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$AMC Entertainment (AMC.US)$ You are not being smart if you ...

You are not being smart if you sell. Don’t let these people/bots get in your head. Yeah AMC is down, but Ape is up. Add the prices together and thats your price. Remember, they converge and then reverse split. Roughly 9-10 days and this will happen. Play options if youd like to gamble. If anything you should be buying now at the discount. Why would you sell for a loss? Never trade with your emotions. They want you to sell because they need your shares to cover. Be smart and never invest that which you can’t afford to lose.
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  • Sedliberanosamalo : Another brainwashed AA monkey. U bought AA’s lies. why would they need to cover when converging leads to 30% of Ape shares already in Antara’s hands? Put urself as Antara, u got 30% of APE at 58cents, would u hold on to it or dump it and short sell it? Be honest! Of course dump and short sell!

  • Sedliberanosamalo : Page 2 of AA latest letter to dumb shareholders. See his reason for dilution? We’ve been warning all of u about it! Now just pray u r quicker than Anatara to sell when it reverse split. It’s your only chance

  • FliPnNanuOP : No I just have a degree in this shit and do this for a living. I despise AA. Of law makers and those in power actually did their jobs in enforce the law and help people accountable. Lots of these people shorting would be seriously fucked. Do your own research I’m also not gonna sit here and argue with a total stranger because I’m not a fucking child do what you want or maybe go find a hobby.

  • FliPnNanuOP : But for full transparency, I’ve held my shares with this play and have made my money off of this play via options. Both up and down. Numbers don’t lie. FTDs, fundamentals, etc. My personal beef with AA is the same with our government and not listening to shareholders/citizens in a sense. It’s just dumb to sell right now, not financial advice haha. But also, I personally wouldn’t have my life savings in this play 🤣 that’s just dumb as well. But to each their own I reckon. Have a good one!

  • 搞不搞钱 : The fundamentals of this ticket are quite good. It has some investment value. The main players are drawing funds to open positions, but before stretching, it takes a certain amount of consolidation time. As long as it is stable and not washed out, don't blindly increase positions.