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        Free Level 2 Data. 
        No Account Minimums.

        Up to 60 bids/asks price levels

        Customizable and intuitive tools

        ⓘ Disclosure

        moomoo's Level 2 Data: Insightful and Intuitive

        Free Level 2 Data with customizable settings for easy navigation.

        Access to 6 orderbooks including: NASDAQ TotalView, NYSE ArcaBook, NYSE OpenBook, CBOE Bats BZX, CBOE Direct Edge, and National Quotation.

        Real-time updates with up to 60-level bids/asks quotes, refreshed every 0.3 seconds.

        Easy-to-analyze data with various chart views and price aggregation.

        Dive Deep into the Data with Level 2

        With Level 2 data, traders can identify key price levels, see the depth of the market, and gain deeper insights on how a stock is being traded.

        Open an account

        Fund your account

        Receive your LV2 Data

        Sign up and Register

        Make a deposit to your account Receive up to 16 free stocks*

        Start accessing the LV2 data** and trade with $0 commission.***

        ⓘ Disclosure

        An award-winning¹ app designed for active traders.

        Your funds are protected through SIPC.

        Trade commission-free² on US stocks, ADRs, ETFs, and Options.

        A powerful suite of tools and platforms to help you make better trading decisions.

        24/7 live chat support, and phone support during trading days³.

        Why moomoo?

        ⓘ Disclosure