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        HK stocks and ETFs Fees

        1. Commission

        TypeCurrencyFeeCharged by
        CommissionHKD0.03% * Transaction Amount, min HK$3 / OrderMoomoo AU


        2. Platform Fee

        TypeCurrencyFeeCharged by
        Platform FeeHKDHK$15 / OrderMoomoo AU


        1) Platform Fee: as a technology brokerage, we have been committed to providing customers with high-quality and stable products and services. The platform fees are designed to ensure the company's sustainable investment in research and development so that we can provide you with an excellent trading experience through optimal iteration in technology.

        2) For commission, an order can be divided into multiple transactions but charged once.

        3) We do not provide any features in respect of the aggregation of orders in the moomoo platform. This shall mean that minimum charges are applicable to each order under the circumstances where multiple orders are executed in the same security during the same trading day. If a GTC order is filled separately on multiple trading days, this order shall be treated as a separate order on each trading day and charged separately according to the minimum charges standard.

        4) On our platform, brokerage fees are referred to as the combination of "Commission" and "Platform Fee".


        3. Other Fees

        TypeCurrencyFeeCharged by
        Trading TariffHKDHK$0.50 / Transaction  (cancelled from 1 January 2023)HKEX
        Settlement FeeHKD0.002% * Transaction Amount, min HK$2 / Transaction, max HK$100 / TransactionHKEX
        Stamp DutyHKD

        0.1% * Transaction Amount, rounded up to the nearest HK dollar.

        For example, HK$2.01 will be rounded up to HK$3.00.

        HK Gov
        Trading FeeHKD0.00565% * Transaction Amount, min HK$0.01 / TransactionHKEX
        SFC Transaction LevyHKD0.0027% * Transaction Amount, min HK$0.01 / TransactionHK SFC
        FRC Transaction LevyHKD0.00015% * Transaction AmountHK FRC


        1) Other fees are calculated based on "transaction amounts closed" in charge items (each order may be divided into multiple transactions). The table is for reference only, and actual charges may differ from the table.

        2) Under normal circumstances, no stamp duty is levied when trading ETFs, the exact range of stamp duty is subject to the official statement of the Hong Kong Government.


        4. Corporate Action Fee

        TypeCurrencyFeeCharged by
        Cash Dividend Collection FeeHKD0.2% * Cash Dividend Value, min HK$30Moomoo AU
        HK$1.50 / LotHKEX
        Equity Interest Collection FeeHKDHK$1 / Lot, min HK$30, max HK$2000Moomoo AU
        HK$1.50 / LotHKEX
        Bonus Share Collection FeeHKDHK$1 / Lot, min HK$30, max HK$2000Moomoo AU
        HK$1.50 / LotHKEX
        Corporate Action Handling Fee (e.g. takeover offers)HKDHK$1 / Lot, min HK$30Moomoo AU
        Charged on a case-by-case basisHKEX
        Handling fee for Rights OfferingHKDHK$1 / Lot, min HK$30Moomoo AU
        HK$0.80 / LotHKEX
        General MeetingAUD

        Attendance or authorisation of a third party to attend the General Meeting (max one person) or vote by proxy
        Handling fee: A$10 per application

        Moomoo AU


        1) The above service stocks will be calculated as 1 lot if it is smaller than 1 lot.

        2) If there is any change in the fees charged by third parties such as exchanges and regulators, Moomoo AU will adjust the fees they charge on their behalf accordingly. Charges may be modified from time to time at the discretion of Moomoo AU.

        3) Please note that dividends may be subject to tax. The tax rate varies according to all applicable laws and regulations of each country or region.