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        Share your product feedback, ideas and experiences with moomoo product managers here and we will get back to you within 1 working day! Feedb Show More
        Share your product feedback, ideas and experiences with moomoo product managers here and we will get back to you within 1 working day!
        Feedback mechanics:
        Share your product feedbacks under this discussion and @Team moomoo.
        We encourage you to share your thoughts (& pictures!) in as much detail as possible for us to fully understand the struggles you are going through and revert with a better reply.
        We look forward to hearing your feedbacks. @Team moomoo and Talk to PMs now!
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          "Trash me all day": Name any moomoo features that you'd like to kill

          To help mooers "Trade Like a Pro", we've been working to enrich and refine the features of the moomoo app. As always, we'd like to hear from you about how we can improve. We are sure that you've found some handy features on moomoo, but still, there must be features that haven't met your expectations. We believe that criticism leads to progress. Please feel free to name any features you'd like to kill!
          [How to participate]
          1. Co...
          "Trash me all day": Name any moomoo features that you'd like to kill
          "Trash me all day": Name any moomoo features that you'd like to kill
          "Trash me all day": Name any moomoo features that you'd like to kill

          moomoo Product Story Ep3: "Art comes from life, so does a great product"

          Hey mooers,
          How are you doing?
          We’ve invited two moomoo product managers to introduce themselves to you in the last two weeks. They shared some of their product philosophy and stories behind the scenes. How did you find their stories and product philosophy?
          We are inspired by your brilliant ideas and feedback. The moomoo PM team is working hard to meet your expectations!
          Feel free to share your opinions with us on our App anytime via "Moo – Streams - Moo Features - #Talk to PM". We aim to provide you with the best experiences and are looking forward to your feedback.
          Good MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood MorningGood Morning
          Ladies and gentlemen, today we have our 3rd guest here!
          A big hand to moomoo product manager Jason!
          ByeHost: Hi Jason, welcome to join us! What did you bring us today?
          MicrophonePM Jason: I would like to introduce a feature called "Unusual Activity" of US options. It presents the latest block orders filled in the options market. Investors may make good use of it and predict the price trends of US stock options.
                            "Unuaual Activity" of US Options
          DroolHost: What makes this feature stand out?
          MicrophonePM Jason: You know before we presented this function with the UI design shown above, there were all kinds of displays for the same feature in the market. The interesting thing is, after we did it this way, all market players followed us, and now their Apps for the function basically look the same as ours. LOL.
          LaughHost: Hahaha, so funny. So you did some pioneering work for the industry!
          MicrophonePM Jason: I'd like to be the first to do something. As moomoo PMs, we need to be as innovative as possible because our products are among the best in the industry and often imitated by others. We will keep developing and launching original products to become the model of the industry.
          SmartHost: Would you like to share your key "product philosophy" with us?
          MicrophonePM Jason: For me, the essential one is to closely observe the changes in people's daily lives. Small changes in people's daily routines, technological advances, and the birth of a new industry could all profoundly impact users' investment preferences. Art comes from life, so does a great product.
          HeartThank you, Jason! Let's hear it for our special guest, Jason!
          Like this article, if you enjoy PM Jason's sharings!
          Feel free to comment below to let us know if you have any suggestions for the "Talk to PM" program.
          Recap for previous episodes of moomoo Product Stories>>
          PM George: The “Investment Rush Hour” made me become a product manager.
          PM Jane: The super power I wish to have is mind reading!
          moomoo Product Story Ep3: "Art comes from life, so does a great product"

          moomoo Product Story EP5 “Trade from zero to hero” in moomoo

          Hey mooers,
          Nice to see you again.
          Thank you for being around and welcome to our fifth episode.
          This week, we will launch this season's final episode of "Talk to PM". 
          Are you expecting more?
          Are you wondering who is going to be our guests for the next season?
          It's up to you!
          A big hand to the last moomoo product manager- Ivy
          MicrophoneHost: Welcome, Ivy! Would you like to give us a brief introduction of yourself?
          HeyPM Ivy: Hi, everyone. My name is Ivy. I join the product manager team since the very beginning of the Moo community. It's fantastic to finally have a chance to talk with mooers. I'm so excited.
          I am a person who loves freedom. I'd love to meet new friends and start new conversations. New faces and fresh thoughts always light up my mind.
          I hope mooers can enjoy the free atmosphere in Moo! Everyone is free to talk, to share, and to connect here.
          MicrophoneHost: How lovely! I heard that you've brought us a new feature today. What is it?
          ShyPM Ivy: I would like to introduce the "Hot" feature. We can see it in "Hot Topics", "Hot Stocks", and "Hot Articles". The feature enables mooers to quickly catch the latest trends and identify what others are talking about at a glance. Mooers can join the discussions with a simple tap.
          No one shall be left behind and be alone. I want to send out a message that we will always be there for each other in Moo and together we are one.
          Hot Topic Discussion Square
          MicrophoneHost: How thoughtful! Why do you want to be a product manager?
          Thinking FacePM Ivy: It is because I was inspired by a senior PM at the early stage of my career.
          He said, "What we product managers do is to use our products to talk to the world. It's like writers who use their pens to talk to readers." 
          I want to be a PM who dedicates herself to building a mutual space where moorers are free to have in-depth conversations and interact with each other. I would also like to get some feedback on whether I turn my thoughts into reality.
          MicrophoneHost: It's very admirable. Can you share with us the development of Moo?
          TonguePM Ivy: I joined the moomoo PM team when Moo was still at the primary stage of development. At that time, the community was relatively quiet and empty.
          I was like a nervous mother who want her child to be strong and grow up safely. When glitches occurred, it was as if my own child is sick, so I was upset and distressed. 
          Now, the community is active and healthy. The atmosphere is warm and relaxed. More and more mooers are joining us and interacting with each other. They are pretty active in there. I feel like looking at my child who is growing up day by day and achieving new goals. I am touched and have a sense of accomplishment.
          MicrophoneHost: What's an ideal community in your mind? 
          LaughPM Ivy: I want Moo to be open and accessible. Everyone here posts their ideas freely. Newbies are brave to ask questions, and mature traders are willing to share their experiences. Everybody grows and together we are one. In the best scenario, all mooers "trade like a pro".
          MicrophoneHost: Let's hope your dream will come true. What do you think of moomoo's product culture?
          HeyPM Ivy: moomoo has a prominent geek culture that everyone pursues the ultimate, puts user experience first, and values users' feedback. I do check users' feedback every day to find out what's wrong and how can we improve.
          MicrophoneHost: Since you mentioned checking users' feedback, how do you deal with it?
          Let Me SeePM Ivy: Well, as I said, I look forward to hearing from our dear mooers, but it doesn't mean that I will accept all suggestions without evaluating them myself. 
          Henry Ford has told a famous story about horses. He asked people what they want. They said they wanted a faster horse. While others try to breed a faster horse, Ford tried something else, that is, to build a car because he understood the underlying needs of people.
          As a moomoo PM, it's essential to read between lines. We need to meet the underlying needs of mooers. In the case above, what people really want is to have a faster means of transportation, not a faster horse.
          MicrophoneHost: Interesting! Do you have an idol?
          Yeah!PM Ivy: I adore Einstein because he was smart and brave to question uncertainty. There is no absolute right or wrong in science. As long as you have a point and stick to it, there is a high possibility that you would make some scientific progress. It doesn't really matter that whether you support or oppose something. I learned quite a lot from him. I would like to continue making progress and possibly a breakthrough as a PM.
          MicrophoneHost: hahaha. Do you have a slogan? Let's vote for your product!
          Keep FightingPM Ivy: Different needs can be met with the same choice – moomoo! Come and join us!
          Thank you, Ivy! Let's hear some applause for Ivy, who loves to be free!
          Like this article, if you enjoy PM Ivy's sharingHeart! 
          Bah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! L
          If you have any questions, please feel free to send your ideas and thoughts to Ivy at Moo Features - Talk to PM zone. We aim to provide you with the best experiences and are looking forward to your feedback.
          Recap for the previous episodes>>
          PM George: The "Investment Rush Hour" made me become a product manager.
          PM Jane: The superpower I wish to have is mind-reading!
          PM Jason: "Art comes from life, so does a great product"
          PM Arlene: "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."
          moomoo Product Story EP5 “Trade from zero to hero” in moomoo
          moomoo Product Story EP5 “Trade from zero to hero” in moomoo
          moomoo Product Story EP5 “Trade from zero to hero” in moomoo

          moomoo Product Story Ep1: The “Investment Rush Hour” made me become a product manager.

          Hey mooers,
          "None of us wanted to release it at the end. It was as though we knew that once it was out of our hands, it wouldn't be ours anymore", said Steve Jobs at the releasing conference of Macintosh. He, one of the greatest product managers in the world, talked about his feelings for his product: it is like his baby. 
          This time, we invited 5 moomoo product managers to share the features they designed & stories behind the scene. At the end of the event, you are invited to vote for your favorite feature, and honor it with "My Favorite moomoo Feature award " for the first volume.
          Who ganna be awarded?You decide!
          What's more, we've created a zone at "Moo Feature - Talk to PM" for all of you to reach out to moomoo product managers and give us feedback, which can be your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions. ALL moomoo Product Managers will be available there.
          Good Morningmoomoo Product Manager GeorgeGood Morning: the “Investment Rush Hour” made me become a product manager.MicrophoneHeart
          Host: Hi George, you...look familiar.
          George: Haha I don't look like George the pig. We just share the same name. But we do have something in common in terms of personality. We are both dedicated to what we love. For me, I'm passionate about making user-friendly features that can deliver optimal service.
          Host: Could you please briefly introduce yourself to our audience?
          George: Hey guys. I'm George, a moomoo product manager. It's a great opportunity to meet you here. I look forward to communicating more with you, send me your thoughts on the products. Basically, I majored in Finance, and I have been an active trader since college. I had a lot of fun from trading, so I was thinking about combining my hobby with my career when looking for a job. One desirable option is to become a product manager of a nice trading app! Luckily, I passed all rounds of tests and interviews and finally became a moomoo product manager!
          Host: Tell us about the features you designed!
          George: I bring 2 features this time. They are very important for me because they are the first features I created in my life. One is the "Real-time Asset Analysis" feature and the other is “Batch Closing” feature.
          The "Asset Analysis" function is familiar, but what makes mine unique is that its Real-Time. As for the "Batch Closing" feature, it enables users to clear all the assets through a single tap, which is quite helpful when the market changes drastically and all actions are needed in a second to stop loss (profit).
                                    Real-time Asset Analysis Feature
                                        Batch Closing Feature
          Host: Sounds cool! And these two features seem to be related, how did you come up with the ideas?
          George: Yeah, they are related. I was desperate to materialize them because I experienced some "rush hours" in trading when I was a student. Those personal experiences made me better understand what traders really need.
          You know there was a time when the stock market plummeted and my yield plunged from the highest 90% to a mere 20%. As a long-term full position and leveraged investor, I knew I must control the risk, so I set a stop-loss point of 10% yield to clear all positions to protect myself.
          That day looked like just another ordinary day when the HSI fell more than 300 points in a few minutes. I rushed to check my asset analysis to see how much my yield left. Luckily there was still 15%. But soon I realized that this rate was actually the data of the last settlement day, which were 2 days ago, and my actual yield must have been lower than 10%, or even became negative.
          So I started liquidating right away, but I had to place orders one by one because I had many positions. When I liquidated all my positions, the HSI dropped another 300 points.
          I had hoped there was a feature which could enable me to liquidate all positions at one shot, and I would have not panicked if my asset analysis reflected my real-time profit & loss.
          When I joined the moomoo product team, I sensed a very open-minded atmosphere where PMs were encouraged to make proposals from users' perspectives. And proposals were evaluated quite efficiently. The key was to convince the team that your proposal was a "Users' Real Demand". Then rounds of discussions followed, different tools were used and many high level managers got involved for my features. And finally they were there!
          By the way, the "Batch Closing" feature is not available on IOS system yet, but will be available soon.
          Host: It's thrilling! And was there anything interesting when you were designing thes features?
          George: When designing the function entrance, we originally had several plans. It's not a feature that users use every day, but we still need to ensure user experience. So our team had quite a few rounds of discussions to find the best way to do it. Finally, we decided to move it to the upper right corner instead of making it so obvious as we worried it might guide users to take it as a shortcut and close their positions frequently, which may hurt them. "Never try to change the user behavior" , my supervisor told me. I was deeply touched by the team’s continuous pursuit of perfection in user experience.
          Host: Any words to our users?
          George: Umm...I hope all of you would enjoy using the "real-time asset analysis” feature and let me know if you feel there can be any improvement.
          The "Batch Closing" feature is like an insurance policy. We make it readily accessible so that your mind can be at ease. However, we also hope that no one is ever actually gonna use it.
          Thank you George for all your sharing! Good MorningMicrophoneCoffee
          Tap and jump to "Talk to PM" zone and send your ideas, thoughts and feedbacks to George.
          $Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$
          FistThumbs UpVote for PM George if you like his feature and story!
          moomoo Product Story Ep1: The “Investment Rush Hour” made me become a product manager.
          moomoo Product Story Ep1: The “Investment Rush Hour” made me become a product manager.
          moomoo Product Story Ep1: The “Investment Rush Hour” made me become a product manager.

          moomoo Product Story Ep2: The Super Power I Wish to Have is Mind Reading!

          Hey mooers,
          "You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view...until you climb into his skin and walk around in it" said Atticus in his book To Kill a Mockingbird.
          Here we have a product manager who is eager to understand you, dear mooers, to think in your shoes, and to create features serving your needs.
          Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome our second guest to ''Talk to PM'' event, moomoo product manager Jane!
          MicrophoneHost: Hey PM Jane welcome! I know you are busy all the time. Thank you for coming! What do you expect from the "Talk to PM" event?
          LaughPM Jane: I want to get famous in our community. PM George is kind of becoming an influencer here and I think I can do better. Hahaha...I'm kidding. 
          The reason why I'm here is quite simple - I want to talk with moomoo users and hear from them about their experiences.
          MicrophoneHost: Haha, you are a fun person. On a scale of 1-100, how important is the user feedback to you?
          WowPM Jane: If you ask me to rate the importance of user experiences from 1-100, I'd put the number as 120. User experience is the most important thing for moomoo product managers like me. The whole team makes all efforts just to satisfy user needs.
          MicrophoneHost: Share with us about the features and stories behind the scene, can't wait!
          GrinPM Jane: I would like to share with you folks the real daily work of we moomoo PMs. Actually, instead of launching new features, optimizing existing features with data and user feedback is our priority. Just like polishing a diamond, we polish the features with endless effort.
          Let me show you an example. I led a project to optimize the "Conditional Order" feature. The Conditional Order feature allows users to submit orders that are only placed if certain market conditions are met, including limit, stop, and stop limit. After the launch, we got some feedback that customers can't really recognize it when using this feature, so we started the optimization immediately.
          The key target was to make this feature more conspicuous, but not obtrusive. To differentiate conditional order with a normal order, we considered grouping the 2 types of orders in the Trade page, but the user journey would be one step longer in that case, which was not what we expected. We want the users not to be bothered for one more step with the issue successfully solved at the same time. We want a perfect plan.
          Many rounds of brainstorms and discussions came behind and the proposals were rejected again and again. But we kept trying. Finally, a small symbol of abbreviation of order types came into our minds. It's such a small change, but a great improvement in user experiences. And this is still not the end, our optimization is always ongoing.
          MicrophoneHost: Wow that's really not easy. What impact does moomoo's product culture have on you?
          KissPM Jane: moomoo product culture shaped me as a product manager. I am so lucky to be able to work as a moomoo product manager because here we advocate a simple and pure geek spirit, and I love the culture so much.
          Let me share another story. I remembered I was on my way to the "User Demand Assessment Meeting” when one team member told me CEO leaf would also attend.
          ScreamVoice in my head was screaming: "What? Am I going to convince our CEO of my product plans? No way! SHOULDN'T our CEO only be concerned with something more important?!"
          I was pretty nervous at the beginning, but soon a geek atmosphere comforted me. I got so much valuable advice from seniors, especially from our CEO. We call him “the first moomoo product manager”. 
          There were no CEO or entry-level executive in that meeting room, but senior & junior product managers who were dedicated to providing the best user experiences. These are the reasons.
          MicrophoneHost: What motivates you most in your career life?
          DroolPM Jane: I am the type of person who would love to help people solve problems. As a product manager, I always expect my products to serve users' needs with the best experiences. When they have positive feedback, it warms my heart. When negative feedback comes, I will work hard on identifying the issue and conquer hurdles based on their suggestions. The greatest incentive, in my opinion, is the satisfaction of users.
          MicrophoneHost: Last but not least, what do you think is the most important characteristic of being a moomoo product manager?
          ByePM Jane: Empathy, particularly the Cognitive Empathy, comes to my mind first. As a moomoo product manager, I always attempt putting myself in the shoes of users and walk a mile in their shoes. I always ask myself this question: "Will this feature appeal to me as a user? As a user, what will I expect to see?".  When a buddy once asked what superpower I wanted, I immediately replied: "Mind reading!".
          Thank you, Jane! One more round of applauds to Jane, who always cares about our users.
          Vote for her if you like her features and story! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at Moo Features - Talk to PM zone and @PM Jane.
          Read more: Product Story Ep1: PM George - I am a user representative.
          moomoo Product Story Ep2: The Super Power I Wish to Have is Mind Reading!
          moomoo Product Story Ep2: The Super Power I Wish to Have is Mind Reading!

          Talk to PM: Every mooer has a superpower

          Nice to see you all again! Welcome back to Talk to PM, where share your thoughts with product managers~
          Just a quick question!
          Part I: Recap of the lovely moomoo PM stories
          We interviewed five moomoo PMs this season to talk about themselves and their products. Do you like them?  Did you ask them any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below!
          We had PM George. He is passionate about user-friendly features and strives to deliver the best services to our mooers. His personal experiences made him to understand the underlying needs of mooers better.
          We had PM Jane. She constantly optimizes the features as if she is polishing diamonds.
          PM Jason believed that “Art comes from life, so does a great product.” The secret of developing an excellent product is to capture the small changes in our daily lives. Our competitiveness lies in the pursuit of innovation.
          We had our "Leopard," PM Arlene. She is a highly efficient PM who pursues the ultimate user experience and quickly responds to the request of others.
          Last but not least, we had PM Ivy, who claimed herself as the "guardian" of Moo. She loves freedom and advocates that all mooers are free to talk, share, and connect in our community. We will always be there for each other, and together we are one.
          If you want to talk to our PMs, you will find them in the "Talk to PM" zone (under the "Moo Features"). Don't hesitate to share your opinions and new ideas with us!
          Part II: Awarding and Thanks MomentPartyParty
          The time has come to award our dedicated mooers. Congrats to the following winners!
          GiftInnovation Reward: 10,000 points! for the innovative mooers!
          @Moo to Moon FTWYour suggestions are  fantastic!
          " Communication issue with CS agents;
          a lists to show moomoo related accounts;
          a system can track the "Discussions" with rewards
          the new referrer can know his/her referee ID/name
          buttons with info in the app." View more...
          @winblessingYou really think out of the box, man! Keep up the good work!
          "more accurate diluted costs;
          profit picture truly reflects the costs and commission fee."
          View more...
          GiftPragmatic Suggestion Reward: 10,000 points! for the practical mooers!
          @Dadacaiis an advanced user of Moo who offered in-depth suggestions. You are totally qualified for the Senior user badge.
          "HK and CHN market guide in respective markets;
          able to copy the URL of individual video tutorials;
          courses searchable;
          rules and functions available of paper trade futures;
          video tutorial is created for Money Plus." View more...
          @Mars MoooPlease continue to provide us with valuable product feedback. Maybe we can give you a special badge? Would you like it?
          " interest on cash balance;
          treasures box event held quarterly;
          Sub-account for Fractional tradings for US stocks, ETFs, ENTs;
          Zero fees for trading US stocks and ETFs;
          Portable moomoo trading platform without installation."
          View more...
          GiftValid suggestion Reward:
          Congratulations to all mooers who participated in this event! All mooers who posted their suggestions in the Talk to PM zone will get 177 points. We do appreciate all your sincere and precious ideas! Please continue to offer them.
          Note: Rewards will be distributed within this week. Please feel free to contact us if there is any question.
          Part III: Superpower of mooers:  changes are happenning
          We appreciate all your great insights! Let's read the top comments!
          GrinYour supperpower is working!Grin
          @apkiong: Can crypto trading happen in moomoo?
          PM George: Crypto trading is under planning, we will let you knoe when it is launched.
          @protraderx: Is "Batch Closing" safe?
          PM George: Yes, it is. We have done some measures, like trading password confirm and the confirmation pop-up window.
          Currently, we can only choose ONE order type for ALL selected stocks at each batch closing submission. The defaults order type is market type, but you also can choose the limit type with the latest price.
          More about batch closing>>Click here
          @Syuee: How to apply moomoo widget on Apple devices?
          PM Arlene: we have already developed ios Widget for mooers,  you can view this article to add widgets on your apple devices>> View more...
          @Dadacai: Can a vedio tutorial be created for the new poduct Money Plus?
          PM pannpan: Thanks for your advice in our products. Our video is still in production, we'll try our bests to finish it as soon as possible.
          @mooboo: Can I sell covered calls on shares I already own?
          PM George: We're currently working on offering option strategy capabilities to Universal Account users. A roughly estimated time would be Q1 2022.
          DroolWhat a great image! We hope your superpower will come true in moomoo!Drool
          "the superpower I wish I had would be the power to create world Peace I would be called The peacemaker with just a snap of my fingers they would be world peace and then no need for superpowers because everybody would get along this Halloween and everything would be wonderful world peace would be great"
          Blowing KissesMore sweat words worth spreading!Blowing Kisses
          "awesome insights, and also brought new ideas. very interesting. Myself personally became homeless during the pandemic over a clerical error, and trying to learn new things on the market and find this platform especially beneficial. thank all of you."
          “At present, I am learning to review, master more knowledge, and share more papers and experiences.  Everyone is not professional at the beginning.  You must study hard and understand carefully before majoring!  In the moomoo community, you can master a lot of information and communicate with moomoo friends.  I'm still a beginner, I hope everyone will work hard and stick to it. Just get my free stock from loving moomoo. Thank you.”
          Maybe the superpower you want to have in the real world is still far away, but at least you have the superpower to change moomoo! We value every piece of your feedback. Your ideas and opinions do matter to us. Now changes are happening within moomoo. Can you see them? Let's look forwad to a better moomoo!Strong
          Talk to PM: Every mooer has a superpower
          Talk to PM: Every mooer has a superpower
          Talk to PM: Every mooer has a superpower

          moomoo Product Story Ep4: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

          Hey mooers,
          Welcome back to our channel!
          This week, we invited an outstanding product manager to share some exciting stories with us. Let's welcome our fourth guest – Arlene!
          MicrophoneHost: Hey Arlene, welcome! Thank you for coming. How are you doing today?
          GrinPM Arlene: Pretty good. I can't wait to share my story in "Talk to PM" with mooers. I have been looking for a chance to communicate in-depth with our users, so it is my great honor to be here with you.
          MicrophoneHost: Can you briefly introduce the feature you've brought us today?
          TonguePM Arlene: Sure. The feature I would like to introduce today is "Widget". We've received users' feedback that they want to monitor the market quickly and conveniently, so we started to look for a way to enable users to access their watchlists without opening the app. That's how we came up with the idea of "Widget."
          With Widget, users can turn on their phones and view the watchlist quotes instantly. It also enables users to create groups, add index quotes, and choose the skin colors by themselves, making this feature quite personalized!
          MicrophoneHost: Is there any exciting story that happened while developing the feature?
          GrimacePM Arlene: Yeah, there is. Android phone models and system capabilities are diverse. After we launched Widget in Android, we got user feedback at 11 pm that a bug had occurred. It's pretty late, but we can't let the bug be there overnight. So my team and I followed up immediately. We fixed the bug within half an hour. I was stressed out, but it was also exciting.
          MicrophoneHost: What do you think of the moomoo PM team?
          Yeah!PM Arlene: As a moomoo product manager, I realized that our culture is to pursue the ultimate product experience, listen to our users, and offer timely data feedback. Our team structure is flat, and the teammates are young and creative. It's pretty joyful to be a moomoo product manager.
          MicrophoneHost: What would you be if you weren't in your current career?
          TonguePM Arlene: Wow, this is an interesting question. Well, I love my current job very much. I haven't considered changing my career so far, but if this happens, I guess I will probably start my own business and become a CEO. Hahaha. In years of working as a moomoo product manager, I have cultivated good intuition and built a judgment system that quickly captures users' pain points. Maybe it's time... LOL.
          MicrophoneHost: Apart from being a PM, what do you like to do in your spare time?
          LaughPM Arlene: Emm, I love swimming and playing badminton. I also paint after work. I have been learning painting, especially drawing, for a long time. Appreciating the work of art itself can calm me down and allow me to observe nature quietly. Besides, I travel during the holidays. So far, I've traveled to more than 50 cities.
          MicrophoneHost: It sounds like you have a life outside of work. Could you please tell us what animal do you think can best describe you?
          ChucklePM Arlene: Leopard, I guess. I aim to be highly efficient, have quick responses, be interested in novel things, and be curious about the world. To survive, leopards have to be transcendent. Only by surpassing other animals, chasing the prey at the fastest speed, and holding on to the bite can they catch the prey and obtain food. I think being a product manager is the same. PMs need to develop products that can improve quickly and capture user pain points rapidly to attract and retain users. Transcendence is my magical weapon to win. For this reason, I constantly challenge myself, impose pressure on myself, and pursue the ultimate status, which also coincides with Futu's core values.
          MicrophoneHost: Interesting! Can you share your life motto with us?
          EmmPM Arlene: My life motto comes from Black Widow. She once said, "Your pain only makes you stronger". I transform my stress into motives that push me forward. I will continue to polish my products and positively overcome difficulties.
          MicrophoneHost: Good sharing! Last but not least, why do you think users should choose moomoo as their favorite and vote for you?
          DeterminedPM Arlene: moomoo is a simple shortcut to investing. I want to say that you are all welcome to join our big family to make investment easier and not alone!
          Thanks, Arlene, for the wonderful sharing!Rose
          Bah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! RBah! LBah! R
          Vote for Arlene if you like her features and story!
          If you have any questions, please feel free to send your ideas, thoughts and feedbacks to Arlene at Moo Features - Talk to PM zone. We aim to provide you with the best experiences and are looking forward to your feedback.
          Links for three previous episodes of moomoo Product Story:
          PM George: The “Investment Rush Hour” made me become a product manager.
          PM Jane: The super power I wish to have is mind reading!
          PM Jason: "Art comes from life, so does a great product"
          moomoo Product Story Ep4: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”
          moomoo Product Story Ep4: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

          Moomoo Tutorials (Problem Solved)

          @moomoo Courses
          I’m getting this error when I go to Moo > Courses > moomoo Tutorials > User Guide
          Moomoo Tutorials (Problem Solved)

          App Suggestions

          1) Now that moomoo has a SG User Guide and a US Starter Guide, can we also have a HK and CNH Market Guide for those interested in trading in the respective markets?
          2) Currently, there are multiple videos in each course. It would be great if we can copy the url of individual video tutorials instead of the course. This will make it easy to share specific videos.
          3) Can the titles of courses be made searchable? For instance, if I search for “How to Trade on Margin” (terrific video by the way), it would be helpful if it can show up in the results under “Course”.
          4) Now that we can paper trade futures, where can we find information on the rules and functions supported?
          5) Can a video tutorial be created for the new product Money Plus?
          @Team moomoo@PM George
          App Suggestions
          App Suggestions

          Answer Questions

          Loving the app but not finding the answers I need using the HELP 'feature'. I've submitted a question several times trying to get an answer about dividends- how they're paid, where they're paid to, and if dividend reinvestment is possible. I get absolutely nothing in return. Either have actual people answer questions or remove the option to ask specific questions and offer FAQ only. The system based response is ineffective and frustrating from a user perspective.