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    Not sure if you've heard this story about how much a bottle of water can sell for.
    All the time we buy at the convenience store, a bottle of water is just a piece of money.
    But when we get to the restaurant, a bottle of water can sell you three bucks.
    When you are in a dry desert, a bottle of water sells you 100 pieces of water and you will be willing to.
    The value of water is determined by where he resides.
    Because of the difference in difficulty of obtaining in different places, it leads to a difference in price, even if we know that he is the same bottle of water, but in different places, he is willing to spend a different price.
    That's one angle, but there's another angle to look at pricing this thing.
    Why Japanese food can be so expensive is because he has a lot of room for imagination.
    Obviously, it's just one salmon, and every small piece can sell you 20 pieces, and you don't need to cook it.
    The salmon sashimi from the Meiyo Japanese restaurant is not from Japan, but from Norway, but the Japanese restaurant is especially expensive.
    Especially when it comes to Omakase without a menu, you do not have a choice of which dish to eat, but the price is expensive for you and it is more expensive than ordinary Japanese cuisine.
    In terms of ingredients, there is actually nothing different. In general Chinese or Western restaurants there are also dishes with salmon, the fish meat is larger and the cooking method may be more complicated, but the price is not expensive.
    When a product can't differentiate, you can only make a difference from the service.
    When you draw a sashimi from a daily cook's hand with that plate with long slices of a knife, you will replenish your mind...
    #你們會跟家人一起創業嗎? I recently received a letter from such a reader who asked in the letter that she should not work with her brother. She was afraid that her feelings on business would ruin her and her brother's good feelings, and she didn't even like it in the end. She was also worried that her strength would fall short of her brother's expectations, and when she went back to work again, both of them would be out of reach. Holat, if you were me, how would you convince this reader? Some may say: Either way, it will ruin your life choice! Some may also say: as long as you detach kinship, two office offices, nothing is unworkable. Well, both answers are not wrong, but not quite right either. I often say, “#解決問題的方案, #永遠介於一個更高的維度」。 If I were her, I would first understand the dimension of brother's thinking before I delved into “shouldn't work with brother”. What are dimensions? Let me first tell you about my friend's experience. Previously, I had a friend A's girlfriend who was a microtrader. After work, he often goes to his girlfriend's house to help her with microbusiness, from processing orders to mailing items. One day, his girlfriend asks him to resign and then wholeheartedly helps her run a micro-business. A also felt that if he helped his girlfriend with all her heart after quitting, maybe she could earn more money than working, she promised. After he was fully invested in his girlfriend's micro-business, his girlfriend made more money than before — several times as much. It was supposed to be a good thing, but his girlfriend began to suspect him and told her that she...
    The value that a great talent brings to the company is that of more than ten ordinary employees. It's not a question of more and less, it's a matter of yes and no. This is my biggest feeling for talent these years. Some time ago, my friends were always coming to my company to chat, and they were all entrepreneurs. They all complained to me about one question: #現在的00後越來越不好管理了。 Compared to after 80 and after 90, after 00, it is really a reverse flow. Delaying in and out is a basic operation, or else you can pretend to travel from time to time and be told a little bit and write a little red book... Even if they have a hard mouth, a lot of heart and mouth, and they preach their reason, they hope to inspire kindness to each other. The other person will not make a promise, and a face will say, “What are you telling me about?” There are young subordinates who are always unable to solve problems independently. Every time I encounter something, I run for help. They were busy touring, and their subordinates remained innocent. Wait... Honestly, after listening to their attitude to work after 00, I was reserved. Because I don't think this is exactly a pot to back after 00, after all I believe that people will be like this in every age. Just like our company has a lot of 00's, not at all what our friends describe. Active work, love to learn, selfless dedication... if you try hard, it will sometimes drain the water, but not too much. #作為馬來西亞面試最嚴苛的中小型公司, #我覺得我對招聘人才有一定的話語權。 If anyone who knows our company culture, they will know: “#我們的面試流程是有整整五輪的」不是我...
    Last month, I went on a trip to Thailand with my wife.
    When I got back on the plane, I checked the ticket.
    Looking at the location on the Boarding Pass, I couldn't help but blink.
    “Good choice, elected in evil #中間坐...”
    If you've ever sat in the middle, you'll know how awkward it is.
    Because if you sit in position a second later than the passenger next door, your territory will be overrun.
    Otherwise, when I get up and go, the handle on my left is overpowered.
    Then this is not tight, the middle position is also narrow.
    Narrower for me for this 180-tall person.
    I was disgusted with the passengers next door at the time.
    What to do to put the handle on this handle?
    There is still a lot of space on the left, so don't you want to sit back a little?
    Just as I was constantly expressing discontent in my heart, I suddenly realized: “What am I going to blame my neighbor?”
    Today's airplane seats are so narrow, isn't it because AirAsia's design isn't good enough?
    Why is the location designed so narrow?
    Why is that Leg Seat gap so small?
    All wrong, it's AirAsia's fault!
    We are all paid passengers who want to enjoy the right to comfort our consumers deserve.
    Sorry neighbors, I shouldn't blame you for...
    Don't turn airline problems into passengers' problems... Shouldn't... Shouldn't..
    Just when I complained about AirAsia, I was thinking again...
    Last month, I went on a trip to Thailand with my wife...
    Last week, my wife and I stayed at The RuMa Hotel. It's nothing to go through a world of two, just because we're back in class. The place where you just went to class, is right inside this hotel. Needless to say, this hotel really does not deserve to be a five-star hotel. In addition to the whole decoration is very high, with a touch of retro flair. There is also their “#TurnDown” Service. This is the case because our class time is from morning to almost evening. So, I'm not in the room for almost half a day. After the first day of class, I was startled when I returned to the hotel. I found that our bed was passive. I thought someone had broken in, and then my wife told me that it was their service. The TurnDown Service is their House Keeping. That is, to ensure that customers can go back to the room and go straight to bed. So, in addition to helping you restore the scene that didn't move on the first day, they also help you organize your personal items. How many of them are arranged, and how neat are they? I used to have a bunch of clothes lying around, and they're going to help you out. Those clothes that fold up are the most standard squares. This is the way you saw at Unqilo, and you can fold the clothes you sell. (Although I can hardly tell myself, I have had this pile of clothes) Just when I was looking for my socks and where exactly it went. I just found out that they took my...
    I have a girlfriend who looks forward to a great encounter every time she works or travels abroad. She fantasizes that a small-time girl meets the CEO of the group, and then the plot of Happily Ever After. I'm curious, why hasn't she met her yet? She's a frequent flyer, spending a third of her time a year. She said, yes, but not all of it was the cup of tea she wanted. At this time, I seriously asked her a question, “#你到底是搭什麼飛機?」 She looked at me in doubt and said, “Air Asia? Do what?” OK, let me first explain, I don't despise people who sit on Air Asia. I also do Air Asia a lot myself, because I like to save money. But if a friend of mine were to meet a person of her so-called “CEO” rank at Air Asia, the odds would be really low. BECAUSE MOST CEOS OR WEALTHY PEOPLE CHOOSE TO FLY ON A MORE COMFORTABLE AND BETTER SERVICE PLANE. Simply put, money is not what they consider. As in my friend's case, if finances allow, she should choose first class. It's like #鄧文迪, the richest Chinese woman in history. She is an ordinary person who has just graduated from university and is not very rich. But when she returned home, she chose to return home with #頭等艙. On the plane, she was just sitting next to news media tycoon Rupert Murdo, CEO of News Corp...
    My company is likely to transform into real estate investments. When you come to Office every day, listen to colleagues talking about where to buy better. If you don't buy near MRT or downtown, don't buy something like that together. And to top it off, is the colleague Z who never spends money on any investments! Just when I thought she was going to invest in a home, I found out she was going to buy a house on her own. And she is considering buying a house with a living room and then the budget is at most around RM350K. (If you follow me for a long time, you will know that I encouraged everyone to buy a house) Later, after learning why she bought a home, I understood her situation again. Because she is from Johor, a girl came to KL to do typesetting after graduation. After several years of running, it has been decided to settle down in KL, so I want to have my own house. “#買房不是要越早越好的咩?」 She said so. This statement is correct, because the sooner you buy, the sooner you can enjoy the added value! But I have a different opinion. I had a relative who just came out of the community and bought his first house in life. He bought a pre-sale house, and he looked forward to the day he could get the keys every day. Suddenly, the company owner wants to turn him into the Japanese development market. As a result, he got his hands on the house and couldn't live anymore and started worrying about how to rent it out. Sometimes, when buying a house, it's not just the layout of the house, but also the layout of life. Because there are a lot of variables in our lives. Especially a female colleague, if she buys a house now “too early”, and then she will suddenly marry a child? To...
    If you are going to Japan recently, be sure to finish this article. I believe everyone knows that when traveling abroad, you must fill out your immigration card. At the time, I had a few colleagues who looked at the Little Red Book tips. Just before you go to Japan, you can fill out this white card online (Visit Japan Web). Then when you get to the immigration level, you don't have to crowd around with others. I was originally going to fill in with them, but I forgot it was too busy at the time. So I got off the plane and there was a hand-written white card. I originally thought it would be hard to fill out this white card. Because I look at my colleagues online, they keep shooting this, filling in the address in Malaysia, and filing for the vaccine. It takes 15-20 minutes to get it. As a result, I only took about 3 minutes to fill in the white card. (Since they have Chinese and English versions attached, there will be no incomprehensible problems) Then I took a white card, dragged my luggage and queued up to customs. The whole process, including waiting and picking up luggage, less than 15 minutes? Smooth slide-in ~ Well, the most amazing part came. I was just outside waiting for my colleagues, and then a few came out in succession. Then I found out: "#做麼那幾個線上填好了的, #還沒有出來的?」 About half an hour passed, finally waiting for one of the colleagues to come out. He complained to me that the team that filled out the Scan QR Code online...
    Do you guys know? I also had the idea of going #躺平. When I wanted to go back, I was scared of myself. Because I'm a famous person who loves to learn, I've always wanted to lie down and not do anything. It was just when I graduated from college and I had just found a job for a lifetime. Although the salary is probably RM2000, I am already very satisfied and happy. But my mother felt that her son should derserve better. So she took me to fortune telling and see which industry I was good for. At that time, Master Fu asked, “Young man, do you have any goals in life? Want to make big money?” I said, “No, and don't.” The Master kept asking, “Clam? Why don't you have to get married and not travel?” I replied, “Then don't go on a wedding trip, don't go without money.” On the contrary, RM 2000 is also good ~ at home, at home, at home, at home. Subtract some necessary expenses and the remaining RM1000 can be spent, quite good. Wow, once I finish answering, I can't do it. My mom just startled me to death when she finished listening. Because of his own son, he had to make salted fish, and then he did not know whether he would be bitter about the elders. Subsequently, when did I realize that I had no way to lie still? When I found out, "#錢這東西, #還真的真的很好用。」 Remember that time, I got my first salary in my life. When I was still tired of how to use it, my friend told me. “Go buy something you want to buy, go eat some good stuff, how much to use...
    It's a story about a blood-soaked elderly investment. My coworker just complained to me about something that bothered him because his mom bought a lot of stocks and funds. It has been investing for more than 10 years, and fund managers have changed a few, and the middle does make a profit, but fund managers are not good at distributing the money they earn back. Especially in these two years, because the market has performed poorly and his mother's investment is now in a state of loss, nothing can be done, just wait. As the eldest son, he was also troubled because he did not understand these financial products and did not know how to help his mother. “Why don't you want to study and help your mother?” I asked him. While it doesn't necessarily turn out to be great when colleagues learn, at least they won't be ignored by the words of some irresponsible fund manager. (Not all fund managers are bad, I've met a lot of professionals) Even if you really don't understand, you'll at least learn to ask a fund manager a question and see if he's really doing the right thing. Honestly, #我不認為每個人都一定要成為投資大師的。 In particular, a fund is a type of active investment. We look to professionals who can help manage your wealth and save yourself time on research. Buying a little fund or buying a spot of blue chip stocks is completely fine. The biggest problem is that I trust others too much. When we go to the food market to buy fruit, we will also look at the color of the fruit and see if it is fresh. EVEN IF YOU KNOW THAT THE VENDOR WILL TELL YOU, “THIS IS NOT SOUR, IT MUST BE SWEET.” YOU WILL STILL ASK FOR SWEET FRUIT...