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P/L analysis

1. Total P/L

Statistical scope: Stocks, Options, CBBCs, Warrants, ETFs and other securities.

Statistical time: All

Statistical method: combine the P/L of the underlying stocks and their derivatives, and support separate viewing

Update: normally update before the next opening bell

2. Calculations

Total P/L =  Market value + Total cash inflow-Total cash outflow-Transaction fee

(1) Market value: equal to the number of positions multiplied by the closing price at the end of the period.

(2) Total cash inflow: including the stock sell execution amount, dividends and the value of stocks transferred out (based on the closing price of the transfer date).

(3) Total cash outflow: including the stock buy execution amount, the value of stocks transfer-in (If the initial cost price is not set when transferring in, it will be based on the closing price of the day) and HK IPO Allotment Amount.

(4) Transaction fees: SEC Fees, Settlement fees and TAF.