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    $VinFast Auto(VFS.US)$
    VFS now is in Death cross region so the stock keep coming down and 19+ is a good support level. The stock is now level at this point. Then when Golden cross arrive, the stock might rise again. However, If this support is broken, the stock with get a stronger support at 10-11 when Golden cross arrive.
    (This is not a financial advice)
    Death cross vs Golden cross
    $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ Breakfast is ready
    Today's small farmers fell short of expectations, once again verifying the wonderful logic that “bad news about employment is good news for the stock market.”
    However, I'm a little worried. On the one hand, both the S&P and NASDAQ are close to the bottom edge of the gap. S&P $SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY.US)$ There are only two points away from the gap. So now at this price, I'm choosing to sell at a partial take-profit. If we continue to approach the gap tomorrow, I will continue to sell.
    If it continues to rise and the gap is fixed, then I'll just buy it back. The gap is only two points, which is an increase of less than 0.5%, so it doesn't matter if you miss it. Instead, if there is a gap and the pressure falls back, it is equivalent to the pressure level being greater. September, when the stock market is at its worst, is about to arrive, and future market trends will become difficult to predict.
    On the other hand, large and small non-farmers often go against each other. Smaller non-farmers fall short of expectations, and large non-farmers may be astonishing.
    Either the number of people employed in agriculture in Africa explodes, then the rise over the past two days will come to nothing. Either the number of employed people has plummeted, and the voices of recession have resurfaced, which is not good for the stock market. Preferably, it is in line with expectations, or slightly lower than expected. That is, employment is slowing down, interest rate hikes are over, the economy has made a soft landing, and the stock market continues to rise.
    I lost my Tesla and Nvidia holdings today. If it falls later, I'll buy it back.
    I've thought about an investment strategy before. I've mentioned it before. It's a matter of selling the details first, but until now it was just...
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