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        $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ First and foremost, paid or not,...

        $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ First and foremost, paid or not, bot or not. Gravy, Panda, and Piggy…..yall are entertaining as hell haha. Seriously. And some bashing and talking smack on multiple stocks, very sketch.
        But, some of yall need to learn. Nothing wrong with holding. But there is money to be made elsewhere while you hold. is there tons of evidence for corruption? definitely. And its several stocks. AMC aint special. But day trade. play options. even if AMC is the only stock. Its super easy to make money if you pay attention to the ups and downs and follow the bs algos.
        Some of yall think the magic fairy is just gonna fix everything and hold people accountable. The same magic fairiy that funds terrorists, leaves us for dead, and is as corrupt as they come. They give 0 fucks about you. So play their game and make money. Then use that money to buy you a case of mtn dew and a snickers.
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        • MuscMoo : I think all these accounts including yours, are just simple moo moo owned accounts, that want to get us trading.... I mean always follow the money, MooMoo wants us trading not sitting there and holding our stocks.... Warren Buffet doesn't play with short term options and jump in and out of trades, why should anyone else?

        • EasyGravy : cool story. But no one gets paid to troll a bankrupt popcorn stock. People laughing at your delusional sunk cost fallacy aren't getting paid. They're just laughing at people who lost money on a stock that ran over 65 bucks up and down.... You guys just stood there staring at your clown shoes.

        • FliPnNanuOP : I wish I got paid lol

        • MuscMoo FliPnNanuOP: well if you're not paid and you don't have a purpose for being here, then you're just a time waster, in which case I don't have any respect for you either.

        • FliPnNanuOP : Yeah I don’t get the peeps that didn’t sell back when it spiked. You aren’t holding. You are just a bad investor. Like you can’t sell when it spikes and then buy back in when it dips. 🤦‍♂️🤣

        • FliPnNanuOP : Fear of missing out. Because peeps listen to someone on YouTube. I personally have done pretty well with the meme stocks but they only make up about 3-4% of my personal investments. To each his own. But a profit is still a profit. Whether it’s 10% or even 100%. Lots of peeps let their own greed screw them. Maybe it’s a strategy, but one I definitely don’t understand lol

        • MuscMoo FliPnNanuOP: oh yeah, when si hadn't dropped at all and it was manipulated back down, everyone could have predicted this type of price action. long-term holders on this will be vindicated, the business is growing by leaps and bounds. you can encourage people to do your little scratch trading but the big money will be made by those with actual balls

        • FliPnNanuOP MuscMoo: I’m the 3 years I’ve been messing with the amc “trend”, I’ve made almost 100k. And that’s not really a ton. But the funny thing is, I’ve also increased my share count over the years. And I only have a degree from south Harmon institute of technology majoring in underwater basket weaving

        • FliPnNanuOP FliPnNanuOP: I still “hold”. I started with 10k at the beginning. The original spike on GME and AMC was what kicked it off. I genuinely love gaming and movies. Only reason I ever bought to begin with.

        • FliPnNanuOP : Moreso just sharing for others. I could give 0 fucks what some stranger on the internet thinks of me MuscMoo lol

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