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Why Invest in ETFs?

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs*, can help you diversify your portfolio with the same convenience and ease of trading stocks. They are groups of stocks and bonds that are often built to track popular indexes.

Because they are collections of any number of securities, ETFs* help diversify your investments and manage volatility.

ETFs* have a range of industries or strategies that they track, and you can pick those best suited to your needs.

ETFs* are traded on major exchanges just like stocks, so they are typically just as easy to trade.

ETFs typically have lower expense ratios than mutual funds, making them a cost-effective choice for some traders.


Ease of Trading

Lower Costs


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Explore Diverse ETFs Selections on moomoo

Expand your investment options with 3,030* US-Listed ETFs.

Track an index of equities of large or small businesses, or stocks from a specific country.

Track the performance of a single currency or a basket of currencies relative to another currency, typically the US dollar.

Foreign Exchange ETFs

Track stocks within industry sectors such as technology, financials, energy, and pharmaceuticals.

Track an index of equities of large or small businesses, or stocks from a specific country.

Invest in fixed-income securities like government bonds or corporate bonds.

Stock ETFs

Bond ETFs

Sector or Industry ETFs

Track particular indexes such as S&P 500.

Invest in a range of investments around the world or investments specific to one country or region.

Index ETFs

Invest in physical commodities like gold, silver, oil, or agricultural products.

Commodity ETFs

International ETFs

Invest in a basket of dividend-paying stocks.

Dividend ETFs

Invest in a basket of companies that are committed to environmental, social responsibility, and corporate governance (ESG).

Invest in diversified cannabis-related stocks to gain exposure to the cannabis industry.

Aim to increase returns by using financial tools intended to take advantage of daily index changes.

Potentially profit from or hedge against market declines with the opposite performance of an underlying index.

Leveraged ETFs¹

Inverse ETFs¹

Marijuana ETFs

Sustainable ETFs

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