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Does your family support you in trading?

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Trading could be a lonely journey. You may not be understood by your families and partner, especially when there is no steady source of income. Does your family support you in trading? Have you ever argued with them about trading? How do you deal with it? Join the discussion and share your stories with us.

Does your family support you in trading?

Hi, mooers!
How's everything?Tongue The second half of 2022 seems to be tough. It appears that occasional disappointment and frustration are just part of being a trader.Sob You will feel much better if your loved ones are supportive.Heart
But not everyone understands how trading works. Even worse, your parents might regard trading stocks as just gambling. FrownTrading for a living might not be acceptable to  your families and they prefer you have a stable source of inco...
Does your family support you in trading?
Actually, my family doesn't want me to invest in stocks. I don't know the reason, but according to my own market changes in the last few days, I feel that things are not simple. Recently, the market has changed a lot and I can't figure it out

Yes I’m 15 trying to make a living

my mom has been super supportive about this and is really trying to help me strive, im trying to make a killing so she doesnt have to work wnymore
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i bring in my wife and she trade moelre than me, also much better than me
not so much. moreover due to lack of understanding.
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