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Moomoo corporate account verification

1. What is a Moomoo Corporate Account

1.1 A Moomoo Corporate Accountis an account fora financial institution that is verified by the Moomoo Financial Singapore Pte. Ltd. After verification, the institution can enjoy brand assurance and many other privileges and benefits.

1.2 Eligible entities: Financial institutions, such as banks, securities companies, insurance companies, trust companies, fund management companies, asset management companies, investment management companies, futures institutions, rating agencies, investment consultative institutions, investment advisory institutions, investment research institutions, investment service institutions, and stock exchanges.

2. Privilegesand Benefits of Moomoo Corporate Account

2.1 Brand Assurance: Exclusive logo and brand protection.

2.2 Accurate Recommendation:Pinpoint your target investors.

2.3 Maximum Brand Exposure: Multi-scenario exposure throughout the moomoo community and prioritized display at major entrances of user traffic.

2.4 Diversified Tools: Publish content in the form of infographics/videos/live streams; also support syncing content from other platforms to the institution's pageon the moomoo App.

2.5 Professional and Timely Data Feedback: Receive official data feedback and analysis to better understand the effectiveness of content distribution.

3. How to get verified

3.1 Please send an email to our official email address (corporateaccount@moomoo.com) to obtain guidelines on the verification process. The subject line should be in the format of "Application for Moomoo Corporate AccountVerification + Name of the Institution to Be Verified".

3.2 After the verification materials are submitted according to our official requirements, the review process will be completed within 5 working days and the applicant will be informed of the result via email.

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