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601288 Agricultural Bank Of China

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About Agricultural Bank Of China Company

The company's predecessor can be traced back to the Agricultural Cooperative Bank established in 1951. Since it resumed establishment in February 1979, the Bank has successively experienced various stages of development, such as national specialized banks, wholly state-owned commercial banks, and state-owned commercial banks. In January 2009, the entire Bank was restructured as a limited company. In July 2010, the Bank was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange respectively. The company's main business is to provide banking and related financial services. Corporate honors: 2017 IDC Asia Pacific Financial Industry Innovation Award, 2016 Top 10 Social Marketing Cases in the Financial Industry, 2015 Most Socially Responsible Financial Institution Award, Outstanding Charity Project Award, Best Social Responsibility Special Contribution Network Award, etc. As of the end of June 2023, the Bank had a total of 22,838 branches in China, including the head office headquarters, head office sales department, 4 head office franchise agencies, 4 training institutes, 37 first-level branches, 408 second-level branches, 3,320 first-level branches, 19,017 grass-roots business institutions, and 46 other institutions. There are 13 overseas branches and 4 overseas representative offices, namely Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, New York, Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Sydney, Luxembourg, London, Macau, London, China, Macau and Hanoi branches, and representative offices in Vancouver, Chinese Taipei, Sao Paulo, and Dushanbe. In addition, the Bank also has 16 major holding subsidiaries, including integrated management subsidiaries, overseas subsidiaries, village banks, etc.

Revenue Breakdown

Product Currency:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Net interest income290.42B79.40%
Net income from fees and commissions50.73B13.87%
income from investment11.98B3.27%
Fair value change gains and losses7.36B2.01%
Other operating income3.62B0.99%
Exchange gains and losses1.65B0.45%
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