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Zeff The Great Male ID: 102468150
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    Today, the glove stock once again became the most beautiful boy in the game.
    The main reason was that the US escalated the trade war to a higher level.
    Yesterday evening,
    The US President's Office announced the latest round of import tariff lists for Chinese products, which has drastically raised import tariffs on specific products from China. The products involved are as follows:
    1. Steel and aluminum (2024, increase from 0-7.5% to 25%)
    2. Semiconductors (increase from 25% to 50% in 2025)
    3. Electric vehicles (2024, increase from 25% to 100%)
    4. Lithium-ion batteries (increase from 7.5% to 25% in 2024)
    5. Electric vehicle battery components (increase from 7.5% to 25% in 2024)
    6. Solar cells (2024, increase from 25% to 50%)
    10. Medical syringes and needles (increase from 0% to 50% in 2024)
    7. Personal protective equipment, including certain respirators and masks (in 2024, increase from 0-7.5% to 25%)
    8. Rubber medical and surgical gloves (2026, increase from 7.5% to 25%)
    This measure,
    Nominally, in addition to encouraging the localization of American products,
    It is also expected that it will allow American importers,
    Shifting the source of product imports to Southeast Asia/South American countries.
    The beneficiaries of the Malaysian stock market are as follows:
    1. Aluminum product manufacturer (extrusion/casting)
    $LBALUM(9326.MY)$ $PA(7225.MY)$ $PMETAL(8869.MY)$
    The trade war between China and the US escalates
    With the development of the gloves 🧤 sector in Malaysia 🇲🇾, production reduction strategies over the past few years, and 🇨🇳 the rush from China and Thailand, China's global exports have declined from 60% + at their peak to less than 40%. Although it is still number one in the world, it will retreat if it does not advance. I hope to take back more markets in the future.
    During the pandemic, KOSSAN had the least amount of cash in the big four packages. However, it overtook its counterpart in FY23 and was the richest cash stock in Malaysian stocks. KOSSAN has invested only RM211 miles in CAPEX in the past two years. The main strategy is to attack by defending and waiting until spring.
    TOPGLOV distributed a large number of dividends and expanded wildly during the pandemic. Seven consecutive quarters of losses led to the least amount of cash in the 4 companies. SUPERMX's CAPEX was crazy. It was revealed that buying private jets and losing money for 5 consecutive quarters caused cash to fall incessantly. In terms of this year's stock price performance, both companies have declined slightly.
    However, KOSSAN and HARTA have been profitable for two consecutive quarters, mainly due to layoffs, production cuts and cost reduction, and interest income from large sums of cash has also enabled the company to withstand the cold winter. This also brought KOSSAN RM60 mil of interest income and fair value gain in investment assets in 2023. And HARTA's past 9...
    KOSSAN - Accidentally became the richest glove stock 🧤, and the strongest glove stock in Malaysian stocks this year!
    KOSSAN - Accidentally became the richest glove stock 🧤, and the strongest glove stock in Malaysian stocks this year!
    $POHUAT(7088.MY)$ $HOMERIZ(5160.MY)$ $SYNERGY(0279.MY)$
    Malaysia's KLCI index has broken through a 2-year high, and many industries have gradually seen improvements. According to Malaysia 🇲🇾 trade data for March, exports of wood products, rubber products (gloves 🧤), plastic products, metals, etc. all showed signs of growing year by year.
    As a result, our industrial services index rose 📈 10.3% this year, getting rid of the dilemma of falling in 2023. Furthermore, the US dollar strengthened in Q1, and it is expected that the results announced in May will result in foreign exchange profits. The Federal Reserve stopped raising interest rates, and Malaysian stocks are expected to stabilize. Q2 foreign exchange profit/loss will depend on foreign exchange trends at the end of June.
    SYNERGY, which went public last year, is trending wild this year. It announced a record high net profit in February. This year, it has risen by more than 100%, and is already the target price given by all investment banks. The results of POHUAT and HOMERIZ were released in March and April, respectively. Their turnover grew by YOY and QOQ when inventory was replenished, and they also broke through a 52-week high after the results were released.
    POHUAT's quarterly decline in cash was mainly due to increased turnover, and Inventories and Trade Receivables increased due to increased order turnover. Inventory will continue to be replenished in the next 1-2 quarters, and stable performance is expected. But the longer term hasn't...
    Exports in the furniture industry are recovering, and inventory replenishment drives short-term markets. The medium to long term depends on the European and American economies!
    Exports in the furniture industry are recovering, and inventory replenishment drives short-term markets. The medium to long term depends on the European and American economies!
    Exports in the furniture industry are recovering, and inventory replenishment drives short-term markets. The medium to long term depends on the European and American economies!
    FEYTECH is currently the only domestic supplier integrating the production of car seats, seat covers, and car interior covers. Its profit growth performance over the past three years has been extremely strong.
    It will continue $KEYFIELD(5321.MY)$ After that,
    Another much-anticipated motherboard listing star.
    Traditionally, domestic automobile brand suppliers such as $MCEHLDG(7004.MY)$ with $BETA(0263.MY)$ They all supply electronic parts, and the only company similar to FEYTECH's business $PECCA(5271.MY)$
    #automotive #mazda #kia #stellantis
    Interview with the management of the IPO FEYTECH
    Mandarin version
    The latest corporate trends from CAPITALA and AX,
    The most detailed and easy-to-understand explanation on the entire network
    $AAX(5238.MY)$ $CAPITALA(5099.MY)$
    Is Air Asia going to sell it? CAPITALA, AAX
    1. The war situation in the Middle East has always been carried out in a “proxy war situation”. Pro-Iranian forces, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Syrian government, Hamas, and Iraqi militias, have clashed with Israel's border
    2. Iran has the largest armed army in the Middle East and is also seen as the supporter behind these “agents”
    3. On April 1, 2024, Israel dropped several bombs on the Iranian consulate in the Syrian capital Damascus, killing some senior commanders and generals suspected of being in touch with “agents”
    4. Iran says it will retaliate after the attack
    5. According to reports, Iran's foreign minister notified the US a week ago that it would “proportionate and restraint” launch a “non-escalating” counterattack against Israel, and notified allies and Western countries
    6. On Friday, the US said Israel would be attacked by Iran's drones within 24-48 hours. Iran issued an order asking the UN to condemn Israel to launch an attack otherwise
    7. Iran attacked Israel as expected. Iran claimed that it had achieved the expected results and indicated that the punishment against Israel was over; at the same time, Israel also claimed that it had almost completely intercepted drones from Iran
    8. Israel and neighboring countries, such as Jordan, Iraq, and Lebanon, announced the reopening of airspace
    9. US says it condemns Iran but does not seek to get involved in war with Iran
    Judging from Iran's entire military operation, the early warning given in advance, plus the issuance...
    Iran-Israel War Situation Observation
    [Brief description] The market's enthusiasm and attention to artificial intelligence AI is still high. It coincides with NVIDIA's stock price reaching a new high. The annual NVIDIA GTC AI Developers Conference will soon be held on 17/3/2024. This is like a martial arts competition in the field of artificial intelligence!
    As the pioneer of AI chips, Patriarch Hwang In-hoon will be promoting BlackWell, the new AI chip architecture, at the NVIDIA developer conference at the GTC conference. Whether this new technology can push artificial intelligence and other technologies to another peak, and what kind of possibilities it brings is worth the expectations of global investors!
    After the NVIDIA GTC event, we will sort out the highlights and explain the current status and opportunities of the AI industry chain. It is suitable for both beginners and veterans to listen to.
    [Mentor] Zeff Tan, Chief Mentor and Stock Market Researcher at SHARIX Malaysia
    [Join us] Tailored for moomoo users! See you on March 20th at 8.00pm! Do you want to know the current developments in the hot AI industry? Hurry up and invite the shareholders around you to learn together!
    [Disclaimer] All opinions expressed in the live stream and video are the independent opinions of SHARIX. moomoo and its affiliates are not responsible for their content and opinions
    Mar 20 07:00