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    $Opera(OPRA.US)$ testing yesterday high. lfg! 20 and more!
    $Opera(OPRA.US)$ and if Apple doesn't make an announcement you know what's going to happen it's going to go right back down to 13 bucks so that's what I would speculate on that there's not going to be an announcement and you can buy the June puts right now for a nickel they expire this Friday the 12.50 puts for 5 cents. you get a lot of leverage for not a lot of money and you're going to know real soon if you're going to make a huge return or it goes to zero it's a very good risk reward
    $Opera(OPRA.US)$ Spoofing is a type of disruptive trading behaviour that can occur frequently in the commodities markets, or where there is the use of algorithmic or high frequency trading strategies.
    Spoofing (also referred to as ‘layering’) is a term used to describe a form of market manipulation where traders place a bid or offer with no intention of fulfilling it, instead cancelling the bid or offer before execution. The actual form of spoofing can vary, however it usually i...
    today has spoofing/fake order at 16.370. No need to worry. The big order volume will be disappear when the price reach 16.370. Creating a fake supply/order can lead to retailers panic selling.
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