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GNS Genius Group

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26.11MMarket Cap-416P/E (TTM)
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    Roger $GNS

    $Genius Group(GNS.US)$ Every sec, every minutes, every hours, every days, every weeks, every months, then year. Very painful waiting. Hoping that any moment  $GNS will go up. Keep your promises now. free us from pain. Let me live my life. Help me pay my mortgage and bills by keeping your promises.

    Roger H

    $Genius Group(GNS.US)$ 1. Roger, could you please explain the advantages of consistently lowering the price? Are you involved in short selling as well? It would be greatly appreciated if you could acknowledge the difficulties we have been facing since February 2023. We kindly request your assistance in addressing the concerns of the investors who have placed their trust in you. Can you take a moment to listen to our plea?
    $Genius Group(GNS.US)$
    No sustainable power to hold and push up the share price.
    $Genius Group(GNS.US)$ Looks like slim hopes of getting back to 50. But then again they only show you what they want you to see
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