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CTRM Castor Maritime

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33.91MMarket Cap2.06P/E (TTM)
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    this sucks

    this sucks
    Investors lack confidence in the firm's ability to maintain growth amidst industry struggles. The speculated risks to revenue and potential for future volatility puts the company's resilience in question.

    More DD and Some Speculation. NFA

    $Bit Brother(BETS.US)$
    This is a mix of experience, DD and speculation. Do your own research! ❤️
    Lets begin by talking about Texas Bitcoin Farm.
    BETS Abilene TX Mining Farm Received a Certificate of Occupancy and is Scheduled to Commence Operations in Early 2024
    in this article itimplies this is the first batch. (for the new 2 acre location)
    3300 miners for ~5 million
    the offering they just made would secure roughly 7000 more. (more on this below)
    The largest pub...

    Best of Wishes

    $Castor Maritime(CTRM.US)$
    this stock has burned so many of us in the past, reverse split after reverse split. itll rise for a moment then immediate dilution. be careful. im still holding from 2 years ago. hopefully itll go somewhere. but these guys are known to burn retail.
    $Castor Maritime(CTRM.US)$
    I am holding this long term based on the values and fundamentals. The earnings and income growth is high, and the low P/E indicates a better return than any other stock in the market. This scares me, but because I am unable to find out reasons why this is, I am forced to conclude that there is no rational reason why this is. As the company stands now, even if revenue dropped 50% this would still be considered a value play. If the stock market returns 10% on average Yo...
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