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        Invest in top ETFs 

        Wide selection of 3,800+ ETFs to suit every investment need

        $0 brokerage* trading for all US/AU-listed ETFs

        Analyse with ease through visualised, detailed breakdowns

        *First 180 days for new accounts. Other pass-through fees may still apply.

        Why Invest in ETFs?

        An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is an investment fund that offers investors exposure to a basket of individual stocks from a specific sector, index, commodity, asset class or more through a single investment.

        Unlike actively managed funds, ETFs typically have lower expense ratios and can result in significant long-term cost savings for investors.

        With 3,800+ ETFs to choose from on moomoo, investors can access a great variety of securites across different sectors, commodities, indices and more.

        ETFs are traded on major exchanges similar to individual stocks and are just as easy to buy and sell.

        ETFs offer portfolio diversification and reduce individual stock risk as it allows investors to hold a collection of different individual stocks through a single investment.


        Access to variety

        Flexbility and ease

        Lower costs

        Domestic ETFs

        Blockchain ETFs

        Real estate ETFs

        Fixed income ETFs

        Commodities & Precious Metals ETFs

        International ETFs

        What can you invest in through ETFs

        From large-cap Australian equities to notable domestic sectors such as mining, a multitude of ETFs offer exposure to the Australian market and caters to a diverse range of investment objectives.

        International ETFs, including US and HK ETFs, provide exposure to prominent indices such as the S&P 500 and sectors with poor or limited representation in the local Australian market. These sectors include US and Chinese big tech, EV, AI and more.

        Blockchain ETFs offer investors exposure to the most popular cryptocurrencies and the blockchain industry without actually holding an otherwise more volatile coin, token or cryptocurrency asset.

        Investors seeking passive income and diversification through real estate can explore Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) ETFs that offer exposure to both the Australian and international real estate markets.

        Fixed income ETFs offer investors exposure to instruments such as government bonds and corporate bonds, and provides a regular stream of income from interest payments from the underlying holdings.

        Certain ETFs provide targeted diversification opportunities for investors looking to diversify their exposure to include assets like gold, oil, or other commodities and precious metals.

        Asset breakdown

        Holdings breakdown

        View the distribution of assets within an ETF across cash, bonds, stocks, and more.

        Sectors breakdown

        Uncover the distribution of an ETF's investment across different sectors.

        Discover the distribution of an ETF's investment across different regions.

        Regions breakdown

        Dive into all the underlying assets and quantity of shares held by an ETF.

        Gain insights on historical trend, illustrating changes in total assets over time.

        Holdings breakdown

        AUM trend

        Find all you need to know about an ETF on moomoo

        Enjoy $0 brokerage*on AU and 
        US-listed ETFs for the first 180 days.

        *Other pass-through fees may still apply.

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        Incorporating ETFs into a core-satellite investment strategy can be effective in balancing the benefits of passive investing with active management. The 'core' positions represent holdings in diversified, low-cost and passive investment such as an ETF while 'satellite' positions, consists of actively managed investments aimed to generate excess returns.

        Incorporating leveraged ETFs into your strategy can amplify returns from an underlying index. This, however, increases risks due to the leverage factor and investors should understand the risks involved, have a risk-management strategy and only invest in leveraged ETFs that align with individual investment goals.

        An investor can invest in an ETF to mitigate risks in his/her investment portfolio. Once a specific risk is identified, an ETF that inversely correlates with that risk can be held to hedge against that risk. For example, to hedge against an overall market downturn, investors might consider investing in an inverse S&P500 ETF.

        Core-Satellite Strategy

        Leveraging Strategy

        Hedging Strategy

        Incorporating ETFs into your strategy

        ETF Basics


        Start with the basics

        Learn about ETF investing and more with moomoo's 1400+ free investor education courses and tutorials.

        *40+ US-listed ETFs available for 24/5 trading

        Get an edge with 24/5 trading on selected* US-listed ETFs

        Elevate your trades with free live quotes

        More reasons to trade with moomoo

        Trade with a multi-award winning broker

        Join a community of 20M users worldwide

        Stay ahead with 24/7 live news (Bloomberg, Dow, CNBC etc.)

        Enjoy 24/5 multi-lingual live support


        • Do ETFs charge any fees?

        • Do ETFs pay out dividends/distributions?

        • Is there a minimum investment required to purchase ETFs?

        • What are the risks associated with ETFs?

        Experience the power of moomoo's powerful suite of tools on desktop or mobile.

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