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Unleash your potential with AI-powered trading

Empower your trades with moomoo's AI-powered features
We've launched
1st AI-powered trading platform
So you can make smarter, more informed trades
Pattern Recognition
Sentiment Analysis
Risk Management
Our Trend Projection feature analyses historical market data to identify patterns for potential price insights.
Our features process data from sources to enable quick and informed decisions based on the mood of the market.
Our tools help you stay ahead of the often volatile markets by automating the process of market monitoring.
This powerful feature helps in your technical analysis by identifying similar historical chart patterns from up to 100 other stocks, to provide insights into a stock’s potential short-term trading range in the future.
Turn candlestick patterns into powerful insights
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Trend Projection
A handy feature that helps intrepret a stock's charts based on the current levels on 15 popular technical indicators which provides insights into bullish or bearish signals.
Bullish or Bearish? Quickly gauge the mood of the market
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Indicator Sentiment
This tool monitors the market in real-time for any unusual movements that deserve your attention, so you can get notified and adjust your portfolio or strategies accordingly.
Get real-time alerts on unusual market movements
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Market Monitor
Our algorithm automatically detects and notifies you when a technical pattern is likely forming on stocks you are watching.
Get instant notifications when a pattern forms on your chart
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Candlestick Pattern Recognition
  • Short Sale Analysis

    Monitor a stock’s short interest level to spot potential

    opportunities or risks.

  • Market Position Overview

    A volume profile indicator that helps identify potential short-term
    support and resistance levels.

  • Trade Overview & Capital Trend

    Easily track the size and direction of trades around a particular

Combine AI with visualised data
Discover the magic of Moomoo Algo
*Please note: Moomoo Algo is currently supported on the Windows desktop application only, with Mac, Android, and IOS versions coming soon.
Once you've validated an effective strategy, you can seamlessly deploy it for live trading, automating your trade executions using your existing account.
Trade auto-magically
Moomoo Algo offers a comprehensive backtesting system, allowing you to quickly evaluate and access your strategies against historical data.

Easily validate your strategy

Creating an algo strategy is a breeze with our user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Quickly set and combine a wide variety of conditions in minutes.
No coding, no problem
Take your investments international
Investing in overseas markets is easier than you think. You don’t need to be a genius to get started, in fact, the moomoo platform does most of the heavy lifting for you.