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Monthly Journal: Traders' Insights Wanted!
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Moo Picks in June: Grab Opportunities with Pro

Popular on moomoo joined discussion · Jun 30, 2022 21:31
Hey mooers,
Welcome to Moo Picks in June, where we review the buzzing stocks, markets and mooers' trading analyses, and chill moments on moomoo.

Fed raised its benchmark interest rate by 0.75%, the biggest hike since 1994. As S&P 500 confirmed a bear market, Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter continues. Let's take a glimpse of the journey in June.
Moo Picks in June: Grab Opportunities with Pro
Moo Picks in June: Grab Opportunities with Pro
Do you have any buzzing stock in mind? We've collected ten for you.
Buzzing Stocks List
Data as of June 01– June 30, 2022
Data as of June 01– June 30, 2022
Moo Picks in June: Grab Opportunities with Pro
Inflation? Stagnation? What's next for the global economy?
A lot happened, much of which we might like to forget. The market fell hard. The dollar was high, and the yen was down. European stocks and bonds slipped as the eurozone inflation hit the record. Gold and silver were being sold off. Fear exploded. Will there be a pullback?
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Buying the dip didn't work well in a bear rally?
So what might help in a bear market rally? Sufficient cash and extensive research may prepare you for it. Try not to all in at once when there is a dip. It's better to spread it out over a few months, as no one knows how long the bear market will last.
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@JM investor
Bull markets make us feel good. What about bear markets?
It's not good to see the portfolio in red, but there's still a chance to turn the game in our favor. Make friends with the trend and choose your critical supports, which could be SMA50, EMA40, or others. Be patient and wait for the reversal signals to make your move.
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Can you hold for long periods when navigating the bear market?
If you believe a bear market will eventually recover, you might want to shorten the recovery period by buying the dip. Three suggestions could help if you're going to ride out the bear market: wait it out, stretch out your DCA, and try the covered call strategy.
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@Popular on moomoo
Things change. Roll with the punches
Making correct decisions is vital to surviving a market crash. What would you do when things are challenging: look for an alternative, get a fresh perspective, blame others, or ignore them? Mooers might've got some answers for you.
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@Cow Moo-ney
The way to go doesn't mean the only way to go
Every market has opportunities for bulls and bears to make money. Strategies like selling puts during the bear market do contain higher risk, but investing and trading are about managing risks and not avoiding them. Let's "count more money" in a wiser journey.
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@JM investor
PSY indicator helps you time the entry and exit of the market
The Psychological Line (PSY) is a vital indicator that measures investors' emotions. It could show whether the market is in the buyer's or seller's control. Investors can identify the overbought and oversold signals to help anticipate the reversal.
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Moo Picks in June: Grab Opportunities with Pro
@Team moomoo
Ways to allocate assets properly? Start with a paper portfolio
Investment portfolios are helpful in controlling risks and maximizing returns. Paper Portfolios, a handy feature on moomoo, can help you simulate the allocation process by visualizing your investment ideas.
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Moo Picks in June: Grab Opportunities with Pro
Trading Setup Contest in the Moo community
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What books do professional traders read?
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The stock market may be cold, but the Moo community is warm. Glad to have you here. See you next time.
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  • Geneva LL : nice try [undefined]look forward to the next one

  • Johnnie Worker : Good job moomoo. Many thanks to all the good stuffs

  • insider trackerrr : Bull markets are born on pessimism, grow on skepticism, mature on optimism and die on euphoria. -Sir John Templeton

  • Ming-ChiKuo Tracking : The latest inflation revealed stubbornly high inflation rates.
    It also revealed that consumer spending may be rolling.
    The rising risk of recession will bring a volatility storm to the markets.

  • DavidBeeby : Inflation expectations tend to relate to equity markets over time because rising and falling inflation expectations also indicate future growth expectations. Therefore when inflation expectations fall, they suggest that expectations for future growth decline. While it is not a perfect relationship, a relationship is present, and falling inflation expectations indicate slowing growth in this case, which is bearish for stocks.

  • ROM-STAR : "In trading, you have to be defensive and aggressive at the same time. If you are not aggressive, you are not going to make money, and if you are not defensive, you are not going to keep the money." – Ray Dalio

  • Carolinr Miller : Everyone is so good! Thanks moomoo for the great set! Hopefully I'll be in it next time! Talk to everyone to make progress with each other! Happy investing everyone![undefined][undefined][undefined]

  • ninor : Only a small percentage of options traders make money, while the vast majority of the retail investors hankering for the leveraged returns options can provide lose so much money that economists can only assume they're doing it for gambling and entertainment.
    If you're not sure whether you belong to the small minority, you probably don't. And if you did, you wouldn't be here to learn that some option trades can make the smart or lucky speculator money in a bear market. You'd already know that put options or put spreads, especially those bought after a bear market rally, can be used to hedge long positions or acquired for a speculative trade.

  • eitokun : The thing is want to find out how accurate are moo moo picks. If good, I don't mind trade with high commission.

  • RDK79 : Confused, why are June picks posted 6/30?  Where are ‘July picks’?

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