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    $Fisker(FSR.US)$ The paid bashers that work for the manipulators and the shorts are absolutely ridiculous. I think their silence would make me more willing to sell my shares at a loss.


    $Fisker(FSR.US)$ One hand shorts and hedgers are bullying down Fsr, while other hands is busy amplifying outdated information, mundane news, software glitches, warnings, compliance implications, worst case scenarios, click baiting almost every drop of negativity that surrounds Fsr. Media and trojan participants with deep vested interests are coming out from all cracks and spreading their fumes. Fisker is a poster child of abuse by the wickedness of propaganda.
    Insider transactions at Fisker in the past year are not encouraging, despite the lack of recent insider transactions not being a concern. Modest insider ownership indicates reasonable alignment, but investors should be aware of 4 warning signs.
    Ford's price cut may intensify EV market competition. Fisker's non-compliance with NYSE rules could harm its stock. Analysts caution that Rivian's profit risk may increase due to softer demand trends. Rivian's continuous need for capital raises could limit its share price appreciation.

    No risk no reward

    $Fisker(FSR.US)$ all start up have glitches to work thru tesla,Gmc Ford are still dealing with glitches,but if believe in longterm,then you need some investment here,under a dollar,getting dealership base n camping in production,talk good bad or ugly 1000 saharw under dollar,I can afford that loss but if in 5 years still exist could be greatest return you've ever had if 5 years,electric vehicles not going away
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