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US Stocks, ETFs & Fractional Shares Trading Fees

1. Commission

Type Currency Fee Charged by
Commission USD $0 Moomoo AU


2. Platform Fee

Type Currency Fee Charged by
Platform Fee USD

$0.99 / Order

Moomoo AU


1) Investors must be cautious of the risks commonly associated with low-priced stocks, such as lack of liquidity, higher volatility, and possibility of delisting. 

2) We do not provide any features in respect of aggregation of orders in the moomoo platform. This shall mean that minimum charges are applicable to each order under the circumstances where multiple orders are executed in the same security during the same trading day.

3) If a day order is filled through multiple transactions, commission and platform fees will only be charged on a per order basis.

4) If a GTC order is filled separately on multiple trading days, this order shall be treated as a separate order on each trading day and charged separately according to the minimum charges standard.

5) On our platform, brokerage fees are referred to as the combination of "Commission" and "Platform Fee".


3. Other Fees

Type Currency Fee Charged by
Settlement Fee USD

$0.003 / Share, max 1% * Transaction amount

US settlement agencies, etc.
SEC Fee (sales only) USD $0.000008* Transaction Amount, min $0.01 / Transaction SEC
Trading Activity Fee (TAF, sales only) USD

$0.000166 / Share, min $0.01 / Transaction, max $8.30/ Transaction

ADR Custody Fee USD $0.01~$0.05 / Share DTC


4.US Fractional Shares Trading Fees



Platform Fees

Trade Size < 1 Share


0.99%* transaction amount

Capped at USD $0.99/order

Trade Size ≥ 1 Shares

Standard US stock trading fees apply

Note: For fractional share orders with volumes of less than 1 (one) share, brokerage is charged at 0.99% of the consideration of the order, capped at USD $0.99. Pass-through fees such as SEC Fees, Settlement Fees and Trading Activity Fees do not apply to such orders. For fractional share orders with volumes of more than 1 (one) share, normal US trading fees apply.


5. Corporate Action Fee

Moomoo AU does not charge any processing fees for corporate actions of US stocks. However, any third-party and/or exchange charges may be passed on to clients. Charges may be modified from time to time at the discretion of Moomoo AU.

Note:  Dividends may be subject to tax. The tax rate varies according to all applicable laws and regulations of each country or region.