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    $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ It's EXTREMELY important to note that Tesla isn't an underwriting company, it is partnering with underwriting companies to offer its product under the Tesla Insurance name; it is NOT the insurance provider just the insurance broker, for which it will earn a small fee. Therefore it will not have revenue of $1700 per car per year. It will just earn small broker fee, and possibly only one time up-front the first year.
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    $Apple(AAPL.US)$ needs to focus on expanding their streaming operation much like what $AT&T(T.US)$ is doing. AAPL vehicles may or may not happen and quite frankly who cares? I believe AAPL in 2022 will make a huge push towards streaming and that’s where the big news will be focused on. Would be interesting if they went at $RAFINA INNOVATIONS INC(VICA.US)$ or $Lions Gate Entertainment-A(LGF.A.US)$
    $Alibaba(BABA.US)$ Munger (and for that matter Buffet) have seen and felt this kind of negative market sentiment more often than most of us can fathom... literally through 'end of world' times and several periods where global capital markets are themselves a 'toxic wasteland'. But Munger is in on BABA and I can see why... there is an OCEAN of safety here given long term Chinese macro prospects, and with short term weakness, the CCP will lay off. China will not shoot itself in the foot and wants to see its real economic soldiers, of global conquest succeed. Amazon had periods of lower growth too, but Bezos was always 10 quarters + ahead... I see no material difference here, given long term outlook. There is a lot of noise and bear porn given the prominence of the stock, but I believe this is part and par - to be expected, and if embraced, you'll look like a genius in 10 years even if the stock is only traded in Beijing.
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    Find this old video in my bookmark

    The quickest and the most powerful way to feel gratitude for anything is "to create the sense of losing that particular thing" For instance, if you want to create gratitude for money, you have to consciously think how your life and days would be if you lost it. In your mind, create the scenes where you have lost money, feel the hardships, unease, shame, powerlessness. Think how you would be begging people for loans and financial aids. This little excercise can be done best by keeping a gratitude journal where you can write "what your life would be like without this "particular" blessing/thing (money, health, country, parents, peace etc)$Tesla(TSLA.US)$$PayPal(PYPL.US)$$Apple(AAPL.US)$

    Why is Coinbase stock down today? Bitcoin slump

    Shares of cryptocurrency exchange$Coinbase(COIN.US)$wraps up Monday with a 5.1% decline as the world's largest digital token,$Bitcoin(BTC.CC)$, -6.3% drifts lower to $55.7K per token.
    Shares of COIN slightly rises 0.2% in after-hours trading.
    Coinbase's price outpaces Bitcoin by a wide margin since the day the company started trading on the Nasdaq. But the two trends appear to move similarly, as seen in the chart below
    Last Friday, Hayden Capital disclosed to investors that the firm opened a position in Coinbase as crypto hits the mainstream.
    Most crypto-related exchange/platform stocks, including$NET SAVINGS LINK INC(NSAV.US)$-6.8%,$Robinhood(HOOD.US)$-4%, Plus500 (OTC:PLSQF) -2%,$BIGG DIGITAL ASSETS INC(BBKCF.US)$-8.5% fall on Monday amid Bitcoin's continued weakness.
    Previously, (Nov. 10) Coinbase shares fell on disappointing Q3.
    Why is Coinbase stock down today? Bitcoin slump

    ColumnTrading & Being Grateful

    Gratitude? What on earth does it have to do with trading?
    Well, what if I told you that being grateful can have a real positive impact on both your trading results and on your life?
    Being Grateful & Trading
    Two of the states of mind that cause us to make many mistakes in trading are fear and anger.
    When you are truly feeling grateful for what you have, you are not feeling fearful or angry. You can’t be both grateful and scared. You can’t be both grateful and angry.
    Being grateful makes you less scared of losing money. If you are less afraid of losing, it is easier to respect your stop and accept a small loss. It is also easier to just stay in a trade as long as your strategy doesn’t trigger a sell signal.
    Being grateful makes you focus on what you already have as opposed to what you lack. So it makes it easier for you to wait patiently for the next trade and avoid FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) trades.
    Being grateful for what you already have will make you less likely to get angry when you incur a loss and/or when you got shaken out of a stock and the stock is now turning around. So you are less likely to take a revenge trade.
    Being genuinely grateful for what you have basically makes it much easier to just focus on the process of following your plan.
    How to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude
    The most efficient way I found to develop gratitude was to integrate it into my daily routine, right before the start of the trading day.
    So everyday, before the market opens, I take 5 minutes to write down in a journal 3 things I’m grateful for in my life, and take the time to reflect on each things.
    Nothing is too big or too small to be grateful for. You can be grateful for absolutely anything you have in life, from the people in your life to the pen and paper you’re using to write down what you’re grateful for. From your trading knowledge and skills, to having a bed to sleep in every night. From being born in a nice country, to having access to electricity and water. From general things in your life, to small events that happened the day before…
    I strongly suggest you try it for 21 days in a row, the time needed to form a new habit.
    Studies show that this very simple exercise will rewire your brain and help you focus more on positive things in your life. It will not only make you better trader, but it will also have a positive impact on your everyday level of happiness, on your relationships, and on your health.
    “Without gratitude and appreciation for what we already have, we’ll never know true fulfillment” – Tony Robbins
    $NASDAQ 100 Index(.NDX.US)$$S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$$Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$
    Trading & Being Grateful

    Payment stocks slump amid COVID worries, regulatory outlook

    Payment stocks are taking a hit from renewed COVID fears and due to possible regulatory changes after Jerome Powell is nominated for a second term, Mizuho analyst Dan Dolev said.
    "It's kind of like a perfect storm for some of these [payment] names," he told Bloomberg News in an interview.
    The Bloomberg Digital Payments Index dropped as much as 2.7% to its lowest level since December. $MasterCard(MA.US)$ sank 5.4%, $Visa(V.US)$ slipped 2.6%, $American Express(AXP.US)$ dipped 1.5% in Monday trading.
    $DLocal(DLO.US)$, which went public through an IPO in June, dropped 13%, and $Blend Labs(BLND.US)$, which started trading in July after its IPO slid 6.7%, reaching a post-IPO low.
    Fintechs, too, weren't spared, with $Block(SQ.US)$ falling 6.1%, $Robinhood(HOOD.US)$ off 4.0%, and $PayPal(PYPL.US)$ down 2.1%. PyPal hit a 52-week low earlier in the session. Those could also be hurt by the 6.3% drop in $Bitcoin(BTC.CC)$, since all three have businesses that generate revenue from the world's largest cryptocurrency.
    Payment stocks slump amid COVID worries, regulatory outlook
    I have never been the type to spend money. I go cheap on dates. I don’t drink. I don’t shop. I don’t eat out. I don’t party. I hardly spend money.
    If there’s one thing to be thankful for from the stock market experience, is it has elevated my spending habits. Given the amount of money I have lost with Options trading, I don’t even flinch anymore when it comes to spending money. Now I fly mostly business or first class, I buy things without second thoughts, I eat out more often than not, and I spend on just about anything that peaks my interest.
    What do I have to loose.. After all, I have lost more simply at the click of a mouse.
    $Tesla(TSLA.US)$$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$$Dogecoin(DOGE.CC)$

    Dow Jones gains slightly at the close, S&P 500, Nasdaq slide as yields surge

    The$NASDAQ 100 Index(.NDX.US)$-1.3% falls the most among the three broad stock market indexes at Monday's close, struggling as a rebound in rates hit growth names and megacaps also face selling pressure.
    Names like$DoorDash(DASH.US)$and$Peloton Interactive(PTON.US)$and other shares that gained during the pandemic are sliding.
    The$S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$-0.3% finishes the session lower, while the$Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$+0.1% performs the best thanks to price gains from$Goldman Sachs(GS.US)$and$JPMorgan(JPM.US)$.
    Six of the 11 S&P sectors are higher, led by Energy and Financials. Communication Services fall the most.
    The megacaps are mostly lower, with$Amazon(AMZN.US)$the worst performer.
    "The SPX continues to consolidate within a bullish pennant formation," Craig Johnson, technical market strategist at Piper Sandler says. "A close above 4,705 would validate a topside breakout. While last week’s advance lacked participation, the bullish breakouts and/or improving technical setups among its mega-caps is encouraging."
    The$U.S. 10-Year Treasury Notes Yield(US10Y.BD)$yield is up 8 basis points to 1.62%, while the$U.S. 2-Year Treasury Notes Yield(US2Y.BD)$is also up 8 points to 0.59%.
    Rates rose after news hit that the White House is renominating Chairman Jerome Powell, while naming Lael Brainard as vice chair.
    "This decision also removes uncertainty with Powell’s current term ending in February," ING says. "Had there been any delay in appointing a new Chair due to a lack of political support this could have caused significant financial market nervousness, particularly if we are right and the economy is soaring, inflation is above 6% and the Fed is still stimulating the economy with QE."
    October existing home sales rose unexpectedly to 6.34M.
    "Another upside surprise relative to both the mortgage applications numbers and the pending sales index, leaving sales at a nine-month high, after reversing about three-fifths of the drop in the first half of the year," Pantheon Macro's Ian Shepherdson writes. "Most of the increase in recent months, and all the October gain, is in the core single-family home component; condo/co-op sales dipped last month."
    On the M&A front Monster Beverage is reportedly looking for a deal with Constellation.
    Dow Jones gains slightly at the close, S&P 500, Nasdaq slide as yields surge

    Grateful I lost money in the stock market: 8 thing I learnt

    Lessons learned:
    1. When you have a dream, especially if you're an entrepreneur, invest in yourself before investing in others.
    2. Stop the FOMO.
    3. Be an innovator, not a sheep.
    4. No phones in the bedroom, especially until you've been awake for at least an hour in the morning.
    5. No big decisions before 11:00 A.M.
    6. Make a friend to talk about investments with.
    7. Money should flow like water, don't let it be stagnant.
    8. Pay attention to the signs, omens, and God winks around you.
    $S&P 500 index(.SPX.US)$$Dow Jones Industrial Average(.DJI.US)$$Nasdaq Composite Index(.IXIC.US)$
    Grateful I lost money in the stock market: 8 thing I learnt