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"Hello World": Join the Mootaverse & Celebrate moomoo's 10th Birthday!

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Activity Description

Moomoo is turning 10!

To celebrate this meaningful moment, we are happy to invite you to dive into the Mootaverse and celebrate moomoo's birthday. Before you start exploring, you'll need to create a custom avatar that will represent you in the Mootaverse. You may personalize your image by mixing and matching fun outfits. The custom avatar could have a unique name, personality, hobbies, and dreams. Try digging into that to better interact and connect with others.

Let's generate a unique image in the Mooterverse and share it with all mooers!

1. Post your Mootaverse image and a brief self-introduction on your custom avatar. Tell us about his/her name, personality, hobbies, etc. The top 10 most popularposts will get a moomoo10th-anniversary special figurine each. (The selection is based on comments, originality, creativity, and influence of the posts.)
2. All participants who share their birthday greetings to moomoo will be rewarded 10 points.

Let ❤️ together with Silly Rabbit.

Name: Silly Rabbit Tremble
B. O. D: 12/10/2022.  23:16 Cake
Favorite Food: Smart Radishes 🥕
Personality: Face the challenges of life cheerfully 🎢
Hobbies: Race against turtles 🐢
Dreams: She want to be rich, wear shiny gold clothes, lie under a tree and enjoy life (this is why every time I lose a race with a turtle)
My dream is very simple, and that is to hope that time will be peaceful.  Because only in world peace can we all make big money together.  This year, the st...
Let ❤️ together with Silly Rabbit.
Let ❤️ together with Silly Rabbit.
Let ❤️ together with Silly Rabbit.

Happy 10th Birthday ~~ 💕

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Surprisingly this Mootaverse same birthday with me, happy 10th birthday to Moomoo and myself too. Concerned I made a Mootaverse avatar with my preferable color in Blue! I gave the name as Blueeee. Salute
Name: Blueeee 💙
Appearance: Wearing a 10th birthday sport attire and skateboard helmet in blue, the safety mind is always in place. Skating in the Mootaverse is...
Happy 10th Birthday ~~ 💕
Happy 10th Birthday ~~ 💕

How to copy the link for Mooers to like you in Mootaverse

Step 1: Click 'Get Items' in Mootaverse.
Step 2: Click 'More Chances'.
Step 3: Click 'Go' for the 'Invite new mooers to like' task.
Step 4: Click 'More'.
Step 5: Click the Copy Icon.
Now you are done. Awesome Simply paste the link in the comment below for other Mooers to like you in Mootaverse. Yeah!
Have Fun! Grin
Let me know if this guide has helped you, and don't forget to paste the links below for other Mooers to like you! Yeah!
$Futu Holdings Ltd(FUTU.US)$$Tesla(TSLA.US)$$Apple(AAPL.US)$$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$   ...
How to copy the link for Mooers to like you in Mootaverse
How to copy the link for Mooers to like you in Mootaverse
How to copy the link for Mooers to like you in Mootaverse

Happy 10th Birthday to moomoo!

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Mooverse Awaiting WowCheerlead
Happy 10th Birthday to moomoo!

Happy 10th Anniversary Moomoo! Welcome to Mootaverse!

Name: Captain Hook🪝
Favourite food: Rotisserie chicken 🍗
Favourite hobby: Riding the sea of volatile market 🚢 🌊
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Mooverse Awaiting
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Happy 10th Anniversary Moomoo!  Welcome to Mootaverse!

Meet Pumpkin!

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Many more to come
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Name: Pumpkin
Occupation: Moon entertainer
Fav place: Moon
Hobbies: Party and entertain investors at the moon! 😀
Meet Pumpkin!

Help Usamoogi get more toys please!

Hello! My name is Usamoogi 🐰I love to travel all around the Mootaverse on a 🚀! Today, I bring my favorite Kumama to keep me company 🐻 She helps to make my meals, keeping me happy, healthy and sharp! I need more toys to help Kumama ... But I dunno how I can win more Shrunken Help!
Help Usamoogi get more toys please!
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