
Chinese stocks and ADRs: The upside is here
[avatar]John Shan8
First rate rise since 2018: How to protect our portfolio?
Views 342K · Contents 168
Why the Fed to raise rates. Is it a good time to buy or not?
[avatar]moomoo Learn
Tech stocks splitting sprees: Wealth ladder or zero-sum?
Views 533K · Contents 303
Stock splits might bring 25.4% annual returns?
[avatar]Alpha Moo
First positive adj EBITDA in 2Y: Is AMC a buy or a bail?
Views 9986 · Contents 43
AMC Q4 2021 Earnings Conference Call
[avatar]Moo Live
Buffett's Letter: Is 2022 a good time for value investing?
Views 4747 · Contents 20
5 Takeaways from Buffett's FY2021 Shareholder Letter
[avatar]Alvin Chow 邹咏翰
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