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601988 Bank Of China

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About Bank Of China Company

The company is the bank that has been in business for the longest time in China. It was formally established in February 1912, and has successively carried out the functions of a central bank, an international exchange bank, and a bank specialized in international trade. Since 1949, it has been a bank specializing in national foreign exchange and foreign trade for a long time, unified management of national foreign exchange, and carried out international trade settlement, remittance, and other non-trade foreign exchange services. The company is a joint-stock commercial bank mainly engaged in absorbing RMB deposits and issuing short-, medium-, and long-term loans. The company is the fourth largest state-owned commercial bank in China, has the broadest network of overseas branches, and is in a leading position in business fields such as foreign exchange deposits and loans, international settlement, foreign exchange funds, and bank cards. Corporate honors: The Bank of China received two “A” annual assessment ratings from the State Administration of Foreign Exchange; the Bank of China won 5 awards including “Global Finance” and “ESG-Linked Loan Outstanding Leadership Award”; Bank of China won the “Global Trade and Finance” “Best Trade and Finance Bank in the Asia-Pacific Region” award; Bank of China received a “A” rating in the annual assessment ratings of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange; the Bank of China won the “Excellent Competitiveness Retail Bank” and “Excellent Competitiveness Mobile Banking” awards, etc. At the end of June, the Bank had a total of 532 overseas branches, covering 63 countries and regions around the world, including 43 “Belt and Road” countries. In June 2023, Bank of China Papua New Guinea Representative Office opened.

Revenue Breakdown

Product Currency:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Net interest income233.99B73.30%
Net income from fees and commissions46.38B14.53%
Other operating income19.15B6.00%
income from investment10.23B3.20%
Exchange gains and losses6.13B1.92%
Fair value change income3.33B1.04%
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