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Weekly Buzz
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Weekly Buzz: Major tech companies' earnings came out, AMZN slumped 12%, FB soared. Check out now!

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Happy Monday, mooers!
Weekly Buzz: Major tech companies' earnings came out, AMZN slumped 12%, FB soared. Check out now!
Welcome back to Weekly Buzz, where we review the news, performance, and community sentiment of the selected buzzing stocks on moomoo platform based on search and message volumes of last week! (Nano caps are excluded.)

Part Ⅰ: Make Your Choices

Part Ⅱ Buzzing Stocks List & Mooers Comments
Three major indices moved downward, Russell 2000 Index decreased 3.58% last week. Here is the weekly buzzing stock list of last week:
Weekly Buzz: Major tech companies' earnings came out, AMZN slumped 12%, FB soared. Check out now!
1. TSLA - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Three days after agreeing to buy Twitter Inc. for $44 billion, Musk sold $2.8 billion of Tesla stock, and the company's market value evaporated by $120 billion in three days. TSLA's stock decreased 13.36% to $870.760 for the week.
Mooers comment
@HengOngHuatlah :
$Tesla(TSLA.US)$ He must be buying up the shares in twitter to reduce cost of purchase soon or already doing so. and with opportunity costs idle cash will not happen. twitter should rise next week and announcement after. hopefully that will prop up Tesla back to 1000 mark again.

2. AAPL - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Apple predicted that the supply crunch would lead to a $4 billion to $8 billion reduction in revenue for the quarter, a warning that caused Apple shares to plummet. Its share price fell by 2.56% and closed at $157.650.
● Mooers comment
$Apple(AAPL.US)$ is a good example of Value Investing.  Buy company stocks that has good reputation with strong customer market power and command great followers who will buy its product and services even if it marked up its price.

Recap: AAPL Q2 2022 Earnings Conference Call

3. FB - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐⭐
Meta Platforms reported Q1 2022 earnings last Friday, with earnings per share ahead of market expectations and active user growth resumed. Last Friday, its stock price closed at $200.470, with a weekly growth of 8.89%.
● Mooers comment @PassiveIncome0723
$Meta Platforms(FB.US)$ sales slow is normal with this economy but why should we evaluate a super potential company just base on quarterly sales, this is too short sighted.

>>Recap: FB Q1 2022 Earnings Conference Call

4. TWTR - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Last Monday, Twitter was announced to be acquired by Elon Musk for $54.20 per share in cash in a transaction valued at approximately $44 billion. Upon completion of the transaction, Twitter will become a privately held company. The share price of TWTR closed at $49.020, with a weekly rise of 0.18%.
Mooers comment
I certainly wouldn't call myself a defender of Musk since I'm really sure what there is to defend but SpaceX just safely returned 4 astronauts from the ISS and the next day launched 4 more to the station, which as far as I know is a first. $Twitter (Delisted)(TWTR.US)$

5. AMC - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
According to the pandemic-impacted cinema giant’s proxy statement filed with the Securities and Exchange, $AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$ Theatres CEO Adam Aron received compensation of $18.9 million in 2021, down from $20.92 million in 2020. The shares of AMC declined 7.38% last week and finally closed at $15.300.
● Mooers comment
@Tonyten88 :
Keep your heads up apes. We might see more red days ahead of us. It’s not AMC it’s the market. Hodl, buy when you can,average down and hopefully we see some forced liquidations in the near future. I’m not leaving till the shorts cover! You’ve got my word on that.

6. AMZN - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
$Amazon(AMZN.US)$ fell 8.82% in pre-market after reporting earnings last Friday, reporting a loss of $7.56 per share for the first quarter, below market expectations. Its share price closed at $2485.630, with a weekly drop of 13.90%. 
● Mooers comment
@Alvin Chow 邹咏翰
"US big tech results are confusing investors"
US Big tech results are out and the results generally aren't inspiring.
While the common reason is to blame Russia, I think there are more important factors such as lapping the exceptional results achieved during Covid and the risk of stagflation (high inflation, low growth) that cause the results to be a mixed bag.

>>Recap: AMZN Q1 2022 Earnings Conference Call

7. S51- Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
Keppel Corp. and Sembcorp Marine are both controlled by Singapore state-linked investment firm Temasek. They have agreed to merge to create the world’s largest builder of oil rigs. Its share price closed at $0.109, with a weekly fall of 11.38%. 
Mooers comment
@affable Squirrel_z7r
$Sembcorp Marine(S51.SG)$ relax people. when you find direction doesn't make sense. thats because it doesn't. so let the dust settle and the solid climb will come.

8. MULN - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
An emerging electric vehicle manufacturer, Mullen, announced a recently published article by The Buzz EV News that highlighted Mullen’s progress and its plans for the upcoming FIVE EV Crossover. However, its stock went down 10.81% to $1.320 over the past week. 
● Mooers comment
@McBrew: I’m falling in love…
$Mullen Automotive(MULN.US)$ always starts red and turns green in the end…endless suprizes and spontaneous movement! However am still finding myself buying more!

9. MSFT - Buzzing Stars:⭐⭐⭐
Microsoft earnings rose last quarter with demand for cloud services, it continued to benefit from the shift to remote work during the pandemic. The price of MSFT rose 1.27% to $277.520 for the week.
● Mooers comment
$Microsoft(MSFT.US)$ CEO: "I don’t hear of businesses looking to their IT budgets or digital transformation projects is the place for cuts...I have not seen this level of an inflationary environment, the only deflationary force is software."

>>Recap: Microsoft FY22 Q3 Earnings Conference Call

10. NIO - Buzzing Stars: ⭐⭐
NIO Inc. provided April 2022 delivery update. It delivered 30,842 vehicles year-to-date in 2022, increasing by 13.5% year-over-year. Nevertheless, the share price of NIO closed at $16.700 with a weekly decline of 2.79%.
● Mooers comment
@strangecloud :
$NIO Inc(NIO.US)$ Quite bloody today…only a few survive…
EVs are all quite badly hit.
Collective dive~
Next week will be worse….I think when Fed Hike is confirm…
Just saying…

HeartThanks for your reading!Heart

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Before moving on to part three, congrats to the following mooers whose comments were selected as the top comments last week!
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Part Ⅲ: Weekly Topic
Time to be rewarded for your great insights and knowledge!
This week, we'd like to invite you to comment below and share your idea on:
"How do you read and understand earnings report? "

We will select 15 TOP COMMENTS by next Monday.
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  • HopeAlways : null

  • HopeAlways : An earnings report is a publicly traded company's report card on how it has fared financially over the last quarter. Investors should and do place a high priority on a company's earnings report as it reveals the ingredients needed to generate a company's profits, which normally leads to higher stock price. Metrics like net income, earnings per share and guidance often dictate how interested investors are in a company's stock. By and large, an earnings report serves as a good indicator of how a company is performing financially, where it is succeeding, where it is lacking, in cold hard numbers. Investors can then make use of this information to make a call on buying, selling, or avoiding a company's stock.

  • MoonBoy Blastoff : Amazon is set to split 20 to 1 next month. Buy now while it’s still cheap.

  • xiaoming21 MoonBoy Blastoff: 请问,现在买亚马逊,下个月也会有的20-1的拆分吗?又或者是只有之前买了的才有,这个月买还来得及吗?

  • Syuee : Earnings reports are old information. What this provides, if used properly, is historical information.
    This means it is not worth much in terms of what will happen over the rest of the year, unless there is a quarter over quarter growth in both revenues and earnings and that these two data are in sync.
    The primary useful information is “guidance” which are forward statements that the CEO and/or CFO state that estimate what is going to happen next quarter and thereafter~.
    These statements must be carefully constructed. They cannot be pompous and exaggerate the next quarter data nor can they understate it too much.
    The best CEOs are able to create a way of speaking that reveals what to expect with careful wording. Ideal guidance statements are a work of art and delivery with subtle nuances that indicate the reality as the CEO sees it in the near term.
    Interpreting guidance statements takes skill and practice as there is always far more being said than it seems at the time.
    Wording, phrasing, adverbs, adjectives, and the entire speech is done with extraordinary consideration as to how the retail news will consume this information and how it will be regurgitated into something not said.
    What I am saying is: Listen to the CEO’s guidance and ignore the retail news reporters version of what was said. But, it takes time~ to learn what each CEO is really trying to convey.
    So when looking at earnings report, I am not only looking at good news such as increased profits and dividend payouts, but I am also looking for sales growth for the veracity of theology numbers.
    If you are a long term investor, then quarterly earnings price movement is just noise. If you are a trader, then it requires a different approach. Smirk

  • HopeAlways Syuee: Learning how to read an earnings report is a great way to gain more knowledge about a company's financial health, which should lead to better investment decisions.

  • Syuee HopeAlways: While the press release and earnings report presentation might be illuminating, in terms of a company’s marketing approach or strategic positioning.
    It is important for wise investors to take the findings of earnings report in the context of the long-term vision of the company.
    Paying attention to and understanding quarterly reports is important for all investors as it helps to make sure the companies we have invested in are on the track we want them to be.

  • 劫财死远点劫色就来吧 xiaoming21: buy b4 27th, May 2022 but gently reminder that 3rd-4th, May is Fed meeting, interest may be upto 75bps and at least 50bps.

  • MoonBoy Blastoff xiaoming21: It’s not too late to buy. You can buy up to close of business on Friday, June 3rd, to receive the 20-1 stock split.

  • Musky MoonBoy Blastoff: U can buy after the split too. Doesn’t matter it’s the same price. Just if more retail will come in to invest since per stock is less captain needed to invest

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