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    I think for the first time in history AMC has more cash on hand than the market cap People are talking about BBBY 2.0 which is complete nonsense Operationally this offering was not necessary In my opinion, it can only be because the debt is currently being renegotiated in the background Over a billion in cash also improves your credit rating Either they renegotiate the loan (repayment period) or they may find a better lender and repay the debt in full with the old lender, if possibl...
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    We all know that AMC has a lot of debt and 2.8 billion is due in 2026. This is probably the main reason shorts have an argument. In fact I think this is why shorts are doing everything they can to hold the price down.
    Two things that I think could be the real check mate.
    If the price of AMC goes up significantly, they can sell shares a pay off all debt.
    AMC restructures the debt and pushes it off well into the future.
    I think AA and the AMC leadership is ...
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    Like when someone calculates the value of shares and "forgets" APE was awarded and converted, and doubles down when called out, hehe.
    Or when someone who "knows the markets" conveniently forgets that FTDs are after T+2 when it lines the numbers up to support their point.
    People sharing silly and misleading claims like "if you can buy a share they can buy a share" that simplify buying millions of shares (currently 40+million) and pretending price movement wouldn't accompany that kind of buying ...
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    AA pulled a fast one, sneaking in the dilution news just as a 3-day market holiday started. Naturally, folks who are down already complained about the prospect of being down another 22%. In response, accusations of "shill" flowed freely, sandwiched between healthy doses of the usual feel-good narratives. The sub felt alive!
    I hope we have gotten most of the emotions out of our system, as we prepare to see how the markets respond to the $250M ATM is...
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    I've been wishy washy about this play, but I saw an article that made me remember another play I got in. Happily I got into the play at the bottom, which is us now.. I bought carvana for $5 and a few months later sold it for $54, now it's been up to $90 . Now it's time for Buying IMO I wish I had extra money to put in.
    Take this as being the bottom, and we're going to run up 1600% that would make ma happy. And for the new investor's it would make Really Happy! I just r...
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    $Reddit(RDDT.US)$ Out like celebrity kid!!🎱👉🤑👈
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    Chinese authorities have issued new regulations for procuring foreign processors and operating systems, and analysts warned that Intel and AMD could suffer revenue losses amounting to billions of dollars if their processors are completely banned.
    According to a recent report by the Financial Times (FT), China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) quietly released new PC and server procurement regulat...
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    The largest publicly traded corporation has made big investments in artificial intelligence and has been gaining market share with Copilot. Microsoft has been applying AI at scale to strengthen its product offerings and attract new customers.
    The tech giant has expanded its profit margins despite making big investments in artificial intelligence. Microsoft’s net profit margin exceeded 25% in the second quarter...
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    Nvidia is the AI chip leader. The company has a vast market share and continues to post the best financial results among the mega-caps. Revenue increased by 265% year-over-year while net income surged by 769% year-over-year in Q4 FY24.
    The company’s sequential growth has been decelerating lately, but it’s still impressive. The corporation’s Q4 revenue was 22% higher than its Q3 revenue. Nvidia’s profit margin expansion helps to compensate for a slowdown. The stock also trades at a 38 forw...
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    Any investor is constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. For the past year that has been Generative AI, with Nvidia spearheading the advance and its share price skyrocketing higher due to its leading position as the chipmaker of choice for the industry. $NVIDIA(NVDA.US)$ $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$