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Tendies? YOLO? Can anyone explain this to me?

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Have you ever wanted to go in lockstep with mooers but failed to get into their discussions? Have you ever been considered unprofessional for not understanding "TENDIES"? Without stock lingos, we might not be able to integrate into the trading community. You may learn the unique trading lingos by diving into the markets. Let's review the "first lesson" of investing and share the lingos you know! Click here to view details.

What's the best starting point for beginners? Share the lingos you know!

What does it mean when traders talk about the diamond hands, tendies, and stonks? And what about pump and dump?ShockedShocked When you first enter the market, you may spend quite some time googling the stock lingos.
Newcomers are usually confused about the "language" of a certain community. To start on the right track, they need a lingo guide. For example, long, short, float, and dividend. What do these words mean?
While investing migh...

Investing jargon explained | Stock market terms you need to know to profit from the market

Hello Everyone! I am here again to post my long-winded post Hammer
Thank you @Meta Moo to always prepare such a fun activity to let us have an oppurtunity ti learn!
In my channel, I have posted a video on the general terms, lingo or language for investment.
As my video was prepared last year, thus, the terms are very general. For the terms like Yolo, tendies etc, I strongly recommend the post from @NANA123 at t...

I know these lingos

Tendies: Collect money after the investment make a profit. At that point, an investor could collect his or her "tendies."
To the moon: Refer to a stock rising in price or their belief that a stock will rise in price.
$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$$Tesla(TSLA.US)$
Bid: The maximum amount a buyer is willing to pay to acquire a stock.
$GameStop(GME.US)$$Hycroft Mining(HYMC.US)$
ATM: At the money. A situation where an option's strike price is identical to the current market price ...
I know these lingos

What's the best starting point for beginners? Learning some stocks market world 🌎 languages 🥸

What does it mean when traders talk about the diamond hands, tendies, and stonks?
Diamond hands 💎 = Holding a stock for long-term / high risk tolerance
Similar but is different Trick...
Paper hands 📃="investors who sell investments too early, often because they are risk averse."
Tendies = Blah *****$%&#@ , yar that's how it is.
Beginners: Again?
Me: Blah *****$%&#@♤♡◇♧
Beginners: Again? (What is "Blah *...


hi My fellow moomoomer DroolDrool
if sometime you are lost with those shortcut name that invested gave us here as some I have learned :
FOMO: Fear of Missing out Laugh this is called kiasu for singapore people 🇸🇬
Diamond Hands:  💎  keeping a stock no mater what it will go up think nice long read
FUD: Fake useless data 📔📂 no joking it means Fear uncertainty and doubt” thanks to @Dylinh for teaching me that one
YOLO: You only live once
BULL: 🐂🐃 people with enthusiasm whic...

The state of wallstreetbet now, it is so different from when it first started

If you are looking at wallstreetbet reddit, it is full of loss porn posted by smooth brain, crayon eating apes and retards. But they are all diamond handing and hodl the stocks, hoping for the MOASS on stock that they bought to cash out their tendies. The DD they have done is just "because they like the stock" or some wrinkled brain apes said so. If anyone say something bad about the company, apes will treat all informa...

Lingo stock

penny stock = stock of a small company that trades for less than $5 per share.In the past, means any stocks that traded for less than one dollar per share.
Blue chip stocks =stocks of well-known, high-quality companies that are leaders in their industries and have stood the test of time.
Income stocks =dividend stocks = stocks that pay dividend, more mature business models and have less long-term opportunities for growth.
cyclical stock =underlying business generally follows the econo...

It's time to get TENDIES before tomorrow's earnings call.

It's time to get TENDIES before tomorrow's earnings call. Likely-they are about to absolutely crush it by showing tons of progress -HIGH REVENUE with increased profit margins. Moving towards future growth with NFTs blockchain; opening new warehouses in other countries. Much of what we see is done by market manipulation to create an illusion of selling through short ladder attacks; slowed buy orders via dark pools.


Here are some, Apes feel free to add more SaluteCommando
Paper hand ✋️ = Sell whatever, whenever market turns Red.
Diamond hand 💎 = Buy and Hold till the world end.
Apes Go For lt = Die hard fans.
where it all started %£#₩¥$ =
$AMC Entertainment(AMC.US)$
$Nasdaq Composite Index(.IXIC.US)$
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