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        Navigate market trends and uncover opportunities

        Stay on top of macro trends




        Track important dates and events including the latest economic data release dates and dividends updates.

        Access global headline news, market updates and company announcements from premium sources.

        24/7 Global Market News

        Economic Calendar

        Get an overview of the global markets by various indices and asset classes to uncover deeper insights.

        Broad Market Overview

        Gain deeper industry insights

        • Heat Map

          Assess the relative strength and weaknesses of various sectors and visualise market hotspots.

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        • Investment Themes

          Discover new trading opportunities within a range of emerging investment themes.

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        • Industry Chain

          Navigate an industry's value chain, including its upstream, midstream and downstream companies.

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        Get inspired by others

        • Institutional Tracker

          Get an 'inside look' into how large institutions trade and monitor their latest quarterly holdings.

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        • Analyst Ratings

          Get inspired by analyst ratings, price targets and expert guidance from 4000+ analysts.

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        • Moo Community

          Connect, share and grow as an investor with our community of 20 million users worldwide.

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        Find diamonds in the rough

        • Featured Lists

          Whether you're seeking steady income through dividend stocks or anticipating the hottest growth stocks on the market, our Featured Lists offer a fantastic starting point for traders of all levels.

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        • Stock Screener

          Pick stocks that match your investment strategy and screening criteria with our fully customisable stock screener with 100+ technical indicators and filters.

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        Ready to start trading?

        *T&Cs apply. Offer available for up to AUD $100,000 uninvested cash balance only. AFSL 224663. This is not financial advice. All investments carry risk. Moomoo is not a bank and the Cash Plus feature is not a bank account. Consider our FSG and other legal documents before applying.

        Opportunities await while your uninvested cash earns hard

        Take advantage of 6.8% P.A.* growth on your uninvested funds

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        Get started with low cost ETFs

        Invest in stocks and ride the market