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What is NASDAQ TotalView?

Win a money can’t buy experience with Nasdaq

NASDAQ TotalView, an advanced data feed subscription service, provides unparalleled insight into the NASDAQ stock market's order book, unlike standard level 2 market data feeds that offer limited visibility. It reveals every quote and order at every price level for NASDAQ-listed stocks, encompassing not only the best bid and ask prices but also the full depth of orders behind those prices, including hidden orders and the size of each order at different price levels.

We are thrilled to offer an opportunity for our lucky user to stand on the stage of nasdaq and ringing the bell. If you can make it to New York on 29 April, and is interested to join us, please email your interest to nasdaqinvitation@au.moomoo.com, we will reply you with how to join.

Nasdaq's TotalView data offers investors deeper insights into the market depth and faster bid/ask prices.
How can Nasdaq's TotalView data help me?
TotalView vs Standard real-time quotes

In collaboration with NASDAQ, moomoo is offering a 3-month free trial for TotalView.

How do I access TotalView on moomoo?
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  • What is NASDAQ TotalView?

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