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Moo Humor
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MooHumor: Wait, what?

MooHumor: Wait, what?
The stock market is a rapidly changing place. 
Especially under the current extreme market condition, everything is entirely different from the past. 
If an investor is not giving their 100% concentration, something shocking may happen in an instant!
There is nothing permanent except change. ──Heraclitus
Now let's see some mooers' "wait, what" moment.
MooHumor: Wait, what?
MooHumor: Wait, what?
@Hucktosoar : The Dow Man Strikes Again
MooHumor: Wait, what?
MooHumor: Wait, what?
MooHumor: Wait, what?
MooHumor: Wait, what?
MooHumor: Wait, what?
@Indicator analyst : LOL What now? Or we ready to pivot? $SPDR S&P 500 ETF(SPY.US)$
MooHumor: Wait, what?
@Assama Mohammad : Shout out to the yolo calls today
MooHumor: Wait, what?
MooHumor: Wait, what?
This week, we'd like to invite you to comment: How do you deal with unexpected changes in the stock market?
We will select 20 TOP COMMENTS by next Monday.
Winners will get 88 points by next week, with which you can exchange gifts at the Rewards Club.
*Comments within this week will be counted.
You may post:
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That's all for this week. Peace
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  • Syuee : Firstly, I will remain calm and do not panic.

    Then, I will re-assess my risk tolerance level.

    And, I may even increase my emergency fund.

    There is a high possibility that I may switch to options trading, from stock trading, whenever there are unexpected changes in the stock market . undefined

    During unexpected times, I may resort to reducing stock quantity and reduce the number of trades too.

    I will never initiate any trade whereby, I am uncertain about the set-up.

    History tells us, no matter how bad the market is, it ultimately bounces back.

    Be wise in unexpected market conditions.

    Be happy in bad markets and enjoy the time, by picking the stronger quality stocks at a bargain.

    If you are a trader, volatility is always your best friend, your BFF. undefined

    If you are an investor, the ups and downs are just noise. undefined


  • 1994CM : I actually just do nothing and enjoy the ride of the stock market volatility!

  • Milk The Cow : Well, just suck thumb 👍 lor undefined.

    I believed in the financial result & data. No matter how many times the market being manipulated or how volatile it is, it will at least respond to the financial report once, I guess undefined. If not, everythings just won't make sense anymore undefined.

    I think my DYODD is correct undefined.
    It just hard to believe the otherwise movement.

  • Mr Trecherous :

  • HuatLady Syuee: Personally, I believe in life, a positive attitude develop an optimistic outlook. The bottom line is to have faith in our own investment goals. We will surely be able to sustain and overcome unexpected challenges in the stock market based on a solid blueprint of our risk tolerance and investment strategy.
    Yes, of course heightened volatility can be scary, but it is inevitable in long-term investing.  Fortune favours the brave, and hence a good way to start may be the practice of freedom from fears. Instead  I may exchange my fears for faith and refuse to worry of something that I cannot control.

  • HuatEver Syuee: Wise of you to maintain your cool during a market downturn as panic-selling is definitely a poor alternative. Personally, I rely heavily on my well diversified long-term quality stocks to stay resilient. The other precaution is, of course, to keep a closed surveillance of the market activities in order to ensure a prompt retreat with the “stop-loss” strategy in the event of a crisis.

  • witty Llama_cin : Me when there’s unexpected changes in the stock market

  • KT88 Syuee: Unexpected changes in the stock market!!!!!

  • TLim77 : I trade weekly options to reduce the portfolio losses and also invest in money market funds which tends to outperform stocks during this high interest rate environment.

  • 71853702 : atxi. that's all I gotta say. reverse split, good news, 2 offerings,  repurchasing shares from InvaGen all since Sept 23. my head hurts. 4 to 16 back to 2 back to 3. Jesus.

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