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        PYPL PayPal Watchlist
        63.960 +0.910+1.44% Close 06/02 16:00 ET
        63.870-0.090-0.14% Post 19:56 ET
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        PayPal Holdings, Inc. engages in the development of technology platforms for digital payments. Its solutions include PayPal, PayPal Credit, Braintree, Venmo, Xoom, and Paydiant products. It manages a two-sided proprietary global technology platform that links customers, which consist of both merchants and consumers, to facilitate the processing of payment transactions. It allows its customers to use their account for both purchase and paying for goods, as well as to transfer and withdraw funds. It also enables consumers to exchange funds with merchants using funding sources, which include bank account, PayPal account balance, PayPal Credit account, credit and debit card or other stored value products. It offers consumers person-to-person payment solutions through its PayPal Website and mobile application, Venmo and Xoom. The company was founded in December 1998 and is headquartered in San Jose, CA.

        Revenue Breakdown

        Business Unit:USD
        NameYOYOperating income%
        Transaction revenues--25.21B91.60%
        Revenues from other value added services--2.31B8.40%


          These are the next stocks I’m looking to wheel.  I’m looking to diversify into profitable companies.
          The criteria is profitable, decent premiums (25% annualized) 100% upside and belief that share price can double from here in 3 to 5 years.
          Other companies?
          Banking is digital, pypl is all digital. Can pay/buy/sell with them, get good saving rate. Buy crypto if you are into that, they give free money out sometimes just for using them. Can enter username and password quick and easy to pay instead of adding all your details and cards info. Younger people use their phones a lot, pypl has a good app, pay in 4 is nice free feature. I’m going to buy more. It will bounce back.
          $PayPal(PYPL.US)$ is a sleeping giant.... look what happened with $Meta Platforms(META.US)$ .
          I already have calls open on PYPL and if I had more money I'd be dumping everything I had into it.
          The stock was way oversold and its earnings numbers are still solid.
          I keep seeing people FUD it and talk shit about it so I know I probably have something good.
          I'm hoping it gets back to $80-85 range by the end of the year and over $100 by next spring.
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