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2023 Recap: My trading story on moomoo
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2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year

Hello, mooers! Welcome to our 2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year.
2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year
As 2023 draws to a close, it's time to pause and reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared in our investing community. It’s been a year full of insights, growth, and meaningful interactions, thanks to each and every one of you.💗Today, we’re excited to review the individuals whose contributions have truly shaped our community this year!
👑 The Most Followed
Who has the most followers in our community? Big cheers for @Mcsnacks H Tupack @OldNormanBates @Dadacai @Stocks with Josh @The Stock Scalpers @treydongui @SpyderCall @Alvin Chow 邹咏翰 @doctorpot1 @Investing 101 @Syuee @Stock Watch on the list. With the highest follower count, what made their insights so compelling? Check out their homepage to learn more now!
2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year
🌟 The Fastest Rising
Let's hear it for @Ziet Invests @Stocks with Josh @HarryTeo @Alvinnnnnnngenius @iamiam @Nigel Chong 庄证评 @JP_mykayaplus @SpyderCall @doctorpot1 @Zeff The Great @Stock Watch @bullrider_21 on the list! Did you see how quickly they captured everyone's attention and get followers? Their fresh and unique approach has been nothing short of inspiring. Their engaging posts have clearly resonated with so many of us!
2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year
😄 The Most Engaged
Kudos to @Alvinnnnnnngenius @AmyNic @SimplyDestiny @BEAN8444 @Rivera @Biff @Silverbat @Stock Watch @bullrider_21 @Trytosaveabit @KingNY-Life @AkLi on the list! Did you notice how their posts always turned into the liveliest discussions? Earning the highest engagement, their knack for stimulating conversation has been a catalyst for some of the most memorable opinion exchanges this year!
2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year
🖊️️ The Top Posters
A salute to @Stock Watch @Alvinnnnnnngenius @AmyNic @bullrider_21 @Rivera @Ripper @Biff @Mcsnacks H Tupack @Silverbat @Cow Moo-ney @Milk The Cow @ZnWC on the list! Their tireless contributions have been the pulse of our community - a constant stream of knowledge and insights, keeping our conversations rich and diverse. Their presence is like a daily dose of wisdom for us all.
2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year
🎁 Bonus for all mooers on the lists
1. A 'Mooer of 2023' medal
2. An 'Avatar frame' valid for 3 months
3. 2,023 points. Mooers on all four lists can get up to 8,092 points!
*Please note that mooers on more than one list can only get one medal and an avatar frame.
*The rewards will be distributed to your account within 5–15 working days from now on. Please stay tuned.
While only a select few mooers made it onto the lists, we strongly believe that many others in the community have also been sharing their great insights and established meaningful connections! And now, why not take this opportunity to show appreciation for the people who inspired you greatly?
🎉 Event: Send thank-you notes
Take a moment to thank them for their valuable investing tips, their support during difficult times, or the joy of sharing success together. Just comment below, and we will send you rewards for spreading kindness and positivity within our community.
🎁 Bonus
1. 23 points for all participants with relevant comments
*Only mooers who make a relevant 23-word-plus comment on this post will be eligible for our rewards.
*Content should be original and reasonable.
2. 223 points for the top 10 comments (regarding the posts' quality, originality, creativity, and influence)
Duration: Now to 2024 Jan 30, 23:59 ET. Don't hesitate to drop a comment now!
While we can't predict the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, we do know that we have each other for support and encouragement every step of the way. Let's continue to cheer each other on, share our knowledge and experience, and uplift one another in our investing journey. Here's to a great 2024 - together for the better!
2023 Recap: Mooers of the Year
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