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What is badge

Badges record your trading journey across moomoo and some highlights. They show who you are and grant several privileges.

1. Badge statu

If a badge icon is grey, it means that this badge hasn't been lit.

2. Badge type

Currently, badges are divided into growth badges and achievement badges based on whether an upgrade is available.

● Growth Badge can be upgraded from Lv.1 to Lv.100 once lit. The color of the badge will change every 20 levels.

● Achievement Badge can't be upgraded once lit.

3. Wear instructions

● Wearable: Unlit badges are not supported. While there is lighted badge with a check box, it can be weared.

● Active Badge List: You set up to 5 badges as active. The first two active badges are fixed (Online Time Badge & Trading Badge). The you can choose the rest three as you like.

Light up your badges and show it off to friends! Go to light it up

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