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About CMGE Company

Global IP game operator China Mobile Games is a leading global IP game operator. According to the Yiguan Thinktank report, among all Chinese independent mobile game publishers, China Mobile Games ranked first in the cumulative revenue generated by distributing IP games from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2018, and ranked first in the total number of IP games distributed by the company; as of 2018/12/31, China Mobile Games had the largest IP reserves. The company landed on the NASDAQ on September 25, 2012, and was the first domestic mobile game company to enter the US securities market. The company officially began privatization in May 2015 and completed delisting in August of the same year. China Mobile Games acquired 51% of Beijing Soft Star's shares in May 2018, teaming up with Taiwan's Daewoo to carry out independent R&D and joint R&D on well-known IPs such as “Sword and Fairy”, “Xuanyuan Sword”, “Star Wishes” and “Angel Empire”, as well as multi-dimensional pan-entertainment cooperation. Apple's 50 Best Publishers in the World (Apple Inc.) Tencent Best Partner Award (Tencent Global Partner Conference) Top 10 Chinese Games Awards-2018 China's Top Ten Games Publishing operator (China Audiovisual and Digital Publishing Association) Famous games include “Sword and Fairy”, “One Piece: Path to the Mighty”, “Naruto - Master Ninja”, “Dragon Slayer: Dragon Slayer”, “Battle for the Dragon”, “Myth Eternity”, “The Legend of Thunder,” “The Legend of Thunder,” and “Candleman”. Among them, “Chootenji”, “The Legend of Thunder Fury”, and “One Piece's Path to the Mighty” all exceeded RMB 62 million in the first month of launch; the highest monthly turnover after the launch of “Chootenji” and “The Legend of Thunder Fury” exceeded RMB 170 million and RMB 200 million respectively. corporate strategy With IP as the core, China Mobile Games continuously provides quality IP games to players around the world through independent development and agency distribution, and actively invests in IP and CP to create an ecosystem around IP games. At the same time, China Mobile Games is deeply involved in IP brand operations from a global perspective, expanding cooperation in the pan-entertainment business including film, television, animation, derivatives, and offline entertainment around its own IP to build a world-class cultural brand. corporate vision China Mobile Games strives to become a game brand loved by players around the world!

Revenue Breakdown

Business Currency:CNY
Stock NameRevenueRatio
Game distribution1.22B79.26%
Game development258.63M16.84%
Intellectual property authorization59.81M3.90%


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