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        Weekly Buzz
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        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike

        At the end of this post, there is a chance for you to win points!
        Source: Giphy
        Source: Giphy
        Happy Monday, mooers! Welcome back to Weekly Buzz, where we review the news, performance, and community sentiment of the selected buzzing stocks on moomoo platform based on search and message volumes of last week! (Nano caps are excluded.)
        Part Ⅰ: Make Your Choices

        Part Ⅱ: Buzzing Stocks List & Mooers Comments
        Three major indices moved upward, Russell 2000 Index increased 4.10% last week (As of Jul 22, 2022). Here is the weekly buzzing stock list of last week:
        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike
        1. TSLA - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
        Tesla launched a new shareholder platform to manage its large investor base, allowing them to participate in events and ask questions.TSLA's stock climbed 9.15% to $891.450 for the week (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ TSLA is almost at a resistance level, but the SPY still has space to run with super strong RSI and stochastics. Now it all depends from the volume… because if it breaks the 877/880 there is nothing else before the 900.
        2. AMC - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
        With high expectations for box-office success in Q2, AMC CEO Adam Aron has hinted that something might surprise short sellers when the company reports its Q2 results. Its share price dropped 6.06% and closed at $14.560 (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        In the chart directly below you can see the long-term trend of AMC. The long-term trend has been down. But AMC's price is just below the very long-term trending resistance. The longer the resistance level is valid then the stronger it is.
        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike
        3. AAPL - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
        Apple reported Q3 results and beat analyst consensus estimates on revenue and EPS. Its stock price closed at $162.150, with a weekly rise of 5.46% (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooers comment
        @solo invest:
        In the chart above you can see Apple’s price is just below the tuna day moving average which is the white line on the chart. In the picture below you can see how capital is flowing out of this ticker symbol in a big way. The outside is definitely not reflecting the price action.
        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike
        4. SPY - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐⭐
        The S&P 500 has gained momentum on a solid earnings season with a shifting macro environment. The price of SPY closed at $411.990, with a weekly growth of 4.28% (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        @JM investor:
        The indicator below is BIAS (30MA). Note on the red arrows part, and check with the price chart above. You may notice that the bigger gap between the price with the moving average, the bigger value of the BIAS indicator.
        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike
        5. IMPP - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐⭐
        Shares of several energy companies were trading higher amid a gain in oil and natural gas prices. IMPP 's stock soared 7.55% to $0.4200 for the week (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        @Peak Mountain:
        $Imperial Petroleum(IMPP.US)$Better conference call than last time and good earnings to report. However at the end, the last caller asked him about a reverse split and Harry did not have a concrete answer. Bullish but cautious.
        6. QQQ - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
        Lower-than-expected earnings reports from Microsoft Corp. and Alphabet Inc. might be a blessing in disguise for Invesco QQQ ETF. The price of QQQ went up 4.46% to $315.460 over the past week (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike
        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike
        7. AMZN - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
        Amazon reported the biggest Prime Day in the company's history, which was expected to boost its top line. AMZN's stock surged 10.24% to $134.950 for the week (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        @Alvin Chow 邹咏翰: Amazon results good, really?
        $Amazon(AMZN.US)$ mazon share price jumped 13% during after hours after reporting better than expected results and a rosy guidance for 3Q.
        Revenue was up 7%, largely helped by its cloud business (+33%) and ad revenue (+18%). The e-commerce sales actually went down by 4%.
        8. NIO - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
        NIO launched a new electric drive system production facility in NeoPark, which was expected to achieve an annual production capacity of 1.3 million electric drive systems. The share price of NIO increased 2.55% to $19.730 for the week (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        @JM investor:
        The white circle indicates the top of the positive half- a high probability to snap back. If you check on the white arrow, will you sell your position, or even doing short sell? Too bad. The stock moved higher! If we sold the position, we missed a big run! If we short sell, we losing money!
        Weekly Buzz: Market jumped after Fed rate hike
        9. MULN - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
        MULN extended its recent slump and fell even further below the $1.00 price level as the stock struggles to maintain its NASDAQ listing requirements. The shares of MULN plummeted 22.28% last week and finally closed at $0.793 (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        $Mullen Automotive(MULN.US)$ muln did tell a good story on how they're going about their vision and I bought it without doing my own DD. I understand there are big institutions on-board but the reality is they have the cash and can afford to lose some cash

        10. META - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐
        Facebook's parent company reported a drop in revenue for the first time amid growing competition from TikTok and nervousness from advertisers. The price of FB closed at $159.100, with a weekly decline of 6.01% (As of Jul 29, 2022).
        Mooer comment
        $Meta Platforms(META.US)$ is repurchasing shares on the open market, so it pays market price just like you or me. But Meta's not buying shares to sell them later; it retires the shares, taking them out of circulation.
        Thanks for your reading!Heart
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        Before moving on to part three, congrats to the following mooers whose comments were selected as the top comments last week!
        @HopeAlways@Syuee@doctorpot1@Milk The Cow@VCSuccess@cola1010@KT88@High Profit Low Loss@Double Rainbow@Southern Eagle@12moon@HuatEver@HuatLady@1994CM
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        Part Ⅲ: Weekly Topic
        Time to be rewarded for your great insights and knowledge!
        This week, we'd like to invite you to comment below and share your idea on:
        What is scalping, and how do you execute it profitably?
        We will select 15 TOP COMMENTS by next Monday.
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        *Comments within this week will be counted.
        Top Comment Technique:
        Fundamental / Technical / Capital Analyses
        Personal Trading Experience
        Any bright insights or knowledge
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        • Milk The Cow :

        • HopeAlways : Scalping is a popular trading strategy that has been around for a long time. In this trading method, traders buy and sell stocks multiple times within a day for a small profit. This is normally done as soon as the trader gets in a trade and make some profits. Scalping attracts traders because it exposes them to less risk and offers greater number of trading opportunities. Traders locate trading opportunities by looking for small price changes in the market. Precise timing and prompt execution are essential when scalping.

        • Milk The Cow : For me, I'm definitely feeling fear as the market rally so much out of the sudden with companies bad report... & reason is because we are in a "paper recession" = FED stated that they "may" slowdown/reduce the pace of interest rate "if" they see 👀 there is a slowing down of inflation on the 27/7/2022...Emm
          So, big investors+analysts believed this the the FED U-Turning/the market hitting the bottom already...Sweat=Market rally...

          Idk 🤷‍♂️ if it's fake or real,  but based on price movements trends, it seem that it "may" be a rebounce, NOT base on financial trend...Smart

          Look to me more like a bet=u either go YOLO or Defensive...Emm (see next CPI Trick).
          I will just observe for the week Tongue.

          DYODD before investingOK

        • Milk The Cow HopeAlways: Ic, so that what scalping means.
          Hahaha Lol, I've been doing it without realising what it call.
          Discover it myself Grin.

        • Syuee : Scalping is a way of making money that minimizes losses ( and profits ) by placing orders, getting small profits, REALLY keeping your eyes on the price, and quickly getting out, when the job is done.

          When one has the ability to keep an eye on the live feed of price changes and can make quick decisions, then he / she is suitable for a scalping strategy.

          Knowing when to enter the market and when to exit the market is the main challenge in scalping.

          Many small profits can easily compound into large gains, if a strict exit strategy is being used to prevent large losses.

          Scalping relies on technical analysis, such as candlestick charts, MACD, etc.

          The small profits earned with this technique can multiply, provided the trader consistently uses an exit strategy, so as to mitigate losses and reap gains.

          Yes, scalping can be a profitable strategy, however, generating profits is completely dependent on the trader’s efficiency. Smirk


        • HopeAlways Syuee: Scalping is one of the shortest-term trading strategies, and many positions only last seconds or minutes. For scalping to be effective, discipline is required. Once a set profit or loss has been reached, the trader needs tl exit the trade.

        • Syuee HopeAlways: Scalping may be quite beneficial for traders who use it as their primary technique or to supplement other methods of trading.

          Following a tight exit plan is essential for compounding small earnings into significant returns.


        • Lionnell : yup we going to break 900 today

        • 1994CM Syuee: Noted. Just making small profits for each stock efficiently.

        • Syuee 1994CM: Thumbs Up

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