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        Transfer AU stocks from other brokers


        • Stocks can only be transferred between accounts under the same name.

        • Fees: Moomoo AU does not charge any transfer fees, but the outside brokerage firm may charge a fee.

        • Processing time: It usually takes 7-10 business days, but the actual time may vary at different brokerages.


        To transfer AU stocks from other brokers to your Moomoo AU account, please follow the steps below.


        1. Notify Moomoo AU of the transfer

        1.1 Submit a transfer-in request

        To submit a transfer-in request in the moomoo app, go to:

        • Accounts > Transfers > Transfer Stocks In > AU Stocks


        1.2 Enter the broker’s information and your account details

        Select the broker to transfer your AU stocks from.


        Enter your account details

        • Brokerage account number

        • HIN (Holder Identification Number, optional)


        1.3 Enter the transfer details

        Choose to transfer your full portfolio or individual stocks.

        • Full Portfolio: Your full portfolio with the other broker will be transferred to your moomoo account without the need for you to provide any stock details.

        • Individual Stocks: You'll need to provide the stock details.






        1.4 Confirm and submit the transfer-in request

        Please check all your information carefully before submitting your request. If you notice any errors, you can go back to previous pages to make edits.

        Note: The screenshot below is for illustration purposes only, and the transfer details that require your confirmation may differ from what is shown here.


        1.5 Upload files

        To ensure your request is processed smoothly, please provide the following documents:

        • Hand-signed transfer form: Download it from your email or the Transfer-In History page. Handwritten signatures are required.

        • ID photo: A passport or driver's license photo with your signature.

        • Holding statement: It must include your registered address, your full name, and the number of shares held.


        2. Notify the other broker to transfer stocks out

        Submit a transfer-out request to the other broker and follow their transfer-out instructions.


        The other broker may need you to provide the following information about Moomoo AU:

        • Brokerage Name: Futu Securities Australia Ltd

        • PID: 01892

        • Company Address/Receiving Firm's Address: Suite 17.01, 570 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia.

        • State: NSW

        • Postcode: 2000

        • Contact Person: Settlement Department

        • Email: settlement@au.moomoo.com


        Once you complete all the procedures above, staff at both brokerages will proceed with your transfer request.