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Big Tech Earnings Rush: Markets continue to bet on AI
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AMD vs. Amazon: Guess the post-earnings market winner!

AMD and Amazon are releasing their Q1 earnings after the market closes on April 30. Who will please the market more, the e-commerce giant or the AI darling? Make your prediction to grab point rewards!
● An equal share of 5,000 points: For mooers who correctly guess the winner who makes the biggest gains in Wednesday's intraday trading (e.g., If 50 mooers make a correct guess, each of them will get 100 points.)
 (Vote will close at 9:30 AM ET on May 1st)
Exclusive 300 points: For the top comments on these companies' earnings prospects under this post.
- Since its Q4 earnings release, shares of $Advanced Micro Devices(AMD.US)$ have seen a decrease of 8.5%. The market's biggest concern will be AMD's revenue update from AI GPUs.
AMD vs. Amazon: Guess the post-earnings market winner!
- On the opposite, shares of $Amazon(AMZN.US)$ have seen an increase of 12.7% since its Q4 earnings. If its Q1 earnings meet expectations, we could be welcoming a fifth tech giant to the $2 trillion club this week.
AMD vs. Amazon: Guess the post-earnings market winner!
1. Rewards will be distributed within 5-7 working days after the result's announcement.
2. Rewards can be used to exchange gifts at the Rewards Club (moomoo app>> Me>> Redeem Points).
3. The selection is based on post quality, originality, and user engagement.
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  • 股海踏浪 : Everyone, be careful. It is an indisputable fact that AMD's stock price is inflated. It is very obvious that the main players have already shipped. The possibility of a sharp drop after the earnings report is far higher than a rise. Don't take this hot potato. Be careful when sailing on a 10,000 year old ship.

  • 102362254 : Amazon is gearing up to reveal its first-quarter earnings, anticipated to showcase substantial revenue and profit growth, with net income expected to more than double compared to the previous year. It's advertising revenue, bolstered by Prime Video ads, and its AI initiatives, highlighted by CEO Andy Jassy, stand as pivotal points for future growth.

    In contrast, AMD shines in the semiconductor realm, particularly with its strong performance, AI-focused processors, and competition with Intel. While Amazon may impress with its e-commerce dominance and AI advancements, AMD's role in the AI revolution shouldn't be overlooked.

    It's just a speculative prediction, but Amazon might edge ahead in pleasing investors post-earnings.

  • C H LAI 股海踏浪: You mean not the right time to enter?

  • GoodRun : AMD is overpriced but has the edge of the AI market that’s exploding. But with the market sentiment about AI the stock price can still go higher. AMZN’s AWS market share is slowly eaten away by MSFT and GOOGL, hope it will defend the competition this time.

  • RVLTN : Amazon has done that by destroying their business however and this will be seen in short order. Always look ahead.

    Amazon has raised fees for sellers so high that most can’t even keep margins to sell anymore. That’s truly evil and also going to hurt their already horrible lack of any branding. They have no CS on seller side and for customer side it’s going downhill fast presumably ending at AI. AI is an atrocious thing for customers so this is all negatives as far as experience. Customers will not want to keep supporting this company. Prime always was a joke ( the tv and movie part) and charging another fee on top of the fee, well, just imagine what their customers are thinking right now as they fall further into debt slavery oblivion, Amazon adds a padlock to their chains.

    This company is making poor decisions and the experience and products are just barely above Wish at this point. You paying near $200 for Wish? Think about it.. this is very overpriced and about to tank.

  • 101870845 : AMD has risen by quite a bit but semiconductors may not experience a V shape recovery. By contrast, Amazon may face headwinds from the retail segment. Its cloud business may push it to greater heights

  • Alex Gui : Amazon is a steady ship but AMD is an unstable ship

  • Tiger tiger : Logic not beat the big money flow. The big money will affect the trend and analysis not call in short term. Buy when person scare and run. Sell as the poor and commoner who get zero knowledge buy the share due to peak of upping trend non stop. Someone waiting to harvest them and blow. Snowball effects

  • ss ong : Amazon

  • WYY911 : wild guess

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