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Sharing practical trading tutorials and opportunities to help you evolve into advanced investors!
    April CPI Shows Easing Inflation, U.S. Stocks Hit Record Highs
    On Wednesday, May 15, the U.S. released its latest CPI data, which had garnered significant market attention. In Q1 this year, the rising CPI dampened hopes for substantial rate cuts, so the market eagerly awaited signs of easing inflation.
    The April data met market expectations: CPI growth slowed, with a year-over-year increase of 3.4%, down slightly...
    Meme Stock Surge: Is There a Strategy Behind the Hype? [Learn Premium Weekly Review]
    Meme Stock Surge: Is There a Strategy Behind the Hype? [Learn Premium Weekly Review]
    Meme Stock Surge: Is There a Strategy Behind the Hype? [Learn Premium Weekly Review]
    Bull markets are full of both huge opportunities and risks. 🔪&💎 Tired of chasing highs blindly? In this week's Opportunity Mining, let's dive into a simple bullish🐮 stock-picking strategy, the CANSLIM model, from a renowned growth stock investing master, which combines fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and market sentiment. Click on the course! To learn how to capture high-quality and explosive growth stocks in a bull market, locate potential entry points, and effectively control risks...
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    Stock $Alibaba(BABA.US)$
    Strategy used Support and Resistance ======
    1. Identify The Consolidation Zone (Draw out the Support and Resistance. The zone built since Nov 16th 2023
    2. Start to build position near Support, calculate the risk and reward ratio. According to my chart, its 1 to 3.78. The trade played out, i manage to get 20%+ gains. However, if the trade didnt play out and drop break my support line, i will face 6.9% lost. and stop lost below 66.6 price point.
    3. First ...
    Newbie strategy 😂
    Newbie strategy 😂
    About a month as a registered MooMoo app user. Today I shared my simple trading strategy (NASDAQ market) as a beginner ⬇️
    ✅ Analyze Previous Day Top Losers with huge volume
    ✅ Identify Support/Resistance
    ✅ Check Price Gap (if any)
    ✅ Explore latest News
    ✅ Set Buy Limit below or lowest price gap (entry)
    ✅ Set Trailing Stop (20% ratio)
    ✅ Sit Back and Relax 📈 😁
    Buy Red Sell Green Strategy📈
    On Wednesday, shares of Malaysian technology firms soared to a 15-month peak, buoyed by the announcement of the US intention to impose a twofold increase in tariffs on Chinese semiconductors. Propelled by these developments, the Bursa Malaysia Technology Index, encompassing 48 sector-specific stocks, ascended by 1.2%, reaching its zenith since February 3, 2023.
    Amidst an election year, U.S. President Joe Biden ...
    Tech and Glove Sectors Surge: Which Malaysian Industries Benefit from US Tariff Hikes?
    Thanks for starting this topic! I'm a newbie and eager to learn how others trade.
    Behind my trade: The trade I'm sharing comes from @Invest With CiciCici's analysis of $Palo Alto Networks(PANW.US)$, a leading cybersecurity stock. The rationale is that as AI generates more data, the market for cybersecurity will expand significantly.
    Besides the long-term growth prospects, PANW is also a key holding for Pelosi, and I trust she has valid reasons for keeping it in her portfolio.
    My strategy: I b...
    Horizontal trading can also = Profits
    Click and support.
    When the trading day shows a deep dive, check the TA and if the supoort holds steady showing either a rebound likely or horizontal trade opportunity.
    Initial position: After the huge stock Dive, Was looking at a short upward spike or horizontal trading day. Bought some calls while observing the market movement.
    Day Trading on soon to expire options: My strategy, As the initial Trading movement shows horizontal move...
    Horizontal Trading
    Horizontal Trading
    Horizontal Trading
    I study the reports, company operating profit, dividend yield. I then look into the charts and gauge the range. some shares I hold long term, no movement. others only suitable for swing trades. luckily have moomoo low trade costs so I can do low volume buy/sell.
    I didn't actually do much of active trading until just awhile ago, I was mostly doing passive investing instead.
    However, there was a trade I made where i felt like the entry and exit levels were really good.
    This is the daily chart of $Coca-Cola(KO.US)$ , i traded it as I needed to buy a stock that was stable and had a high chance of growing to qualify for some promotion (forgot which one), so I looked into the fundamentals and saw that most people thought it was un...
    The best trade I made so far.
    The best trade I made so far.
    The best trade I made so far.