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    $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ First and foremost, paid or not, bot or not. Gravy, Panda, and Piggy…..yall are entertaining as hell haha. Seriously. And some bashing and talking smack on multiple stocks, very sketch.
    But, some of yall need to learn. Nothing wrong with holding. But there is money to be made elsewhere while you hold. is there tons of evidence for corruption? definitely. And its several stocks. AMC aint special. But day trade. play options. even if AMC is the only stock. Its super ea...
    $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
    You are not being smart if you sell. Don’t let these people/bots get in your head. Yeah AMC is down, but Ape is up. Add the prices together and thats your price. Remember, they converge and then reverse split. Roughly 9-10 days and this will happen. Play options if youd like to gamble. If anything you should be buying now at the discount. Why would you sell for a loss? Never trade with your emotions. They want you to sell because they need your shares to cover. Be sma...
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