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心清自在 Male ID: 102482238
    AMD and Amazon are releasing their Q1 earnings after the market closes on April 30. Who will please the market more, the e-commerce giant or the AI darling? Make your prediction to grab point rewards!
    ● An equal share of 5,000 points: For mooers who correctly guess the winner who makes the biggest gains in Wednesday's intraday trading (e.g., If 50 mooers make a correct guess, each of them will get 100 points.)
     (Vote will close at 9:3...
    AMD vs. Amazon: Guess the post-earnings market winner!
    AMD vs. Amazon: Guess the post-earnings market winner!
    Hi, Singapore mooers. You're invited to dive into our daily quiz!
    Let's boost the knowledge about trading in Japan. Earn points by answering correctly!
    Today's Question
    🏆 Score 10 points for the right answer!
    🗓Duration: From 11:59 AM, Apr 15th, 2024, to 11:59 AM Apr 18th, 2024 Why do we start this topic about the Japanese stock market?
    We will reveal the answer on Apr 18th! Before that, we will have a daily quiz every day! Stay tuned for more que...
    A circle represents the world we already know, while anything other than a circular arc represents a world we haven't known yet. Derivation: When the circle gets bigger, it symbolizes the more we know. The space where the periphery of the circular arc touches has increased exponentially. Conclusion: Only by accumulating enough knowledge can we discover our ignorance. (But that won't prevent us from continuing our studies)
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    [Brief description] More stable investors prefer to invest in dividends from banks, infrastructure, REIT, etc., because of the stable performance of this type of business, dividends are also quite generous. As a REIT writer, I'm certainly no exception. However, in addition to the above projects, there are other shares with generous dividends, one of which is preference shares (preference shares).
    This type of stock has steady characteristics, and dividends are guaranteed, and declines are rare.
    Regarding the characteristics of preferred stocks, I will explain the benefits of investing in preferred stocks on the upcoming live broadcast.
    [Speaker] Yan Yue, a Malaysian financial writer, published “Buying an Industry Starting at RM100: How to Invest in Reits”, “Buying Stocks Starting at RM100: Making Money Automatically Come to the Door”, and “Malaysian Stocks Are Easy to Understand: Stock News”.
    [Join us] Tailored for moomoo users! See you on March 24th at 8.00pm! Do you want to generate a steady passive income? Let's get to know it together!
    [Disclaimer] All opinions expressed in the live broadcast and video are based on the independent opinions of the presenter (Yan Yue). Moomoo and its affiliates are not responsible for their content or opinions.
    Mar 28 07:00
    Investing in stocks really isn't for everyone. If this is the case, please think twice; stocks really aren't for you.
    1. Those who want to become rich overnight are not suitable.
    2. People who can't stand change are also not suitable.
    3. People who want to make money without doing anything after others have done their homework are also unfit to invest in stocks.
    If you want to read the text, please reward the red envelope, thank you.
    (Paying for what you like is my style of acting)
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    2023 was a year of uncertainty and adjustments for the US stock market, as investors navigated a complex landscape of economic and monetary policy changes. While the year saw periods of both optimism and pessimism, the overarching narrative remains focused on the Fed's actions and their impact on the broader economy.
    To evaluate US stock market performance, let's review the $S&P 500 Index(.SPX.US)$'s progress this year:
    *Images prov...
    Guess the price: What's the closing price of S&P 500 for 2023?
    Guess the price: What's the closing price of S&P 500 for 2023?