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    Despite solid revenue growth, Air T's P/S ratio aligns with the industry, hinting at anticipated risks or revenue instability. The company's recent performance and future prospects aren't reflected in the current P/S ratio.
    Market's marked dismissal of Air T, Inc.'s solid revenue performance, fearing future instability, impels downward pressure on P/S ratio and share price.
    SEC Filings and what you really need to know

    Form 8-k
    This form is used to report newsworthy events to the SEC, thereby making them available to the public. Included are items such as change in management, change In the company’s name, mergers or acquisitions, bankruptcy filings, and major new product introductions or sale of a product line. A Form 8-K HAS to be filed when a member of the board of directors resign over a disagreement. The 8-K is filed within four business days of the occurrence. This form is used only by domestic issuers, foreign issuers are exempt. Although ADR’s are registered with the SEC, they too are exempt because of the underlying security of foreign issue.

    Form 10-K
    Most domestic public issuers must file an annual report to the SEC on FORM 10-K. This report is a comprehensive overview of the company’s business and financial condition and includes financial statements that have been audited by an independent accountant. Do not confute this with the annual report to shareholders, which also contains and audited financial information than the annual report, while the annual report will have much more detail about the company itself and its future plans.
    The Filing Deadlines depend upon the company’s public float. For Companies with a float of $700million or more, the Form 10-K deadline is 60-days after ...
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