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Moomoo Lily Private ID: 77777003
As a Community Moderator, my goal is to foster authenticity, diversity, and a caring atmosphere within the Moo community
    Moomoo is an investment platform that puts users first by constantly optimizing their investment experience. The founder, an experienced investor, realized that users often face challenges such as ignorance, helplessness, and boredom during their investment journey. In response to these challenges, moomoo offers intuitive trading tools, data support, and customer service. Growing with its users, the platform provides financial news and education to help them gain financial kn...
    Moo Community Values
    Moo Community Values
    Moo Community Values
    Moomoo advises our users and the general public to be alert to online investment scams. Recently, we have taken note of an increasing number of scam incidents in multiple markets where moomoo operates, including the U.S., Australia, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. The impact that fraud and scams can have on their victims is devastating. In the last month alone, we have seen three cases of the general public becoming victims of scams and identifie...
    Warning: Beware of Online Investment Scams
    Warning: Beware of Online Investment Scams
    Warning: Beware of Online Investment Scams
    Hi, thank you for your advice.The advice has been forwarded to the related team and they are working on it, will keep you updated. And also you could leave your feedback here: Me - App Feedback
    @104801723:Pls improve more option on deposit credit not easy to deposit fund and need to attached prove of payment and need 1 day to verification of payment..
    How to Deposit to moomoo
    Hi, mooers!
    We're here to help you navigate our online space with ease. To ensure you're talking to the real moomoo, it's crucial to know which accounts are official. Here's a quick guide to understanding the moomoo official accounts and verified staff members.
    Moomoo official accounts
    Our official moomoo accounts are looked after by our team, giving a voice to our brands and the real people behind them in the community. They'...
    How to identify moomoo's official accounts and verified staff members
    Hi, @Moomoo Buddy Please assist. Thanks!
    @73694015:do you have a stop loss option on options contracts? didn't see it when making a papertrade order.
    How to Paper Trade on moomoo
    Hi, mooers.
    To support you in staying informed and proactive against fraud, we've launched a "Fraud Prevention" feature. It's designed to be user-friendly, offering tools and assistance for reporting suspicious activities, staying up-to-date with alerts, and learning how to prevent fraud.
    Report Fraud:
    If you encounter suspicious activities that you believe may be fraudulent, you can report them by visiting "Me > Fraud Prevention > Report Fraud...
    A quick guide to moomoo's Fraud Prevention feature
    A quick guide to moomoo's Fraud Prevention feature
    A quick guide to moomoo's Fraud Prevention feature
    Hi,@Moomoo Buddy,Please assist,Thanks!
    @103768801:How to cancel a paper trade that is pending?
    How to Paper Trade on moomoo
    Dear mooer, you can find Q&A about funding in Help Center: Also, you can contact our customer service for assistance. Here is the official contact information:
    Moomoo Financial Inc. customer service phone support is +1-888-721-0610(English)
    Phone support service time: Monday-Friday, 08:30 a.m. – 04:30 p.m. Eastern Time
    Online: APP>Me>Customer Service, then type "agent" twice to reach a live agent.
    @Allen5497123:Provide information about how to get hold of money from stocks or Moomoo to bank account.
    More detailed information is necessary to be fully understood because the previous information was not explained properly. Limited sources are rare and hard to search. And the nature of the environment is very difficult for an early age in a daily situation on-going plus settings. Time activities varies as of development untraceable. But however hard the economy, it doesn't affect my account because of my capabilities. Causes must undergo over the economy to be more accurate of the system layouts and layovers. And for updates of necessary features, follow through significant orders and featuring categories.
    Send more claim informations regarding the following stocks to email:
    $Gap Inc(GPS.US)$
    $COIN 231201 $135.00C(COIN231201C135000.US)
    $Asset Entities(ASST.US)$
    How does monetary policy steer our lives and investment
    We have compiled methods for reporting fraud to local government authorities in different regions. If you believe you have been a victim of fraud, you can easily find the relevant reporting details and take immediate action to protect yourself and others from potential harm.

    For United States users:
    If you find yourself a victim of an online financial scam or have concerns about potentially fraudulent investment offers, take the followin...