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    I like money

    $XRP(XRP.CC)$ considering bitcoin is so expensive and slow, and they have to burn Ethereum  to keep the price propped up, also expensive gas fees.
    XRP .60  give or take and will be what bitcoin was supposed to be, also  it’ll take over Ethereum space for a lot cheaper, a lot cheaper! No other coin has been attacked by the government of the United States more than XRP. The utilization of XRP starts this month in December.   Thank you Ripple.
    $XRP(XRP.CC)$ No way is it possible for XRP to maintain this price, when many of the cryptos are experiencing increased price action. Market manipulation at its finest and they will continue to keep the price down, while the whales are eating up Bitcoin. Be careful, friends, something fishy going on.
    $XRP(XRP.CC)$ 50 day MA is a support, hopefully it pushes this thing right back up
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