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        AMC shares crash: Are you ready for stock conversion?
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        Can We Please Call This The End to the AMC Saga...

        So Much Drama in the AMC
        Is AMC really involved in some elaborate conspiracy between Wallstreet and retail traders? Is there some sort of mass manipulation controlling the stock price, causing it to drop? Why does this stock continue to fall with no avail?
        The drama in this company seems to never end. From supposed short squeezes, shady stock splits, an Ape NFT bubble eruption, to excessive hype on social media enticing retail traders to buy the company. Whatever the story is, the stock price of AMC continues to fall, and the Apes continue to buy.
        If, and only if, there is an elaborate conspiracy to take the money from the little guy, retail traders, then that is pretty messed up and obviously illegal. Somebody should be held responsible if this is the case.
        The Technical and Fundamental Picture
        Regardless of all of the drama, if you simply follow fundamentals and technical analysis, then, in my opinion, there doesn't seem to be a good reason to buy into this company yet.
        From a fundamental standpoint, the company has a massive amount of debt that they are actively trying to raise capital to pay off. And their earnings alone are not enough to suffice.
        The technical picture doesn't look too hot either.
        Can We Please Call This The End to the AMC Saga...
        So far, AMC is on track to having its worst month in history, falling over 72% so far.
        Can We Please Call This The End to the AMC Saga...
        The past two-year stretch in this company has been the worst two year stretch that this company has ever experienced. The share price has fallen over 96% so far.
        Can We Please Call This The End to the AMC Saga...
        The value of the company is about to reach its lowest ever. This is the same level where AMC filed for bankruptcy.
        Will the Apes Call it Quits?
        There just doesn't seem to be any real reason to buy this company. Especially if there was some sort of conspiracy. After a 96% devaluation, I think it is safe to say that we can call it an end to the AMC saga.
        All of this being said, the apes are very persistent, and I'm sure they will keep buying.
        As always, this is not investment advice. Good luck trading. Be careful and be patient. Dont anticipate the market. Rather, participate in the market. Give your investments time. Don't be greedy. Don't invest in anything you don't understand. Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Don't listen to the hype. Don't fomo or panic into or out of trades. And just follow the trends. A trend is your friend.
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        • MuscMoo : such a long-winded way of saying nothing worthwhile. lol. shorts haven't closed. spydercall is intellectually dishonest

        • zyrk : fu

        • SpyderCallOP MuscMoo: I'm trying get some retailers to think outside of their own box. People are losing a lot of money with AMC. And it seems to only be the little guys losing money. When I first started investing, I lost a lot of money on stocks like AMC. It isn't talking smack. I'm just showing you the other side of the coin.
          I have posted my opinion about AMC several times in the past. If you followed that opinion for the several months that I have posted about AMC, then you would not have lost money in this company. Just Saying

        • SpyderCallOP MuscMoo: There really isn't anything worthwhile to say about AMC. That is probably the reason why I feel like it isn't a good buy right now.

        • SpyderCallOP MuscMoo: I'll stop posting about AMC if you apes REALLY, can't handle another opinion. It's not like I'm the one bringing down the price.

        • 73357352 : wrong ticker bud

        • MuscMoo SpyderCallOP: durr, you know what you're doing. and don't pretend like you know anything about my portfolio. I put a small% into riskier investments and plays with short squeeze potential, just like everybody else should do too. you're either short or you're paid or you're just a hedge fund boot licker. again, just like the other shills, what is your purpose? you're just trying to save us from what? ourselves? did anybody ask you for your help or for your opinion? why don't you tell us what you think we should invest in instead of just bashing one particular ticker with long winded posts that again are intellectually dishonest and one-sided

        • SpyderCallOP MuscMoo: I don't want to see anybody lose money. An example of this would be if a new investor entered the market, listened to the AMC hype, and bought in any time before today, then they would have lost almost all of their investment.
          If they bought at the very bottom of the pandemic crash, then there would be very little profit. but all of those holders at that price have already sold.

          Speech-to-Text makes it a less long-winded and almost effortless. The charts take a minute or two.
          And by the way, falling short interest does not always equate to a rising stock price.

        • SpyderCallOP MuscMoo: I have posted about many other tickers, ya know. I've just never suggested AMC as a good idea. I'm definitely not getting paid by anybody. That would be nice though.
          I don't know anything about anybodies portfolio. I was speaking of new investors in general.
          I really don't think you should be taking this so personally.

        • Shootingstar SpyderCallOP: I almost took the bait long ago at $9ish but was hesitant thankfully

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