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    With the global market transitions since the start of 2024, how can an active investor possibly capture these pivotal turns and evolutions for their investment strategy? With the final live webinar for our mid-year funds series, learn how investors like yourselves can potentially leverage on Income strategies to navigate the changes on a global scale with our experts from PIMCO and Moomoo Singapore. Join us and you may be rewarded with quiz giveaways! Olivia Higgins will guide you tow...
    A Pivotal Year: Strategies for Capturing Income
    Jun 28 04:00
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    Moomoo's new feature helps you quickly find the answer with the 1-Minute Test Find Your Suitable Fund. Gaining deeper insight into your trader type and uncovering the ideal fund customized just for you. Let's make trading a breeze from now on!🎉
    A new empowering assistant has arrived on moomoo and we invite you to give it a try! Say goodbye to the confusion of determining your risk profile based on personality. Our 1-Minute Test Find Your Suitable Fund wi...
    Rapid Reversal: Could Inflation Be on the Upswing?
    On May 15, the U.S. released April CPI data showing a slowdown in inflation, giving the market a sigh of relief. However, on May 23, S&P Global's preliminary May U.S. PMI data unexpectedly showed an uptick in economic activity, with business activity reaching its fastest expansion in over two years. This spooked the stock market, ca...
    Nvidia Proves Its Worth as the 'World's Most Important Stock' Amid Market Adjustments [Learn Premium Weekly Review]
    Nvidia Proves Its Worth as the 'World's Most Important Stock' Amid Market Adjustments [Learn Premium Weekly Review]
    Nvidia Proves Its Worth as the 'World's Most Important Stock' Amid Market Adjustments [Learn Premium Weekly Review]
    My mom is a housewife and doesn't have her own income. From an early age, I had to eat easily with my mom, and wear clothes from other people's homes. My dad got sick and passed away when I was 16. Life was in trouble for a while, and I almost couldn't go to college. This made me who I am today. Change my concept of money, how I spend it and how I save it.
    When you're older, earn your own money and start from scratch, and slowly save money to live a better life. From the bottom of my heart, I wanted my mom to have a better life and stop worrying about money. Now that I'm a mom myself, I understand that raising children is really not an easy path. As important as money is, companionship is just as important.
    Thanks to the development of technology, I can video with my mom every day. I hope the mother can not worry too much about her children's lives and be healthy and happy. This is my greatest joy as a daughter.
    Happy Mother's Day to moms all over the world.
    When the K line crosses the D line from the bottom up: the K line crossing the D line is a gold fork, which is a buying signal. However, whether or not a gold fork should be bought depends on other conditions.
    The first condition is that the position of the gold fork should be relatively low; it is in the oversold area; the lower the better.
    The second condition is the number of times it has crossed the D line. Sometimes at low levels, the K and D lines cross back and forth several times. The minimum number of intersections is 2; the more the better.
    The third condition is the position of the intersection point relative to the low point of the K line and the D line. This is what is commonly known as the “right side intersects” principle. The K line only intersects the D line when the D line is already rising, and is much more reliable than the D line when it is still falling.
    Unrivaled: The MACD band increases twice (berserk) When the MACD red bar in one band gradually shrinks, the green bar is about to appear, but the green bar does not appear. Instead, the red bar, which increases again, indicates that a new round of stock price increases is about to begin, and it is even stronger than the previous band.
    Second choice: MACD gold fork. On the daily or weekly chart of the MACD indicator, the DIF and DEA lines are on the 0 axis (the golden cross formed near the critical point 0 is a buying signal, and decisive stock purchases will rise sharply)
    Thirdly: The signal for the end of the MACD wash is when the MACD red bar in one band is shortened upwards, then 1-4 very short green bars are removed and shortened quickly (the green bars that wash the plate are all short). After the last purchase (the signal for the end of washing), a red bar is about to appear, and a new round of upward trend is about to unfold.
    Absolute 4: DIF and DEA are horizontally bonded on the 0 axis in the MACD indicator. The DIF and DEA lines are parallel bonded above the 0 axis. The green bars are small, and there are few or none, and they are about to turn red. When the first red bar appears, it is a buying signal, making a decisive purchase.
    Absolute 5: The last green pillar of the daily MACD buying rule After the stock fell for a round, shorting kinetic energy gradually dried up, and the momentum of going long was further enhanced. When the kinetic energy of shorting ran out to the limit, then the power to go long was exhausted, then it exploded! $UTDPLT(2089.MY)$
    Five great uses for MACD purchases
    1. The main characteristic of the MACD indicator is that it is highly stable and can give relatively stable trading signals over a long period of time. Therefore, medium- to long-term operators can refer to the MACD indicator for specific operations.
    2. The biggest disadvantage of the MACD indicator is that the indicator signal is too slow. The MACD indicator in the daily level is not suitable for short-term operations. In order to make up for this disadvantage, short-term investors can make judgments by referring to the 15 minute level or 60 minute level MACD indicator.
    3. In medium- to long-term rising or falling markets, investors will be more effective in using the MACD indicator. However, in a market where stock prices fluctuate sharply or are long and short, the MACD indicator does not have much reference value for investors.
    First, the KDJ index consists of three curves: K, D, and J. Among them, curve J has the fastest fluctuation, followed by curve K, curve D is the smoothest and safest.
    Second, the K value and D value range are between 0 and 100, and 50 is the multi-empty dividing line of the KDJ index value. When the KDJ indicator is above the 50 central axis, it indicates that the market is in a bullish market; when the KDJ indicator is below the 50 central axis, it indicates that the market is in a short market.
    Third, the KDJ indicator is also a very important overbought and oversold indicator. When the KDJ indicator enters the region above the 80 line, it indicates that the indicator is overbought; when the KDJ indicator is below the 20 line, it indicates that the indicator is in the oversold region.
    Fourth, when the J value is > 100, curve J will touch the top, indicating that curve K is already much higher than curve D, and the probability that the stock price will peak in the short term increases; when the J value is <0, curve J will touch the bottom, indicating that curve K is already far below curve D, and the probability that the stock price will bottom out in the short term increases.
    Fifth, when curve K and curve D both hover around 50, whether a gold fork or a dead fork appears, there is no reference point.
    Sixth, when the stock price rises unilaterally, falls unilaterally, or consolidates the market, the KDJ indicator will frequently show gold forks and dead crosses. This indicates that the indicator has passivation. At this time, the trading signals sent by the KDJ index have no market meaning.
    The stochastic indicator, known as KDJ in English for short, is a medium- to short-term analysis tool. It is mainly used to reflect the strength and weakness of trading power in the market and the phenomenon of overbought and oversold. It can send accurate trading signals before stock prices rise or fall.
    This indicator was pioneered by Dr. George Lann. Based on statistical principles, the highest price, the lowest price, and the last closing price that occurred in a certain period are used as basic data to calculate the immature random value RSV of the last calculation period, then K values, D values, and J values are determined according to the method of smooth moving average, and drawn as corresponding curves to determine the market.
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    Hi, Mooers! Welcome to Moomoo's Feature Challenge, where we embark on a journey to unlock the power of Moomoo's tools. In this series, we'll guide you through the features of our platform, and you'll get the chance to earn rewards by sharing your insights and experiences. Today, let's dive into the Shariah Screener and discover how it can enhance your investing strategy!
    ✍️ What is Shariah Screener
    Shariah Screener refers ...
    Moomoo's Feature Challenge 1: Master the Shariah Screener and Win Rewards!
    Moomoo's Feature Challenge 1: Master the Shariah Screener and Win Rewards!
    Moomoo's Feature Challenge 1: Master the Shariah Screener and Win Rewards!