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Moomoo Cash Plus
Earn 6.8%* p.a. on your uninvested cash balance for 180 days

Cash Plus is a cash management program offered by Moomoo AU to Australian clients. Cash Plus aims at providing Moomoo AU clients with access to competitive at-call interest rates on idle cash balances held in their trading accounts, while clients are waiting on investment opportunities.

Moomoo AU holds client funds in designated client trust accounts held at Commonwealth Bank Australia and HSBC Bank Australia, which are fully segregated from Moomoo AU's own funds. Moomoo AU passes part or all of the interests earned on uninvested client funds on to its clients.

What is Cash Plus?

Why are our rates higher than most banks?

With our clients' needs in mind, moomoo subsidises part of the 6.8% p.a. rate for eligible new clients for a limited period of 180 days* as part of a new client introductory promotion.

Cash balances outside of the 180-day introductory period will continue to earn a standard variable rate of 3.75% which is passed down from Moomoo AU's segregated client money trust accounts.

Why Moomoo Cash Plus?

Unlock Cash Plus today and earn 6.8% p.a.* interest on your uninvested cash, paid directly to your account with no lock-in periods.

We offer a competitive rate of 6.8% p.a. fixed rate*, which is applicable to up to A$100,000 plus U$100,000 uninvested balance per new client. A standard rate of 3.75% applies after the 180-day period.

*T&Cs apply. Only available to new clients. Standard rate may be subject to change.
High rates
Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly directly into your account.
Monthly payments
Your funds remain liquid for trading/withdrawal at any time.
No lock-in period
No account management fees, no minimum deposit.
No minimum deposit

Get started in 3 simple steps

Sign up and open a moomoo account.
Enrol onto the Moomoo Cash Plus program.
Fund your account and start earning interest.

Our rates, your strength

Track your Cash Plus earnings in app:

Open the moomoo app.
Tap the 'Accounts' tab, and scroll down to see Cash Plus section.

You're in
safe hands

We are CHESS-sponsored

You're in good company

The ASX shares you own are allocated a Holder Identification Number (HIN) and held under your name, not your broker's.

Our parent company is Nasdaq-listed (NASDAQ: FUTU), backed by Tencent, and a registered member of the SIPC.

We are regulated in Australia (AFSL no. 224663) and our group of companies hold 52 global licences worldwide.

We're regulated globally


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