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        What can be used as a valid proof of address

        Hello, you can provide one of the below documents:

        1. Bank statement;

        2. Rental contract;

        3. Utility bills;

        4. Brokerage statement;

        5. Insurance statement.


        ●  If identification documents (valid passport or national ID card) have a valid residential address, then this identification document can be used as the proof of residential address (depending on country / region).

        ●  The document needs to have a date (within 3 months), name, address and issuing organization.

        ●  Please upload a photo of the original document. Do not upload scanned documents or screenshots.

        ●  Upload document must follow the following requirements:

        1)Please make sure all 4 edges of the document is visible.

        2)Please use a dark/high contrast background.

        3)To reduce glare, please do not use flash to take a photo.

        4)Please take a photo directly above the document.

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