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Test your trading strategy without

risking a cent

Free demo account
Test your strategy
Trade AU & international stocks, options and futures with virtual funds (i.e. risk-free). Get $1 million in virtual money for stocks or options and $10 million for futures. No deposit required. No fees. No commission.
What is paper
Paper trading is a simulated environment where investors can practice buying and selling securities to build their confidence in trading, without risking real money.

Gain experience in trading - learn how to spot opportunities without the fear of losing money.

Develop the self-discipline involved in monitoring your portfolio performance.

A safe place for traders to test new strategies without putting their capital at risk.

Why use moomoo's paper
trading tool?
Moomoo's paper trading simulator lets you trade in realistic market conditions and learn from mistakes, without risking real money.

Powerful features to level up your trading game:

Trade with real-time quotes and data in a realistic, simulated environment.

Access pro-level tools and start using new charts and indicators to help shape your strategy.

Follow top-performing traders in our paper trading community to learn from their strategies.

Trade AU, US, HK, CH and SG stocks, ETFs, options and futures*

Use $1,000,000 in virtual funds to trade stocks or options and $10,000,000 to trade futures.

Practice trading in Australia and global stock markets: US, Hong Kong, Singapore and China-A-shares.

Access to options trading, including index options.

Gain confidence in
your trading strategy

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Step 1

Activate your paper trading account

Get up to $10,000,000 in virtual money.

Step 2

Start paper trading

Use your virtual funds to test and practice your strategies in real market conditions.

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What is paper trading?

Paper trading is a virtual stock market simulator that allows investors to practice their investing strategy in a risk-free environment. It allows beginner level investors to practice buying and selling securities using virtual money. With paper trading, experienced traders can test new strategies to see how trades would perform in real-time without risking their capital in the live market.

Is moomoo's paper trading tool free to use?

Yes, moomoo paper trading is free to use. The transaction fee of moomoo paper trading does not involve real expenditures. Moomoo paper trading is available on the moomoo web, desktop and mobile app. Currently, the web version is only available for stock trading.

How do you use the paper trading feature on moomoo?

Easy. Here's how: click the "Paper Trade" tab (desktop and mobile apps) or "Paper Trading" button (moomoo website). Then, activate your paper trading account and get up to $10 million in virtual funds. Once your account is active, you can start your paper trading journey on moomoo.

Why should I use moomoo's paper trading tool?

Moomoo offers paper trading functions by providing simulated funds from the system to buy and sell stocks. It helps users to practice investing and familiarise themselves with the trading rules without using real money. With moomoo paper trading, you can get $1 million in virtual funds to trade stocks or options and $10 million in virtual funds to trade futures.

Who should use paper trading?

Paper trading is an essential tool for anyone. Not only is it great for new traders who want to practice investment strategies, paper trading is a helpful tool for experienced investors wanting to develop a new strategy before risking their own money.